State Trooper Found Guilty Of Simple Assault

GREENSBURG (KDKA) — A Westmoreland County jury found a state trooper guilty of assaulting his neighbor.

Trooper Christopher Miller was found guilty of one misdemeanor count of simple assault for the altercation last summer.

Terrence Hurd, 72, maintained that Miller attacked him for no reason while he was trimming root balls in his front yard.

Miller claimed that he was acting in self-defense after Hurd swung at him with a pick ax.

A jury was shown two videos of the incident in question. One was surveillance video from a camera on Hurd’s home. The other was video from a hand held camera shot by Christopher Miller.

The neighbors have an ongoing feud that has frequently resulted in police being called.

Miller did not testify in his own defense.

The defense rested first thing Friday morning after calling only one character witness Thursday afternoon.

It took the jury nearly four hours to reach a verdict.

Attorneys for both sides speculate that Miller will be sentenced to probation.

State police released a statement regarding Miller’s status with the department:

“During the course of this investigation Trooper Miller has been suspended without pay. His status will remain such until an internal investigation is conducted based on the outcome of the trial.”

Miller was also charged with one summary count of harassment. The judge will make a decision on that charge after a pre-sentencing investigation.

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One Comment

  1. Derp says:

    What happened to the guy who was swinging the pick axe?

    1. DJC says:

      He’ll be targeted by every law enforcement officer in the area. He had better not speed, spit on the sidewalk, forget to use turn signals, etc. He is now on the radar screen.

  2. Dr. Heffner says:

    This trooper should immediately be fired from his job. He is obvioulsy not stable enough to be carrying a gun.

  3. Truth Monger says:

    God help the neighbor now……………..

  4. DR. Rock says:

    Time and time again the public is reminded that some people think they are above the law therefore they are immune to the standards that John Citizen must abide by …
    And this guy has the authority to tell me how to live in society ?????
    Let’s see how his slimeball attorney spins this one …………

  5. A Cop says:

    @ Dr. Rock, why the hostility? You must hate cops. I bet you’re a liberal too. Why don’t you use some of that hostility against the true criminals in this country? Obama, and all who follow him.

    1. CB says:

      The true criminals are the Republicans and the ridiculous Tea Party!! Let the oil and gas industry fat cats pay their fair share, don’t cut school budgets!! Corbett and all the other stupid republicans must really hate America, not caring about the education of our children and our country’s future!! Let China take over slowily and silently without firing a shot!! Oh, that’s right. They already are. Thank you George Bush and all the idiots that voted for him!!!! Hope you burn in Hell..

  6. JPS says:

    @ Dr. Rock, this must not be one of those times, his own department arrested him, charged him, testified against him and suspended him without pay. I am not sure what you wanted PSP to do, hang him, shoot him? Either way you just proved that your opinion are bias, did you get a ticket for speeding and have an ax to grind or are you just one of the many idiots that nobody can tell you what to do?

  7. Republicans rule. says:

    Hey maybe I should call myself “A scientist”…that way in my own mind that will make me one. “A Cop??” right.

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