Suspect In Illegal Gift Card Scheme Turns Self In

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man from Swissvale is facing charges for allegedly stealing tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise from several home improvement stores in an elaborate gift card scheme.

Officials believe Jason Novak, 38, stole around $70,000 from several Lowe’s and Home Depot stores.

According to the state attorney general, Jason Novak, 38, shoplifted items from the stores and then returned the items in exchange for gift cards.

Authorities say Novak used fake driver’s licenses to return the stolen items and then sold the gift cards on Craig’s List for 60-percent of their value.

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One Comment

  1. Sean F. Benvin says:

    kinda wondering what things could he be stealing that is worth enough to get a gift card.

  2. adam essed says:

    junkies do this in my area all the time….u can put a 150 dollar small ass faucet in ur pocket or something expensive but small and just walk out the entrance instead of the exit…u could go out the exit too it didnt matter…but they wised up in our area….u are only allowed to return 3 items a year without a reciept…and that is the scam is stealing something then saying it was a gift or u lost the reciept so they give u a gift card instead and we used to also get 60% from the gold shoppe on the same street….home depot, lowes, best buy, circuit city….so many places….i am not a user anymore and been clean comin up on 2 years and i know for a fact that this still goes on….cause even if u get caught u dont go to jail, they give u a summons and then ur on ur way to the next lowes….i never did this specifically though…i would get to nervous but im glad i dont have to do this BS anymore…this was an everyday thing

    1. adam essed says:

      wal mart was by far the easiest but u had to go to multiple wal marts cause nothing is expensive enough to be gettin 60 %……and u could return all year round….this was so pathetic this is how spent our time

  3. Tad Askew says:

    adam essed is a junkie….

  4. Senseless says:

    Mr. Obvious (Tad Askew),
    Thank you for stating the obvious!
    Mr. Essed owned up to that in his post.
    Find someone else to pick on.

  5. American Bridal says:

    absolutly, i would like to say that i do compeletly understant wal mart was by far the easiest but u had to go to multiple wal marts cause nothing is expensive enough to be gettin 60 %…

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