Should State Sen. Jane Orie Resign?

MCCANDLESS (KDKA) — She was once the third most powerful Republican senator in the state, but Monday night PA Sen. Jane Orie found herself handcuffed and locked in holding cell for more than a couple hours.

Now privately, Republican leaders are weighing whether to ask the Republican senator to step down.

Karen Shaheen is a long-time Orie supporter and treasurer of the Allegheny County Republican Party.

“My biggest concern at this point is that it has to be affecting how she is able to perform her duties,” Shaheen told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano.

Shaheen, a McCandless resident, is speaking personally — not as a Republican official — but others say Orie’s legal difficulties are taking a toll on her job.

On the big issues — taxes, the budget, school choice, liquor stores – Shaheen says Orie has lost her voice.

Shaheen: “There has been nothing out there.”

Delano: “From her?”

Shaheen: “From Jane, correct. She’s always historically been out there on the forefront. So, of course, this has to be impacting her.”

And Shaheen says about Orie, “She has not been out there and not available for comment on any of these issues that are happening at the state level.”

Shaheen stops short of calling for Orie’s resignation but adds, “It gets to a point where you have to weigh what your responsibility is to what your needs are personally to see if you can continue in the capacity.”

While some Republicans were suspicious of Democrat District Attorney Stephen Zappala’s original charges against Orie, claims of forgery and perjury are different.

“Extremely disappointed. Saddened,” says Shaheen. “I was hoping that this was all going to go away.”

Now other Republican leaders say privately they hope Senator Orie will make the right decision, but there is no indication at all that Orie will step down.

She was re-elected last November with 58 percent of the vote and has more than three years left in her term.

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One Comment

  1. Change! says:

    How ’bout that obama thing. How’s that working out for everyone?

    1. N Obama says:

      Hey Change, just to let you know the Obama thing is not working out for me , thanks for asking.

  2. Harley says:

    Sen. Orie and her sisters are haughty and arrogant so it will be hard to make her step down without a fight. She is a bad seed for the party but her expensive and phony life style won’t permit her to concede yet.
    Some one really hates her.

  3. bruceUSA says:

    Our President needs to resign that’s who. Tell me did Orie introduce any bills that nobody read but yet got passed and pushed through??? Let’s go after this real high-falut’en crook before he really wrecks this country. Can we get our priorities straight!!! Oops did I say “straight”” I meant to say “in line” Yea right!!!!

  4. bruceUSA says:

    Hey Dem. and Rep. seniors. No COLA again this year. How’s that sit in you “lack of funds craw”!!! Yet everything continues to cost more!!! Feeling the pinch yet???

  5. bruceUSA says:

    No COLA again this year but we have a brand new SS building in McKeesport. Right next to the old SS building that “fit the bill” now sits empty!!! But no COLA again!! Who’s running the show here??? Zapalla??

  6. tbird says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. Sen Orie has done an outstanding job serving the public. I just wonder if it was because she questioned so many things – things that we, ourselves, have questioned – like what’s going on with the gaming commission? Who is really being honest here? It all sounds like political retribution. I feel confident she’ll be vindicated – and I hope the culprits guilty of this crusade are brought to justice. good luck Senator Orie!

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