Pittsburgh International Set To Become New Hub?

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After Hurricane Irene forced thousands of flight cancellations up and down the east coast, some passengers found themselves in Pittsburgh; and it could be the start of a plan to fill up the empty concourses at Pittsburgh International Airport.

Airport Authority CEO Brad Penrod says that plan worked so well that he’s now pushing what he calls the “CASE plan” — short for Capacity And Service Enhancement.

The goal is to take flights away from notoriously congested airports like Philadelphia and New York and bring them here.

“Our capacity for the terminal is 32 million passengers,” Penrod explained. “To solve capacity on the East Coast would be tens of billions of dollars. We could offer this service to the public in about two days.”

Pittsburgh International already hosts a number of connecting flights; but the idea is to take a flight that goes from someplace like Syracuse to Tampa with a stop at JFK, and bring that layover here.

While some say the plan is a good idea for local businesses, not everyone is happy with the proposal.

For now, Penrod says it’s going to take a lot of lobbying for the plan to take off.


One Comment

  1. Critter says:

    we heard this three years ago. Never going to happen

  2. Mommy says:

    My understanding is that airlines avoid Pittsburgh due to the heavy gate tax levied by our piggish local officials who see fit to tax everything they can. Does anyone know more about this?

  3. Meatball says:

    hahaha! Piggish local officials! Good one, Mommy!

  4. Mike Peace says:

    This is something i have been sying since US Air removed our Hub status years ago. What doesn’t make sense, we have uncongested air space, huge ground space and a world class facility. All we need is a marketting ept with some heavy weights both corporate and political. This should be placed as priority one, our airport looks no busier than Erie at its best currently. Pittsburgh is the ideal location with all the amanities in place.

  5. ILS28R says:

    Our fees at Pitt are one of the highest in the nation. Other than diversions, Pittsburgh is toast in the FAA system.

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