By David Highfield

FINDLAY TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Peter S. Loria, Jr., is charged with aggravated assault and burglary after he allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and attacked her and the man she was with.

The victim talked with KDKA’s David Highfield but did not want her face shown on television.

She says Loria first came to her front door in Findlay Township, but when she didn’t let him in, police say Loria went around to the back.

He allegedly climbed on top off a neighbor’s car and then made his way to a backyard deck.

He allegedly moved across two decks before reaching the home of his ex, where he climbed in through a window.

His ex-girlfriend says she was terrified and just had time to make a 911 call before Loria allegedly broke open her bedroom door.

Police say Loria used a vacuum cleaner like a baseball bat and put the man who was there in a headlock before slamming him into a wall and then a TV stand. Police say Loria also bit the man.

That man was taken to the hospital, and the female victim needed a stitch to her ear.

Loria has been released on bond, but KDKA’s attempts to reach him for his side of the story were unsuccessful.

The ex-girlfriend says she was scared he was going to kill her and believes Loria can’t cope with the fact that she’s dating.

Now that he’s been released, she says she’s scared to even go home.

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