PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Underneath the pomp and festivities of the Labor Day Parade there is widespread discontent among marchers trying to hold on to their jobs and others who no longer have one like unemployed account manager Henry Lipput.

“It’s 10 months as of today and I’m not having a good time, and I’m running out of money and I’m worried out what’s going to happen,” he said.

With hiring flat and national unemployment still above 9 percent, Lipput wants decisive action from Washington and the White House.

“I want a bold progressive plan that says that he understands what people are going through in this country now,” he said.

Congressman Mike Doyle, D-14th district, who will be in the House chamber for the President’s speech Thursday night wants Obama to unveil a new government-sponsored jobs plan.

“Things like the infrastructure bank, things like funding the transportation bill, making investments in America and rebuilding our country and putting people back to work,” Doyle said.

In fact, parade organizers said those who have called for less government weren’t welcomed here today, including Republican U.S. Senator Pat Toomey and Governor Tom Corbett.

Jack Shea of the Allegheny County Labor Council says Obama should fight his opposition in Congress.

“The problem is that since he [came] into office, he’s been waving that olive branch and the other side — the Republicans — have been just tuning out,” Shea said.

The Republicans weren’t invited but those in Congress are calling for deeper cuts. The labor movement wants more government help to bring jobs back to America.

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