PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) — News broke Sunday regarding the Big 12 conference and a potential interest in adding Pitt as a 10th member.

Well, the Pitt athletic department wouldn’t say whether or not those rumors are true, issuing a veritable “no comment” to the Tribune Review.

“Rampant speculation on conference expansion occurs, and changes, on a daily basis,” senior associate athletic director E.J. Borghetti said in an e-mail to the Tribune-Review. “It would not be productive or responsible to add to that speculation by commenting.”

Quite honestly, everything said there is completely true. While it may be frustrating for fans to basically get absolutely no answer, it would be incredibly foolish to speculate on a situation that is completely unpredictable.

Do I think Pitt will remain in the Big East for the long-term? No.

Do I think Pitt will move to the Big 12? Probably not.

Do I think Pitt will eventually play in a different conference? Yes.

What conference and when is completely unpredictable. It’s almost foolish to speculate what type of fit Pitt will have in a prospective conference, because by the time the university succumbs to conference expansion these conferences could look completely different.

Chris Gates | Area 4-1-Zoo Blog

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