Brawl At Mellon Park Prompts Call For New Rules

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A Pittsburgh city councilman is calling for new rules to put an end to the unruly behavior at Mellon Park.

Two fights – a small one involving two young men, then one that involved dozens of young women, happened at a church-sponsored picnic at the park this summer.

O’Harold Edmonds shot the video.

“I actually didn’t get all of it,” he said. “There [were] fights on that side, on that side, everywhere. It was wild over there.”

He says it was a threat to families trying to enjoy the day.

“Yes it was because there were little kids, there were older people. There was a variety of people just trying to have fun, come out with the family.”

Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto says neighbors have been complaining about loud events in the park for four years now.

He says the city has to start enforcing the same rules for its parks that it does for street festivals.

“If you want to close down a public street, it depends on how many blocks, how many police officers you’ll need, EMS has to be there, guidelines of operation and everything else,” Peduto said.

“We don’t have that for neighborhood parks around the city.”

Edmonds says more security is a good place to start.

“I don’t even know that there was any security now that I’m thinking about it,” he said. “It was just a lot of people – just the church people – and they didn’t have any respect – the kids didn’t have any respect – for the authority.”

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Pittsburgh City Councilman Bill Peduto


One Comment

  1. josh says:

    omg city council will complain or try to make a new law for everything
    just put a fence around it and have a guard at the gate give me a freakin break
    worry about fixing the dam streets council man Bill Peduto

  2. bruceUSA says:

    Let us Prey .

    1. Harley says:

      These are future leaders of our country. RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES!

  3. kristy says:

    thugs will be thugs. nothing’s gonna change, unfortunately.

  4. dr michael says:

    So let them beat the daylights out of each other, just dom it in a peaceful manner

  5. eazytime says:

    Thats scary that it was a church function, what would have happened if it was a block party? Point made about Mt. Leabanon. The residents there are educated and civilized. Almost seems like its just a bunch of animals being released in Mellon Park. Where was the Reverend/Pastor or priest?

  6. db says:

    THOSE people do not belong in today’s society. THOSE people ruin evrything they are near.

  7. METRO says:

    This type of behavior is the reslt of a liberal society that promotes the generations of welfare, welfare promotes lack of self-worth and esteem. Then the signle parents that lack education to teach their children respect towards each other and the law. It’s all about beating the system and nowyou liberals can see the results. Keep those checks and food stamps coming.

    1. lakresha lamarr trombone says:

      amen to dat

  8. Dave says:

    While I do agree that liberalism has ruined this country, I just want to clarify something. Though it was a church function, that particular church opened up the picnic to the community. The people involved in the altercation were NOT from the church, but rather from the community. I work with a woman who belongs to this church, who is not from that community, and she and the other parishioners are devastated at how the community acted when invited to an event. The church wanted to do something positive, and this is how the community showed its appreciation – by acting like a bunch of animals. You can’t fault the church for trying.

  9. kristy says:

    PLEASE quit referring to these lowlifes as “animals.” Animals don’t act like these halfwits. That term’s an insult to all animals This “element” belong in a cage. Since they don’t have respect for others and have no class, lock ’em up.

  10. Taser 'Em says:

    Must have been born in a barn. Their parents must be proud.

  11. Lock Them Up says:

    Build a 20 foot wall around Homewood and let them all go wild. Destroy your own property, I mean Section 8.

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