Pit Bulls Attack Dog, Owner In Ross Twp.

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Two pit bulls have been quarantined after police say they attacked a man walking his pet Chihuahua.

Tony Laspada says it happened as he walked 3-year-old Gidget Tuesday morning in Ross.

“I turned around just to see two pit bulls lunging at us,” said Laspada. “No warning.”

Gidget, which he says was on a leash, was mauled.

“Her skin was just hanging off her right side,” said Laspada.

The dog had two crushed ribs and a kidney damaged so badly it had to be removed.

After emergency surgery, a veterinarian is giving the dog a 60/40 chance of survival.

Laspada also needed medical attention for bites to his one hand, the thumb on his other hand and his nose.

Police tell KDKA it’s believed the dogs, one a pit bull and the other a pit bull mix, jumped a fence.

There was no answer at the door or on the phone at the home where Laspada says the dogs came from.

It’s unclear if the dogs’ owner will be cited.

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One Comment

  1. rosemary says:

    so darn sorry for the owner of the chihuhua and the owner…hope you are both ok tonight…I also was bit in brighton heights…along with my dog…hmmmm so it isnt the breed…why no schnauzer attacks, morkie poo attacks, lab attacks????? hmmmmm oh, its the owner? I dont think so…get real…the only people who have pit bulls are people who need to intimidate…just what this mixed up world needs.

    1. Lindsay says:

      look it up. pittbulls are one of the best dogs for a companion. they are right up there with the labs, i own pittbulls and they arent vicious. ts how they are raised. every animal is capeable of animal instincts including attacks if provoked or raised improporly. get ur stuff straight. its ppl like you who give breeds a bad rap!!!!!!

      1. bubba says:

        your crazy, pit bulls are worthless cept for the gang bangers and dummies like you that have them

      2. susan says:

        maybe you are right..? what if we have a situation of good dogs and bad owners. This does not change the threat and fear that people have of Pitts. I have always been a supporter of Pitss and blamed the media for the negative image, but no matter who you choose to blame..the dog can be, has been and will continue to be a very scary presence in our communities. There are laws, but we are talking about bad owners that don’t do what they are supposed to do with a high energy dog. Pitt supporters love to pull the Petey and Sgt Stubby stories, but what is your solution to a problem…stop saying iits the owners…we are only chasing our tails here..

    2. kristy says:

      i’m so sorry to have to burst your bubble, but there ARE dog attacks that involve schnauzers, , morkie poos, and labs. the reason why there not publicized? simple – they don’t generate sensationalistic headlines and don’t make for a “good” news story. it’s pathetic that people like you believe that no other breed of dog can attack, injure, and kill. THAT’S what the media’s banking on – clueless people like you who believe everything that they read and hear.

    3. Carrie Ann says:

      I was once attacked by a Yorkie mix when I was a kid. Happened exactly like this, no warning, no provocation, it came out from behind a house while I was walking with my grandmother. The dog managed to get the back of my leg, sunk its teeth in, ripped a small hole in my skin, penetrated deep enough to cause damage to my Achilles tendon and the end of my calf muscle. I had to have surgery, and stitches, and I have permanent damage to my left leg.

      Two months ago a Bischon that the ignorant woman down the street lets roam free came into my yard and tried to attack my dog, then myself when I tried to pull him off of her leg.

      A family that lived down the road from us had to have their Labrador put down because he attacked one of their children.

      The ONLY reason why Pit Bull attacks make the news is that for one, most people who get a Pit Bull get them because they think it gives them some status without regard to the dog’s needs and care and for two, to sensationalize the story, just like everything else. If papers published a story every time a dog attacked someone, no would would read them or tune in, but if the dog’s a Pit Bull they can feed on the general public’s ignorance and get attention. ANY dog that’s neglected or mistreated has the capacity to become a dangerous dog. People are attacked by dogs EVERY SINGLE DAY, but no one cares until they can come on the internet and display their ignorance for all to see.

      1. kriisty says:

        I AGREE 100%. i know a dog groomer that was so severely bit by a maltese that it caused nerve damage in her hand, almost ending her career. another woman who bathed dogs at another grooming salon was bit in the face by a labrador retriever, causing her to need plastic surgery. of course, these stories aren’t publicized because they don’t involve pit bulls and, hence, not sensationalistic enough or newsworthy. my vet said she’d rather deal with a pit bull over a chow chow any day. most of these posters are woefully ignorant, misinformed, and clueless. it’s a shame, actually.

    4. Lindsay says:

      I own a Pit Bull. I am a professional with a master’s degree; I am a responsible citizen as well as a responsible pet owner. My dog is the sweetest creature in the world and I would not trade her for any other breed of dog. I am also truly sorry that that man and his dog were subject to such a traumatic event. I hope Gidget makes a full recovery. My friend has a scar on her face from an Irish Setter. My boyfriend was given a puncture wound from a Lab. Another friend is afraid of dogs because she was chased down by a German Shepherd as a child. There is a hype surrounding the Pit Bull breed that is why it is frequently reported on. It does not mean that other breeds never bite other dogs or people, it has just become the standard that “Pit Bull attacks” are news worthy. Due to this standard, most dog who are reported on in the news are misidentified as Pit Bulls anyway, when they are actually not. Please do no generalize this incident to the entire population of pit bulls as well as pit bull owners. I will be sure to call my local news channel when my neighbor’s Jack Russell Terrier finally gets a hold of my leg.

  2. Trollin says:

    I hope the little dog gets better. praying for you.

  3. Trollin says:

    definitely the owners fault

  4. Mary Lou Capitola Scheidemantle says:

    Pit Bull Terriers, just like most breeds, can be wonderful companions and guardians. Why else were they once referred to as “nanny dogs”? And let us not ever forget Sgt. Stubby, the most decorated war dag. For every incident of badly trained pits attacking someone, there are many untold stories of pits sacrificing themselves to protect loved ones.

  5. Cherrie says:

    Dont get me wrong i feel bad for gidget and the owner being hurt no one should have to go through that but i have to say. it really is the owners of the pittbulls. i did a research on the Pitt bull breed back in the 80s pittbulls were known for being the “nanny Dogs”. i have a pitbull at home and she is the sweetest and smartest dog i have ever known to raise. i can take her for walks with no leash and she doesn’t go after any other dogs or humans. the reason you never hear about other dog breeds in an attack is because they report it as a dog attack the pittbull name gets thrown out there like its a bad name. Research needs to be done because putting a certain breed of dogs in a “bad” category is just plain wrong! thanks!

    1. Dave says:

      You take your dog on walks without a leash? Yes, you are one of “the owners” that you refer to. Unless you’re on your own private property, the dog needs to be leashed. I’ve been bitten by dogs of different breeds and was told _after the fact_ how normally nice their dog is. If an animal has teeth it can bite. Keep your dog leashed.

  6. Nathan Anthony Iezzi says:

    The Reason You Never Hear Of Schnauzer Attacks, Morkie Poo Attacks, Lab Attacks, Shepard Attacks Is Because There Is No Media Involved. Nobody Cares Unless Its A Pit Bull. Pit Bulls Create More Attention To The Audience. You Better Believe It Happens. You Just NEVER See It On The News. German Shepard AND LAB Attacks Occur More Than ACTUAL PIT BULL Attacks. ALSO, 9 Times Out Of 10, Its Mistaken Identity. When Poeple See The Dog Has A Big Square Head, And Muscles, They Automatically Assume Its A Pit Bull, When In Fact They Are Wrong. There Are Well Over A Dozen Of Breeds That Look Simiair To Pit Bulls. Plenty Of People Need To Do Their Research Before They Begin To Critisize. Its Poeple Like Rosemary AND Poor Pit Bull Owners That Make Pit Bulls Look Bad. DO YOUR RESEARCH…..REAL RESEARCH! Pit Bulls Used To Be Americas Dog. Sgt. Stubby, ONE OF MANY PIT BULLS, That Gave Their Life For America And Their Companions. Pit Bulls Used To Be The First Choice Of Nannies, AKA “Nanny Dogs”. Its All In How The Owner Trains The Dog. If You Raise A Lab, Yorkie, Poodle To Be Mean, GUESS WHAT?, They Are Going To Be Mean, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER BREED. Its Issues And Poeple Like Rosemary That Make My Blood Boil. I Have A Wondefull Pit Bull. He Is The Best Dog I Have Ever Had. Couldnt Imagine Life Without Him. Pit Bulls Are The Only Kind Of Dogs I Will Ever Have. Great With Kids, Family, Friends. PEOPLE, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do Your Research. http://WWW.HELLOBULLY.COM

    1. JS says:

      The next time a schnauzer, poo, lab or any other dog rips a little kids face off or kills someone, I guarantee it will be on the news. Pit attacks are in the news because they, more than any other breed, cause extreme injuries to their vicitims. Whether other dogs will bite or attack is not the point…the point is that pit bulls, when they are raised to be aggressive or are neglected, are extremely dangerous animals and a threat to the community. For that reasons, tighter controls and laws for ownership of these animals is clearly necessary.

      When I walk by a yard with a mean schnauzer or poodle, I know that I migh get my ankle nipped if the dog gets loose. When I walk by a yard with a pit bull straining on his chain or jumping on his fence to get at me, I know that I would be in a potentially life-threatening situation if the dog gets loose. You can defend the breed all you want, but those are the facts.

  7. Randy says:

    In the 70s I was a paperboy, German Shepherds chased and bit me and I was scared to death of them…I never called the news

  8. neaby says:

    Breed or not, Did this dog owner and his pet deserve to be attacked? They were in the street two houses away and were mauled. I live nearby and these DOGS seem to get loose often enough during the day. This was not a one-time incident. Ross Township has been called in the past. Why should those of us who live nearby have ourselves or our pets threatened? All the incidents have not been reported because people are reluctant to call EVERY time. The dogs charge and stand on the fence barking aggressively if you simply walk by the house (even if you’re not walking a dog). Whoever is home with these dogs during the day has definitely left the impression that they do not care about what happens.

    1. MsCynic says:

      If this indeed happens regularly – CALL THE POLICE. With this happening that often and specifically after this attack, the dogs can be declared Dangerous by the state. This will REQUIRE the owners to take precautions above and beyond what most people have. We are LUCKY to live somewhere where our Dangerous Dog Law is NOT breed specific, but out of control/loose/dangerous dogs need to be reported/classified to prevent further injury. I do not care what breed it is! I had a Jack Russel declared dangerous because it came into my 78 year old mothers yard and viciously attacked her blind 15 year old Yorkie & 8 year old Pomeranian – both dogs on lead, and in their OWN yard. Punish the owners, period – they need to take necessary precautions if their dogs are territorial regardless of the breed!!

    2. Stay Involved says:

      Get involved and continue to call the police EVERY TIME this happens, or call Animal Control. You shouldn’t be afraid to walk down the street. NOBODY needs such aggressive dogs.

      1. nearby says:

        I’m going to show them these posts. When these things started happening, I started asking questions and learned about others’ close calls. I won’t speak for them here. I have called to report, and I urged others to do so. I have to tell you, it was lonely/frustrating being “the one”. Anyway, it won’t stop me. I was truly afraid this would happen, because you hear reports of it, and I’m not being breed-specific here. Like I said, I think neighbors feel differently now about reporting. We are very sorry that there are injuries.

  9. missy says:

    Will be keeping owner and Gidget in our prayers.

  10. missy says:

    And as this story gets our prayers, so too, does the family of the woman murdered and set on fire in the Hill Dist a few days back. Amazingly, KDKA would not allow anyone to post comments about that horrific event. But at least they did satisfy the animal lovers.

  11. john says:

    I too live nearby and have met the owners before. They were very welcoming to me and my family. The dogs do bark at the fence yes, but so does every other dog I have ever seen. All of their dogs are friendly, I even allow my son to pet the dogs thru the fence. All they try to do is lick his face. I also notice Mr. Laspada walking Gidget on a leash yes, but stands in front of the owners fence antagonizing the dogs on THEIR property! It is unfortunate what happen and i hope Gidget survives. It is only because of the dog breed that this is on the news.

    1. nearby says:

      Maybe when the owners are present, these dogs have a different disposition. Before I knew where these dogs lived, I found one of them on my front porch, several houses away, urinating on my flower pots, two feet from my front door. I have cleaned up after them in the yard. Is that ok? If my cat was sleeping in his bed, what do you think would happen? I have been outside ON MY PROPERTY and have been approached by these dogs. They weren’t acting friendly like they wanted to lick my face. I screamed a nearby landscaper came running. Luckily the owner was able to come out and control the animals. What if i wasn’t heard? I was upset and considered myself lucky but didn’t want to cause disruption in the neighborhood. Now someone really did get hurt.
      My Laspada is known in the neighborhood as a nice man, and all-around animal lover. So I would be very surprised if you could find anyone else in the neighborhood who would say that he antagonizes anyone or their pets. It kind of defies logic that someone with a small dog would antagonize a larger more aggressive dog.
      There are clearly two sides to these animals, but they are seen roaming freely far too often, and yes, they do threaten people and other pets.

      1. nearby says:

        BTW, the owner came out called for and got the dogs in the incident where I called for help. She said absolutely nothing to me.
        MsCynic, thank you for the info. I have called in the past, just not every time. Nobody WANTS this to go on and nobody WANTS to have to call, but personally I’m tired of being threatened and having my animals threatened. And John, I’m not trying to blow this out of proportion. I do know the difference between dogs, regardless of the breed, I see on my walks who bark a lot and charge/run and one that truly seems to be more aggressive and no, I’m not standing at their fence (several yards onto their lawn) antagonizing them either.

      2. MsCynic says:

        Dogs are always different when their owners are present, and believe it or not, so are you. People are more relaxed when they see the owners, loose dogs make people nervous & nervous people often get bit. All you have to do is CALL the police and report it – there are MANY laws on the books about loose dogs and the wonderful Dangerous Dog Law we have as well. Enforce the existing laws, and these incidents would fade away because the owners could not afford the fines.

        Everyone should feel safe in their own yard & even on a public street. If these dogs are loose that often and harrassing/scaring people – call the Police and after this incident REQUEST that they be Declared Dangerous. The laws are on the books, but it takes people requesting enforcement of them! No one wants to be the bad guy, but no one wants to lose their pet or be injured! The owner should have been completely appologetic & should have taken whatever precautions to make certain that this NEVER happened again. It’s just sad they are apparently choosing to be irresponsible.

        People – TRAIN YOUR DOGS, FOLLOW THE LAW and you know what?? – You won’t be on the news and your ‘breed’ won’t be vilified!

      3. nearby says:

        Yes, Ms Cynic, you are right. I grew up around horses and dogs. I was caught by surprise that time. My back was turned and I knew my cat was also nearby, so I was startled and nervous. Normally I stay quiet and move away quickly without turning and running.
        I have talked to my neighbors over the last two years when these things started to happen. Like I said, none of us like to call, but it really needs to happen. I think they all feel differently now.

      4. Ruby B says:

        I live in the neighborhood also and Mr. Laspada has his dog on a 20 foot leash. He lets it urinate on others lawns. He slowly walks where these fenced in dogs can see him and his dog and stands there until those dogs are worked up. I’m sorry for his dog also, but it’s his own fault. I don’t know who you talk to that says he is a nice man. He may be “nice” but he is a poor neighbor for other reasons than aggravating those dogs. So, Marjorie, zip it.

      5. nearby says:

        Well, Ruby, that does surprise me.
        Regardless, my point all along has always been, I don’t want *anybody*, (including you), or their pet, regardless of the breed, to be hurt. I do want fairness for everyone, and I wish we never had to deal with any of this.

      6. Neighbor says:

        That is funny you say that they were peeing on your flower pot when they are clearly female. No one has EVER yelled about these dogs before and if you were a real neighbor you would know these dogs. If you had problems before something should have been said but you rather stand there and watch. And a number of people have told him to keep moving when he goes past there house but he insists on standing there allowing the dogs to bark, doesn’t matter if the dogs are in the house or outside. I will be looking out the window and he is walking thru their backyard on private property he will walk past their fence and when it’s nice out he will LAY down in their grass and let his dogs run on THEIR property.

    2. nearby says:

      Listen, I’m not going to argue with you. They peed on the porch. I was surprised, but never saw these dogs before back when this happened and considered it an isolated incident so I hoped that was what it was left it alone. As I have said, I did not want have to call. When I finally did a couple times I hoped that would just be the end of it. I haven’t stood and watched Mr. Laspada doing what you say, so I’m not going to argue about that, either. People do have the right, I think, to ask him, or anyone, to move on off their property. Nobody should antagonize any animals, these dogs included, of course, in any way. Nobody should violate property or dog, or any, laws. I don’t know what is going to happen, if anything, and yes, I would be sad for these put bill owners if they were forced to surrender the dogs. I’m sure they love them. I have greeted them when I have seen them walking by. I have only said that I want the dogs to stay inside their fence.

  12. Jess Williams says:

    This is sickening to me. People leave the dog park when we show up. When I tell people I have a pit bull, you can almost feel the breeze from their eyes rolling. My dog is a prime example of why Pit Bulls make GREAT family members and great pets. He is a sweet, gentle, loving dog who is great with kids and all people. He is a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen and a Therapy Dogs United therapy dog. I do everything in my power to promote a positive image to the breed. We are “responsible” owners, and there are MANY of us out there. Somehow we all get over-shadowed by some thugs and low-lifes who can’t be responsible enough for themselves let alone a dog. It’s not our fault that Pit Bulls have become a “status” symbol, or that they are the #1 dog used for dog fighting at this time.

    1. nearby says:

      Jess, I think what you say is great. I grew up with dogs, and I love them. In these posts, just to be clear, I’m talking about about specific incidents that are becoming more and more problematic. The larger questions is: Can’t we be free to talk a walk down the street or even be on our own property without being threatened? Too many close calls here. Following that, what has to happen? Does someone have to be injured more severely. Gidget has very serious injuries. There is not enough skin left to close her wounds. Hopefully she will survive and Mr. Laspada’s bites will heal as well. I just don’t want something even more serious to happen to anybody, or their pet, anywhere. I *like* my neighbors and I would love it if our nice, friendly, little street could go back to the way it was. Something needs to change in this situation.

    2. MsCynic says:

      I appreciate the work you’ve put into your dog, honestly. I had a Rottweiler in the 90’s that we used to joke we could cover you with gravy and she’d never bite. She achieved all that your Pit has and also MULTIPLE competitive obedience titles because I WANTED people to see her/meet her/interact with her. She never did, in her entire life after I rescued her, bite anyone (I don’t know about before because she was chained to the gate at the animal shelter after being injured in an apparent dog fight)…

      That being said, I NEVER use a dog park, EVER. People bring dogs there completely WIRED as their only form of exercise, they don’t watch them, and most of them don’t TRAIN them – it’s a recipe for a disaster and I would never want to expose my dogs to that, basically because if you own certain breeds or larger dogs – it will be YOUR FAULT even if your dog was down and bleeding before it defended itself. Most everyone I know with AmStaffs and Pits say they will NEVER set foot into a dog park for that reason. Just food for thought.

      1. Jess Williams says:

        I appreciate your comment about the dog park. We like to “walk” the dog park on a leash…..where we live there is a trail that goes around the dog park, etc. Our trainer suggested that we got our dog around as MANY other dogs as possible…for scent purposes, etc. We would often take him and walk him inside on a leash when nobody was there. I NEVER let my dog off leash around other dogs, because that is what our trainer taught us. The pit I owned before this one, was dog aggressive. We are used to taking extra precautions…always muzzled him at vet’s offices, public areas where there were other dogs, etc. We also had a short leash and were VERY careful because we know the negative attention this breed gets already. Seems every few years the “aggressive” breed for dog fighters / status symbol / irresponsible owners cool pet of choice changes, when I was younger it was the Akita, then the German Shepherd, then the Rottweiller and then the Doberman, same song and dance…different beat.

  13. Lynn says:

    Really? These dogs get loose often? Mean or not, nobodies dog should be running around.. the owners can’t care too much about these dogs. My dog hasn’t gotten loose since April of last year and everytime he does, you can see me running up and down the street after him.. I don’t understand why there was never anything done about the fences or something? Require the owners to build a pen or chain them..? Especially if they’re just going to leave them outside ALL DAY long.. Now the dogs will be put to sleep because these people wanted dogs, but won’t watch them? Ughh.. so annoying.

  14. Lynn says:

    And no, small dogs aren’t on the news because it’s not too often a killer pomeranian is on the loose! If some little dog was out killing, IT WOULD BE ON THE NEWS. Could you imagine how quick that would be on TV? If I was a reporter, I’d for sure do a report on the killer teacup yorkie! Wow..

    1. Jess Williams says:

      Nobody died in this attack for there to be a killer anything to speak of. Thankfully. And ANY dog can bite. Pit Bulls and other large breed dogs have larger mouths and larger teeth, and often times do more damage when they bite. That is why they are recorded. I used to be a dog groomer, I’ve been bit by MANY dogs….most of them were smaller dogs. People let smaller dogs get away with more….because they are “small”. Does it make it right? No. Do they do “less” damage….yes. Does it make it okay that only large kids who bully and tease get in trouble? No. Same scenario…different players. If a smaller, less tough kid was punching or hitting on your kid….should it be okay because they are smaller? Often times people say “suck it up” to the larger kid getting bullied by the smaller kid. Same with dogs. I don’t think it is right for ANY dog to bite someone else, as a dog owner you should ALWAYS be in control of your own dog. it shouldn’t matter if your dog is small or large.

      1. MsCynic says:

        Channel 11 just had a story this morning of a pair of Rottweilers that broke out of their fenced in yard and killed a Pomeranian at the owner (and her small children’s) feet! They had a loose gate, the dogs pushed it open, charged the family, and killed their dog – sorry doesn’t even BEGIN to cover that scenario! This is out of control, seriously. I have dogs of all sizes, always have – for the first time a ‘toy’ breed which is about 13lbs. I am OVERLY cautious taking him out, because while he is trained and titled in obedience, he’s been attacked *by a Golden Retriever & also a Newfoundland* so he is now aggressive when large dogs run up to him. People who say their dogs are ‘friendly’ or are ‘just curious’ have to understand when I tell them to keep their dogs AWAY from my dog. My dog (like most others) does not appreciate being CHARGED by dogs, period. I also have 2 larger dogs, they are tolerant of other dogs, will walk past them, work in the ring with them, but RUDE people with loose dogs (or dogs on Flexi leads – don’t even get me started on THAT NONSENSE) are an ONGOING problem in this city. Again, ENFORCE the existing leash laws and EVERYONE TRAIN YOUR DOG. All of these things could so easily be avoided if people were responsible!!

  15. Susan says:

    Pits are high energy dogs. Lots of excercise, schooling, and they should be neutered. I am talking about the owners more than the dog. Can a few rotten apples spoil the bunch or a few good apples make up for the rest ot them. I am in the pet industry and was always an advocate for pit bulls…argue that they have a bad rap due to media attention…its part true. We were at Ohio Pyle with our Lab boxer mix..a pair of pit bulls on the other side of the river (50 yards) started barking at us. One of the dogs swam the river to get to our dog and did not respond when owner called him. We yelled FRIENDLY? He gave us thumbs up. But as soon as that dog got to us it went after our dog! My husband jumped in front and started yelling at him…his eyes were fixed on our girl. The owner now swimming accross the river..it was a very stressful situation. The owner got his dog and we left…but that dog went out of his way…way out..against his owners words and went to fight our dog…One bad apple or the breed? I just can’t trust them…I know we all give the wrong energy around Pitts, but you can’t help but have your guard up…….WAY up

    1. Jess Williams says:

      I understand you had a bad situation. That owner first shouldn’t have had their dog off a leash in a public place! Very irresponsible. PLUS Pit Bulls have had a string of dog aggression issues, where if not trained properly and taught not to….will not do so well around other dogs, especially strange dogs. I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I think a lot of times when people get Pits, they don’t exercise them, they don’t train them, and they most importantly don’t practice responsible ownership. Is that the dogs fault? I don’t think it is. Is it society’s fault for getting themselves into more than they can handle or something that isn’t right for their situation? I think so. Same thing with people getting into mortgages larger than they can afford, and getting “baby” alligators for their pets not seeing the whole picture that they get larger and will be more than you can handle some day. Life is all about choices, and how you handle yourself can affect others. Irresponsible owners = irresponsible dogs, Irresponsible parents = irresponsible children. It’s a vicious cycle.

  16. JS says:

    Very few dogs commit to a sustained attack and can do the damage people and other animals like a pit bull. Any comparison of a pit bull to does like terriers, poodles, etc. is laughable. When a pit bull attacks, it is with a level of vicousness and intent to kill that few other breeds can match. Look at it this way: tigers and housecats are both felines. Both can bite/attack and both can have bad dispositions if neglected or trainined improperly. But which one would you rather have bite you?

    Yes, i realize there are many responsible pit owners whose dogs are well behaved. But take a walk thru any urban neighborhood these days…there a lots of pit bulls out there that are obviously kept as a status symbol and for their sheer aggressiveness. That’s why I believe that there should be higher licensing fees and tighter fencing/security requirements for this breed of dog. Any pit that attacks another person or pet should immediately be put down, and any pit owner whose dog attacks someone or their pet should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. Jess Williams says:

      The township I live in, in order to own a Pit Bull I have to have a 6ft or higher fence, my dog is NOT permitted to be off-leash, and I must have him on a 4ft or shorter leash at all times. I totally agree that laws should be tighter, but most of these “owners” probably don’t even have licenses or vaccinations for their dogs. Just like I think some people shouldn’t be permitted to have kids because they don’t take care of them….I don’t think everyone should own a dog. Someone once told me “Every Pit Bull deserves a home, but not every home deserves a Pit Bull”. As far as the Pit Bull attacks with more viciousness than any other breed, I suppose the same could be said for German Shepherds? The most known attack dog used by the Police? Or the same could be said for Rottweillers and Husky’s? Maybe for Akita’s and Doberman also.

      1. JS says:

        German shepherds are used by police as attack dogs because of their intelligence and because they will stop their attack upon command. Pit bulls attack in a way different from the other breeds that you name…they often will not stop their attack even when called off by their owner or when hit or kicked. Pit bulls have by far the most powerful jaws of any dog, and once they latch on they do not let go. The other dogs typically stop their attack when called off or when they are no longer threatened…pit bulls attack to kill and wont stop until they do kill or they are killed themselves. This makes pits different from any other breed.

      2. Jess Williams says:

        May I ask where you are getting your statistics? My trainer, trains Police dogs in Pittsburgh, PA. They mainly use German Shepherd’s. Not all German Shepherd’s make the cut, and not ALL of them will “stop” on command. They are not “designed” that way, just as Pit Bulls are not “born” to attack. My trainer preaches that any dog can bite, he does not believe that just because of a dog’s breed that they can not be trained, nor are they deemed unfit for someone to have as a pet, nor are they “born” as attack dogs. I also feel that way. Breedism is no different than sexism, racism or any other form of ignorance.

      3. MsCynic says:

        The police are using fewer and fewer actual American bred German Shepherds. The ones bred in the states have bad nerves – seriously! Ask an officer walking what you think is a German Shepherd, it’s more than likely a Belgian Malinois or an IMPORTED Czech or Dutch – German Shepherd. I train with K9 officers most Sundays actually. They have GSDs (from imported bloodlines), but even the older/seasoned ones will get too excited while doing bite work at conveniently ‘forget’ to release. There have been studies about jaw pressure as well, but the Pit has never been on the top of the list. Pits are dangerous because they are what we created – a high energy/reactive dog, with a VERY high pain tolerance, and we selectively bred for animal aggression for YEARS (sorry guys, but the Nanny dog thing was very short lived in their history) so once involved in a fight (even if it’s one that they didn’t start), they OFTEN will not back off.

        The key to ALL of these situations remains RESPONSIBLE OWNERSHIP of dogs – regardless of the size. I remember having to pry my mother’s yorkie off my Rottweilers neck because she stole the tennis ball. She never reacted with aggression and ended up with a staph infection from the tiny tyrant! He also HATED kids, but I worked with him and he would sit quietly (often bitterly) while kids rode bikes past him – why?? because he HAD to learn to deal with it – he didn’t have to LOVE children/other dogs, but he COULD NOT attack them.

        People always ask me what is my favorite breed of dog (after 25 years of training dogs, often rescue dogs) and my answer is ALWAYS the same – my favorite dog, the dog I am most impressed by is a TRAINED dog!

  17. Christine says:

    Gidget and owner you ARE IN MY PRAYERS!!!! As a owner of 3 dogs. 2 being Chihuhuas this HAS GOT TO STOP!!!!! I am terrified to take my dogs out anymore!!! What kind of life is that for them..Knowing there are THESE MONSTERS running around out there..I dont care what people say oh they are friendly..Come on…That have a short memory span and can snap..I am not saying that other dogs dont bite..But lets get real..How many times does this have to happen!!! Its the PITBULL!!!!!….There is something wrong with them if they are snapping like this!!!! Yes..I do blame the owners as well because they are being irresponsible and not taking precautions with these kinds of animals. Lets see you always hear about Pitbull fights..Hummm..dont hear bot lab fights or even Chihuhua fights now do you!!!?? PITBULLS ARE DANGEROUS DOGS AND SAY WHAT YOU WANT!!!! HOW MANY MORE ATTACKES WILL THERE HAVE TO BE TO HAVE SOMETHING DONE WITH THESE MONSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

    1. kristy says:

      it’s ignorant misinformed people like you that cause the uproar over pit bulls, or, as you call them, “monsters.” according to your “reasoning,” can we also assume, then, that all women are bad drivers, all blondes are stupid, all african-americans are thugs, all jewish people are tightwads, etc.? gimme a break. you’re pigenonholing a breed of dog and labeling them as “bad,” when, in fact, there are bad and good dogs in every breed. “if it has teeth, it can bite.” “judge the deed, not the breed.” it might serve you well to remember that.

      1. mike says:

        It is in the pit bulls genetic make up. Just like some of your references, there is no changing it. Right or wrong? I don’t care. It wasn’t me who was attacked. If I ever was, I would probaly chop the dog in half, along with it’s owner.

  18. Anthony Moore says:

    I used to defend the pit bull, too. My nephew had one for more than ten years. Everyone talked about Zeus as being proof that a well raised pit bull is a lovable, non-agressive dog. Right up until the day this spring that he turned on his owner right in his own back yard. Had a neighbor not heard it and called the police, who shot the dog, he might very well have killed my nephew, the man who had loved and pampered that dog his entire life.

  19. What da? says:

    KDKA reports a chihuahua is attacked !!!!!!!!! Mauled !!!!!!! Torn in half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah and the old guy who owned it was bitten too!!!

    1. Trollin says:

      Unfortunate for the guy but he’s going to survive. The dog on the other hand is fighting for its life.

  20. Amherts Avenue says:

    I live on Amherst Avenue up the street from where this happened and just want
    to tell you about the 3 times I have been in counter with the BEASTS they they were running wild in the streets I had to stop my car but didn”t dare get out . They were jumping on my car thank God I had my windows up. The next time I was on my friends porch and they came running up barking and I ran in her house they jumped up on her door tring to force there way in I couldn”t leave for atleast an hour till I was sure they were gone. The very last time was the worst my friend that lives there got out of her car to enter her home they came out of nowhere she bearly made it into her home I grabed the Mase I have in my purse to stray them but they ran off up Casper Avenue I should have called the police But I Do Know the Owners Son was Told many time to tell he”s parents about the Dogs and sure enough a few days latter you would seen them stalking the neighborhood. Sorry But Now they need Put down what if it was the little girl down the street walking here dog she wouldn”t have a chance.

    1. Coward says:

      Beasts? Really guy? I hope your lady friend didn’t get hurt when you pushed her to the side to get into the house. Good thing she was there to protect you.

  21. L.Hill says:

    Congratulations to KDKA. Great way to up your ratings….
    Here’s your challenge:::: DO a story with HELLO BULLY,,, ANIMAL RESCUE LEAGUE,, WA PA ANIMAL SHELTER… They won’t put a vicous dog up for adoption , because of possible LAWSUITS!!!!!!!! By the way,,,
    1. Labs are the #1 breed for unprovoked attacks.
    2. Petey, of OUR GANG fame so many years ago—– A PITTBULL (working with children yet)
    I doubt KDKA WILL DO A POSITIVE STORY in prime time — ignorance maybe??? Sensatiionalism?????? or just plain PREJUDICE?????

    1. John says:

      What source are you quoting for labs? I’m guessing as a percentage they are no where near #1. They might be at or near #1 as a total number simply because they’re one of (if not the) most common breeds.

      1. John says:

        I just searched and as I suspected, they are number 1 but the disclaimer then states that they are over-represented in the stats because they are one of hte most popular choices for a pet. So yes you’re more likely to get bit by a lab because you’re much more likely to encounter one. So calling out a lab as agressive isn’t a valid argument when discussing the chances of a particular breed being aggressive.

    2. Seeking balance says:

      The majority of the ‘pit bulls’ that you see out there in this city are not true pit bulls, they are mixed with American Bulldogs and also Cane Corso’s – this is resulting in larger/more powerful dogs with aggression being ‘higher’ for the locally bred ‘backyard’ pit bulls that MOST people are encountering and purchasing. Plus, these dogs were bred to fight for the most recent DECADES, so please don’t try and imply these dogs do not have dog aggression – they have high pain tolerances, and they also have inherent aggression with other, particularly small animals. It is extremely IRRESPONSIBLE for you not to admit that this is inherent in this breed. I’m not saying they are bad dogs, BUT they are not dogs for everybody.

  22. Kosmo says:

    The often-quoted myth by pro-pit bull groups that pit bulls “do not bite more than other breeds” is categorically false. In addition to the fact that pit bulls are the leading biters, the pit bull bite is also the most damaging, inflicting permanent and disfiguring injury.
    Go to dogbite.org and see the statistics.

  23. Reality says:

    3 people were shot in Wilkinsburg with 0 comments, Gidget was attacked by pit bulls 59 comments. What’s this tell you? People don’t care about people that live in low income areas just that a little dog was bitten by a bigger dog and you people feed off that. KDKA 1- everyone else 0.

    1. kristy says:

      this isn’t a story about a wilkinsburg shooting (which, by the way occur constantly), but a story about dogs. keep to the story or log out.

      1. Reality says:

        LMAO, don’t recall who voted you in charge. Get over yourself, you really aren’t all that important.

  24. Janice Trzeciak says:

    From reading all the comments seems there was an ongoing problem in the neighborhood with the owners not properly caring for these dogs. If the dogs were constantly running loose in the neighborhood my question is why did no one do anything before this tragic event happened? Some people just should not own dogs & it is the owner not the dog. I have pit bulls My neighbors love them & know them. They are never out even though my yard is fenced unless I am out there with them. I take offense to the comment people only own pits to intimidate. I totally love & trust my dogs and they are very well behaved. It is not the breed it is the person behind the dog that makes them this way. Good people Good dogs. Doesnt matter the breed. Pit bulls do not bite more than other breeds & do score higher on tempermant test than golden retrievers. As a dog groomer the worst bite I ever had was a golden retriever. dogbite.org is false & misleading info meant to mislead people.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      The temperament test you are referring to is not for PET dogs! The ATTS Test is a preliminary test for Schutzhund dogs, and is not exactly something your average house pet will pass. Reaction to gun fire, and a threatening individual, etc… sorry but your average collie, herding dog and most others wouldn’t pass.. It is a favorite quotable source for Pit bull fans though.

      This is from an ‘anti-Pit bull’ site, but the overview of the test is accurate (I just took it a month ago):


  25. Confronted says:

    I was confronted by the dogs twice.
    The first time was when I heard their collars and my Miniature Schnauzer was outside. I went to look for her and I picked her up, and the next thing you know, one of the dogs jumped on me trying to get my dog. and then I was able to get away from the dog and get in the house.
    Another time was when i returned home and parked in front of my house. I saw the dog was across the street. I tried to quietly just get to my house. the dog spotted me and ran at me. I yelled at it when it got too close to me.
    I did tell someone at this household where the Pit Bulls live that my dog had had an incident with these dogs in my yard.

  26. kristy says:

    Applied Animal Behavior Science involved researchers from University of Pennsylvania. List based on snaps, bites, attempted bites in various situations. Most likely to bite: 1 – Dachshund 2 – Chihuahua 3 – Akita 4 – Australian Cattle Dog 5 – Pit Bull 6 – Beagle 7 – Springer Spaniel 8 – Border Collie. So much for all of the “expertise” from all of you armchair dog “professionals, trainers, and behaviorists.” LOL.

    1. Darrin says:

      Most everyone can fight off/punt a dachsund or chihuahua. Not so with the pitt bull.

  27. Stinkydog says:

    Dogs stink,just like their owners P.U.

  28. bedhead says:

    I think everyone is missing an important fact here. THE POLICE WERE CALLED AT LEAST SEVERAL TIMES IN THE PAST ABOUT THE DOGS FROM 111 LILY RUNNING LOOSE-WHY WEREN’T THE OWNERS FINED, CHARGED, CITED, HAULED INTO COURT THEN??? Is it possible the owners “know or are related to someone who works for the township?” Perhaps the reporter should explore that side of the story.

    1. Seeking balance says:

      If police were called that many times, time to get the State Dog Warden involved – period! If these people do not contain their dogs (REGARDLESS of breed) and they are threatening people, the owners should be cited/fined heavily and after this incident the dogs should declared dangerous as they now meet the criteria.

      Just a side note to all the ‘Pro Pit Bull people’ – you should be up in arms about this too!! These people are NOT being responsible dog owners if their dogs are running loose regularly and (obviously) attacked another dog. This is what gets people frustrated/angry with Pit owners – I’m not saying it’s a bad dog because it’s a Pit Bull, I’m saying it’s a bad owner because the dogs are not contained & they HURT another animal! Jeez, you should be as up in arms about this as everyone else!!!

  29. Scott says:

    I hope they announce the court date. I say we, as pit bull owners show our support, not just for these pit bulls but for all who get a bad rap. I have two of the most loyal pit bulls that I would trust with anyone. “Those who stand for nothing, fall for anything” A. Hamilton

    1. kristy says:

      i agree

      1. Seeking balance says:

        Yes, do that and it will reflect badly on Pit Bulls and their owners EVERYWHERE! These dogs were not PROPERLY contained or controlled (breaking the law) and they did damage (qualifying them as Dangerous dogs). The owners of these dogs SHOULD be held responsible – at some point in their lives! Sorry, if this dog had gotten into their yard and lost it’s life, that’s one thing, but they jumped their fence (something they’ve done in the past apparently) and attacked something – this is NOT responsible dog ownership! If you know your dogs can jump the fence & have in the past – DO NOT leave them outside unattended!! Supporting them is a huge mistake, and it will just detract from your cause! I had a Rottie, and I’d be FURIOUS at the owners of the Rottweilers if they had done something similiar – these dogs have to be under MORE control than others because people are waiting for them to make a mistake! Why in the world would you provide them with the ammunition???

  30. hill says:

    well. let’s just get this straight. Where do you see most Pittbull presence in houses: those “not so good” neighborhood in the city. I mean seriously, I went to college and I have never seen any college professors or teachers that own Pittbull as pet at home. Pittbulls are bought for intimidation in the city and that is a fact. people get hurt badly every now and then for a while now and nobody aint gonna do **it about it.

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