VP Biden Talks Job Speech, Terror, Steelers & More

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Vice President Joe Biden called in for the 28th Spaghetti Breakfast with KDKA-AM’s Larry and John, and boy did he have a lot to say.

He talked about President Barack Obama’s big job speech, his visit to Shanksville for 9/11, our current terror alert, and even talked about the Steelers and how the Rooneys helped him and his family after a tragic accident that shattered his life.

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One Comment

  1. GET OUT JOE says:


  2. Hwright says:

    I know of many people that will be voting for them again!!! I am sorry your wealth is being attacked. BUt its time to pay your fair share too!!!! I have no idea what you have against him??? Trying to do the right things in washington??? I am sure the corporations and the rich will pay for the next administration for it will bring them more of the american wealth!!!!!

    1. GET OUT JOE says:

      I know many people that voted for them in 2008 and are ashamed, your wishful thinking is not reality Hwright .
      Give Obama and Joe a Christmas kiss goodbye and pray that the mess they made can be straightened out soon.

  3. Hwright says:

    Really? how can you respect a Republican??? How many jobs have they destroyed in the positions they are in right now thats making our economy struggle?? Republican governors across this country are cutting budgets left and right to make public employees get laid off!!! Do you think that helps the economy??? NO …. Reality is this country has been put into a GIANT MESS by our past administrationsand large corporations!! It will take many terms for any Prsident to fix the issues. But when you have people in government that will do nothing because their particular party isnt making the final call is REDICULOUS!! Republicans and Democrats are elected by the people and should represent the people! Democrats try to do good for the people and the Republicans block everything they can. Even if they have in the past brought up the same ideas brought forth today by president Obama. this is purely their way of making Obama fail.

    1. GET OUT JOE says:

      Give Obama and Joe a Christmas kiss goodbye and pray the mess they made in just a few years can be straightened out soon.

      1. hwright says:

        I hope its GRIDLOCK in government for many years to come!!!!! This life for america is great! Even the RICH will be out of money eventually!!!!!!!!! They will have to fight among themselves….

  4. RICKY RICARDO says:

    OH HO Hwrigtht your so ridiculous just like my Lucy.

  5. PGH Michelle says:

    HWRIGHT – You make absolutly no sense. Where do you even get your information… Please do us all a favor and quite posting.

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