Is Reality TV Ruining Our Society?

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — It’s a new television season, and that means new reality TV shows.

It seems like almost every reality TV show is based on backstabbing, being overly critical or judgmental, winning at all costs, being argumentative, or just being bizarre, but is all this exaggerated reality becoming detrimental to you, the viewer?

Dr. Patton Van Nickell, psychiatrist for West Penn Allegheny Health System, talks to KDKA AM’s Larry and John about what adverse effects these shows have on our culture and ourselves.

West Penn Allegheny Health System
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  • willie

    Reality T.V. is a pervasive sickness in our society that enables people to watch failure unfold before their eyes & says: Loook, I’m not that bad, those schmucks are worse than me. I liken it to a Roman gladiator mentality watching people fail & cheering on like the Germans during ww11 & these are sick people.

  • Paul

    Reality TV is as scripted as a soap opera. I don’t waste my time watching any of it. And anyone who thinks otherwise is just the audience they are seeking. What’s going to happen 10, 20 years from now when re-runs of shows will appear on TV Land – wil they re-show the reality shows?

  • Idiots

    Yes,A nation of idiots…….They say people get the government they deserve,and this explains it

  • MustafaJohnson

    Yes. Just another brick in the wall of America’s decline.

  • Morons

    Adults acting like children,welcome to crazy world

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