Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Charged In Attack

FINDLAY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Peter S. Loria, Jr., is charged with aggravated assault and burglary after he allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and attacked her and the man she was with.

The victim talked with KDKA’s David Highfield but did not want her face shown on television.

She says Loria first came to her front door in Findlay Township, but when she didn’t let him in, police say Loria went around to the back.

He allegedly climbed on top off a neighbor’s car and then made his way to a backyard deck.

He allegedly moved across two decks before reaching the home of his ex, where he climbed in through a window.

His ex-girlfriend says she was terrified and just had time to make a 911 call before Loria allegedly broke open her bedroom door.

Police say Loria used a vacuum cleaner like a baseball bat and put the man who was there in a headlock before slamming him into a wall and then a TV stand. Police say Loria also bit the man.

That man was taken to the hospital, and the female victim needed a stitch to her ear.

Loria has been released on bond, but KDKA’s attempts to reach him for his side of the story were unsuccessful.

The ex-girlfriend says she was scared he was going to kill her and believes Loria can’t cope with the fact that she’s dating.

Now that he’s been released, she says she’s scared to even go home.

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One Comment

  1. johnny69 says:

    Stupid guy if the woman doesn’t want you are you going to FORCE her to love you? IDIOT! At the same time I wouldn’t doubt that she was flaunting it in his face that she was giving it to some other dude to torture him…dumbA$$ though, if someone doesn’t wanna be with you then WHY would you want to be with them???

  2. kwhit190211 says:

    This guy was extremely lucky. Because if someone breaks into my hooch & attacks the me, the wife or kids. i will not hesitate. I’ll call the cops after I did my thing. The police can take their time getting here. And, I’ll tell them to bring a bag because the person who broke in & attacked will be dead.

  3. Dr. Heffner says:

    disgusting behavior

    1. dr michael says:

      Disgusting sir?? until something like this happens to you or your family. Then your eyes will be opened. If I or my family is in danger, eliminate the threat to preserve our life. Justice will prevail one way or another

  4. Kim says:

    This report only shows one side of the story. I am not agreeing with any of the actions that have happened, but at the same time only one side of the story is portrayed here. This lady did not even show her face, name, or anything – but did not think twice to have all of his information thrown out there. No one knows what she may have done to taunt him to go to the house that night, knowing that she had another man there. No one knows this lady’s past and the issues that she has and what she is capable of. I have known Pete for many years and he has one of the biggest hearts I know and is truly a good guy. He has given back to the community, friends, and family. I also know this lady and could throw her dirt out there just like she has to him. Always remember there are two sides to the story, even though I do not agree with the actions, the females are not always the innocent ones in the deal.

    1. Friend says:

      I totally agree I have known Pete over 20 years and he has been nothing but good to my family and friends my kids love him and he got a big heart!Now as far as the women in this story goes she is no saint at all!All anyone has to do is ask around the bars she hangs out in.

    2. Kim says:

      I would like to apologize for my last reply. I am currently trying to have it removed – as I should have never posted it. I was speaking out of frustration, as I know that this is very difficult for both parties, and I apologize again.


      Kim.. before you go off maybe you should look into Mr. Loria’s background ..maybe the man’s family that can no long speak for himself that he hurt in 85 could give you some background!!’.. AND AS FAR AS GOING TO THE MEDIA..THEY CAME TO ME AFTER THEY READ THE REPORT FROM THE ALLEGHENY CRIME LAB THAT SPENT 12 HOURS AT MY HOME COLLECTING BLOOD FROM THE 3RD FLOOR TO THE BASEMENT!!!!! THEY PUT IT ON THE NEWS AND I wanted to set the record straight! you really deserve no more of my time. Justice will be served, I hope.

  5. also a friend says:

    Ive known Pete for about a year and a half now, and let me tell you I have never met a more big hearted man in my life. He bends over backwords for the people he knows and loves. Every time we went out he always paid for me no questions asked. The Pete i know would NEVER do somthing like this. something in him snaped.Everyone does stupid things when they are mad, i know i have, and tho that doesnt excuse what he did I feel that these people who dont know him need to BACK OFF!! The man is going through enough. And i totally agree with Kim. What kind of person calls the media and then doesnt want her face shown??? GROW UP.. I also know the woman in the story, and agree shes no saint. so Pete if you happen to read this I hope u see you do have people who love you..

    1. Concerned says:

      This comment frightens me. “He snapped”, you are kidding me. Have you ever watched he ID Channel? Yes we all do stupid things when we are angry but to bring harm to another is not the way to handle your anger. If you are a true friend to Pete, I suggest to you that he gets help before he hurts somebody badly. There is no justification for his actions. As for the victim I do not blame her for not wanting to be identified, especially with these kind of comments. How would you feel if yourself or a family member was a victim of Pete’s, I am sure you would feel differently.

  6. Victim says:

    You know I would gladly have shown my face..BUT I unlike some people WANT TO PROTECT MY CHILDREN!!! ME AND MY CHILDREN ARE THE VICTIMS HERE!! You need to educate yourself

  7. Anna Marie Ross Fearon says:

    I have know the victim for many many years, not just a recent friendship. Nobody deserves to be attacked. He broke into her house and beat her!! That is considered an attack!! I cannot believe I am reading these comments. Obviously you do not know the victim! I only hope that the criminal gets what he deserves!! Justice!!!

  8. Friend says:

    I know the victim and she didn’t deserve to have her house broken into and beaten. NO WOMEN should have to go through this. Also she didn’t call the media. The media called her…. Anyone who breaks into a women house and beats her should be locked up and put away to keep society safe.

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