PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Authorities conducted one of the biggest drug roundups ever in downtown Pittsburgh.

Nearly three dozen people are already in jail and police are looking for more than 50 suspects.

It’s called Operation Stink Bug.

Pittsburgh Police Officer Brenda Tate says the drug dealers are a nuisance, they stink up the business district and they have to be removed.

“We’re trying to get it cleaned up so these people can go to work and their businesses are not filled with these people,” Tate said. “They’ll kill your business.”

Over a two-month period, open air drug deals were videotaped. The concern is the dealers are also carrying weapons and are ready to use them.

“That’s the fear down here that somebody’s gonna get mad because they sold them pills, they didn’t sell them what they wanted and pull out a gun and kill each other,” Tate continued.

The bottom line is police had seen enough of this. The group of so-called “stink bugs” is off the streets tonight.

Pittsburgh Police Chief Nate Harper is promising they won’t be allowed back here to do their business.

“I’m looking to end the problem – not move it someplace else,” he said. “That’s why there is an investigation that will continue to go on.”

Sources close to the investigation tell KDKA Investigator Marty Griffin the focus is now on where they got the drugs.

The feds are now involved looking at local clinics, downtown dentists and doctors.

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