Overnight Standoff Shuts Down Edgewood Neighborhood

EDGEWOOD (KDKA) — Authorities took one man into custody early this morning ending a lengthy standoff that sent police officers and the SWAT team to Edgewood overnight.

The incident started around 12:30 a.m. along Gordon Street.

According to police, authorities were alerted to the barricaded man’s reported attempts to take his own life by his father.

Police said that 29-year-old Jessie Matieer made no direct contact with police throughout the ordeal; instead, only texted his father saying to tell police to leave.

Officials say they recovered a bow and arrow from the home.

“We knew that, according to his father, the only weapon he had access to was a bow and arrow, but his father was not able to tell us whether or not he had access to any other type of weapons,” said Chief Robert Payne, of the Edgewood Police Department. “The father said he always showed interest in guns, so again, we have to take the high road on these issues and assume he is armed.”

The situation came to an end around 4:30 a.m. when police were able to get inside the home.

“They ended up having to use pepper spray to try to drive him into one location. They were able to use the pepper spray to get him into that living room area,” said Chief Payne. “When they reached the door, they found him sitting on the couch and that’s when they took him into custody. He said nothing.”

Matieer was taken to Western Psych to undergo a mental evaluation. It remains unclear if charges will be filed in the incident.

Police say no one living in the neighborhood had to be evacuated during the ordeal, but much of the neighborhood was blocked off by police cars.

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One Comment

  1. Edgewood's Finest says:

    Thanks to our wonderful Edgewood Police Department, the county and all others who were able to difuse this situation safely. Hopefully this young man will be able to get the help he needs.

  2. mad cops no donut says:

    Oh i see the cops are picking on someone else again!!

  3. Police & SWAT to be Commended says:

    Huh? Jim? Wise up . . . they obviously didn’t want another Popolowski triple killing. It’s not bad reporting or a dumb chief . . . just your dumb comment. I highly doubt that YOU’D put YOUR LIFE on the line like the men in blue. Maybe they could have sent YOU in to see if he had access to any weapons. Nah . . .you’d run like a little girl.

    1. Jim says:

      @idiot. I don’t blame them at all. I also would assume any criminal has a gun. My comment was targeted at the statement. You can’t say that you’re sure he has access and doesn’t have access in the same sentence. It’s called a contradiction. Perhaps you need to learn some basic comprehension skills. I don’t want any cops killed. So get off your high horse and learn to actually read and comprehend.

    2. Jim says:

      The more I read your reply and your inability to comprehend makes me laugh. You really are a genuine idiot.

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