Senator Casey Breaks With President Over Jobs Bill

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pennsylvania’s senior Democratic official is breaking away from President Obama when it comes to his jobs bill.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey says the president’s legislative strategy won’t work.

Casey was one of the first Democrats to endorse Barack Obama, but now he thinks the president’s jobs bill needs to be broken apart, he told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano.

“I’m afraid if we tried to pass one big bill, I think there’s a lot of skepticism about big pieces of legislation with all kinds of different component parts. We should break this up.”

Casey says Washington is gridlocked with too much politics to allow passage of a single jobs bill as pushed by the president.

“Even without presidential politics, it’s complicated by the politics of Washington. You’ve got too many people here that spend their whole day trying to score political points instead of working together.”

Casey says given the politics, the only way a Republican House and Democratic Senate will enact any jobs legislation is a different strategy that allows all ideas to be considered separately.

“I believe it would be much more likely if we break it up,” says Casey. “Why not have a series of votes on job creation strategies – five votes, 10 votes, I don’t care if it’s 25 votes.”

“We should stay here as long as it takes to vote over and over on the most important issue that faces the American people and that’s jobs.”

Casey says he doesn’t support everything in the president’s bill but thinks one idea could pass — the extension of the payroll tax cut for working Americans which he says led to job growth earlier this year.

“One of the reasons is that we passed a payroll cut that put a thousand bucks in the pockets of most working families.”

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U.S. Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.
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  • Critter

    this dude gives new meaning to the word wimp

    • Gooch

      There’s no doubt in my mind that Obozo has claimed that title…

    • bruceUSA

      Hey Critter, I’d like to see Sen. Casey as part of the President’s cabinet, cause some of the decisions coming out of the Present’s cabinet leave a lot to be desired. Wimp?? please don’t call somebody a wimp and then don’t explain!!

      • jeffo

        Senator Casey needs a good confederate horsewhipping behind the toolshed.

      • Chaz54

        So now when someone speaks his feelings you Liberals want to physically harm them????

      • ny9solyndra

        If it weren’t for double standards, libunatics would have no standards at all.

      • Leonard Peracchio

        For once this Absolute lap dog of Reid has shown some Spine…Is it due to Elections perhaps?? Or is he getting the fact that the NEW Stimulus is nothing more than another Union Pay out??? If Obama was really into Educating Children he could propose funding Schools in the private sector where kids are actually EDUCATED…and should have build bridges last time e found SHOVEL ready jobs instead of Wasting it all on short term jobs…The Inept is PANICKING and Casey is doing same!

      • destroyalljobs


      • bob

        Alex…you are correct, Casey is a complete drone.

        and in this current political climate he could be beaten. I will help the eventual opposition candidate to the best of my ability,


        And all republicans are corporate DRONES!

      • MDWhite

        And your grandmother was a…uh…aircraft carrier ! So there…!

    • pompey

      ……I was impressed that a liberal had finally sobered up….until I realized he is running for reelection…..!

    • U.S. Common Sense

      I disagree. I think we should break up a lot of these big bills. We don’t have to fix things in one giant pass of the brush. In fact, it might be harder for the politicians to slip in pet projects or controversial attachments that would otherwise not be passed.

      • Hmm

        I agree with you. Break up into bills that can be read, understood by both legislators and the public, studied for short- AND long-term consequences, then voted on. Optimistically, this would allow good legislation to thrive, bad legislation to wither. and pork-projects to die.

    • mourn

      He wimped out cause…he saw this lady…a grey coated drug addict dragging on so lonely into a dark
      doorway of an abandoned office tower to keep away from a torrential
      downpour. A lot of us see her. Sickness spills through her eyes as she flics her bic under
      the spoon and the light illumines her face…she looks just like the
      statue in the harbor of the city. She gets her deadly craving ready,
      pulls up her dirty sleeve, ties off her arm for the zillionth time, and
      that sucking sound we hear is America slurping and stabbing her accusing
      heart at once, as she plunges the needle into her track marked vein
      with a $450 billion shot. Since our current national debt of $14.6
      trillion is 146 times $100 billion, we will take 146 years to pay it off
      at the rate of $100 billion per year, interest not included. The
      interest is $250 billion per year. Once we add that in our total pay
      off amount is our actual face: a wasted life forever dead. We plan to
      borrow an additional $7 trillion in just the next 10 years. This will
      mean an additional 70 annual payments of $100 billion each in repayment,
      interest not included. So, our payoff time will increase from 146
      years to 216 years. This is forcing future Americans to pay for our
      problems while we know full well they must also pay for their own
      problems as well. Never misunderstand me: America’s rank selfishness is so
      long it takes over 3 lifetimes to go from one end of it to the other.
      We’re parasites on our own offspring who cry out to us, “Keep away from me.
      Aren’t you tired. Baby.” History will report that our leaders soaked in
      unamerican, unpatriotic, extreme childish lunacy. “Do like I tell you.
      Let us borrow $$$ forever to fund jobs programs, bailouts, stimulus’,
      entitlements,” etc., etc., etc., etc….as if our children will never
      face the same problems in the next 146 – 216 years and never need every
      single solitary one of their hard earned tax dollars to deal with them.
      And maybe a little AAA credit too. But we are so very, very special.
      We borrowed it all and smacked them with it: a $14.6 trillion debt and
      counting, interest not included, a monumental betrayal of our very own
      children. This is taxation without representation. Future Americans
      must not be paying their fair share since their income is zero dollars.
      We won’t shoulder our own misery. We make future Americans who are
      completely innocent and unable to defend themselves against us, pay it.
      “Stay away from me. I don’t know who you are,” they cry. Can you
      imagine? Debtor says, “I want another loan.” Creditor responds, “How
      much do you owe?” Debtor says, “So much it will take 146 years to pay
      it back.” Creditor says, “Tell me your plan.” Debtor says, “I have no
      plan to pay it back. I will only pay the interest.” Creditor asks,
      “You want you kids, grand kids, and great grand kids to pay off your
      loan?” Debtor says, “Do what? This is all about me. It will be very
      painful for me if I don’t get the loan for my needs. I will print some
      $$$ too.” Creditor says, “But…no plan?” Debtor says, “I plan to
      borrow 6.5% more year over year instead of 8% more year over year.”
      Creditor says, “You owe so much it will take 146 years and counting to
      pay it back, you have no plan to balance the budget, you print money,
      you plan to borrow 6.5% more each year than you did the year
      before…forever, you dump all your debt on 3 future generations and
      counting of your very own children, and you want us to believe that you
      have some kind of respectability, and are worthy of full faith and
      credit? You are immune to love and life. Stay away from me.” But the
      Debtor says, “I want what I want when I want it, and I want it right now
      for my needs. Give. me. the. loan.” We have taxed 100 million future
      Americans $14.6 trillion and counting. We use some of their tax money
      to pay for some of their abortions today. Wicked. We assault them some
      of them in the womb and all of them who have. not. even. made it.
      there. yet. There is Heaven to pay. And it will hurt no matter what we do now. (Special acknowledgment to Erna and company for Keep Away phraseology).

      Let’s just all call our congressional leaders and tell them to stop the borrowing. And in 2012 let’s vote the borrowers out. We’ll make history.

    • JeremyUSA

      He is the one playing politics. He did not feel this way about Obamacare!!! Why the change of heart?


        Oscarphone FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! Has all the answers to healthcare! Elect him for President!!!

      • Oscarphone

        jhoger, you are wrong on all points. We do have “death panels”. When you have a panel of “experts” (like specified in Obamacare) can ration who is getting or not getting treatment, the person(s) who doesn’t get it is given a death sentence. Call it what you like, but “death panel” is apropos. Obamacare wouild regulate one 16th of the economy. In other words, the entire healthcare indudtry. If that isn’t a take-over what exactly would you call it? The horrible deficits come into play after Obama’s second term (assuming he lasts that long). You need to look up the numbers. As for everything else you mentioned, you are wrong on that too. I’d detail it but you are a listener and not a reader. Little sound bits, not educating yourself. A good parrot. But wrong.

      • jhoger

        The conservative mischaracterization of PPACA *”ObamaCare”) is a disaster. You folks have done nothing but tell lie after lie about it from Day 1. Death panels, government takeover of health care, blows up the deficit.
        The fact is that it’s paid for, reduces the deficit, leaves private insurance and providers private, and there never was any form of a “death panel.” The very concept is ludicrous and total sci-fi.

      • aaron

        Because Obamacare is a disaster and he’s learning.

      • Leonard Peracchio

        YEAH but what’ll do IF he gets RE-elected?? I bet he goes and sits on the Minority Leader again and follows their “progressive” dictatorial orders… Casey is a HACK!

      • Gugenheim

        Why the change of heart?? Because even this drone knows he needs to be reelected, so what better time to drum up votes…..another few days and he’ll disappear again.

    • PA Resident

      Casey has supported every effort by the Obama Administration so far, except this one. Casey isn’t stupid, he knows he has an election coming up, so it’s time to jump off the sinking ship. But, we in PA, have long memories of his voting record. Combined with the fact that he hasn’t done one thing for PA since taking office except accept collect a payroll check and perks, it’s time for him to collect an unemployment check.

  • skippy777

    the demon-cratic party: satan’s conspiracy against america

  • Kevin Alexander

    You guys need to spend more time working period !

    • LittleOldMe

      No, they need to spend a lot less time working. The more they work, the worse things are for the rest of us.

      • Arany

        Your are soooo right!

      • earl

        in fact with at least 3 goBerents making laws 24/7/365 at what point will ignorance of the law BE an excuse?

  • TxnByBrth

    He is just one of many who will abandon the administration’s strategy and try and put as much distance between them and Mr. Obama as possible. No one actually believes this nonsense will work…they only support the administration because of what they personally have been promised…

    • Leonard Peracchio

      It is all about RE_ELECTIONS.. The Amoeba is attempting to grow a Spine for 2012


      Do you make over 200,000 a year?

  • Jeff

    Wimp? Wimp??? Are you crazy? This guy has wisdom. He they should stay as long as it takes in order to help the job situation. It reminds me of Senator Marco Rubio’s statement to Congress that they should be focusing on our economic problems “like a laser”.

    • Sven

      All in takes is 1, and the rest of the cattle will soon follow. Cattle are stupid, just like Democrats.

      As for Senator Rubio, he should be the VP Republican Running Mate in 2012, With Gov. Perry !

      P.S., OHIO HATES OBAMA. TELL HIM TO STAY AWAY ! He causes major traffic jams when he is in town. We already decided no matter what, no votes for Obama !

      • garryj

        mannix, I’m afraid your natural brain has been replaced with something else.

      • Ltpar

        mannix, guess you flunked Civics in school or perhaps you are not a citizen of the United States. “Natural born” is where the individual person is born and not his/her parents. Yes, Rubio is qualified to be Vice-President and would be a wise choice for the Republican contender.

      • Hazmat77


        You appear to be a mannix depressive!

        Natural Born simply means that the individual was born in the USA or a territory under the control of the USA. Place of parents birth is irrelevant.

      • CB

        Mannix – Did your parents have any nauturally born children that lived? Dude, I loathe Obama, but your looking like a fool by making such an asinine statement. You need to take a civics course.

      • CB


  • earl

    should we report him to obama’s brown shirt web site

    • Joseph Petroni

      I already did…HAHAHAHA

    • Rob Roy

      Great comment!!! Cudos. Personally, I view them more as a wierd morphing of “red shirts” and “black shirts”,

    • Josh Bigglesworth

      I already did lol

  • BD

    Casey us angling for the election. Current polling shows Pennsylvanians have a “eh?” opinion of Casey. Pretty much a non-entity and vulnerable to almost any Republican

    • RLABruce

      His vulnerability is why he is distancing himself from Obama; he wants to stay in office. It won’t work because he says he is still in favor of the bill, but for a Lib it’s a major step.

  • Darrel

    Bumbling Barry’s plan will not pass as a whole, and Barry knows that. Barry is using it as a campaign tool, not a jobs tool. Why elese put put a plan with zero chance of passing?

  • Rob Roy

    Not one penny more to bail out State and local public employee union workers’jobs (teachers exepted). The first stimulus package was a huge AFSCME, fireman, and cop union bilout and had virtually no true “stimulus” in it. This bill must be “stimulus” and not “preserve the status quo”.


      And your JEALOUS why??? Not educated enough to get a decent job? GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!!

  • MDWhite

    Wow…amazing. A democrat who isn’t a drooling, bobble-headed, sycophantic drone.

  • Terry

    Yeah…that thousand bucks is good stuff….provided you have a job. $1000 / 52 = and extra $19.23 per week. I think it is wishful thinking that this is going to stimulate anything. It’s time to abandon the idea of “stimulating” the economy. It’s time for long term structural reforms in taxes and spending.


      Uh Really, Thats included! Support the Bill. Problem is when your tax reform includes asking the very wealthy to just pay their fair share! That just impacts the wallets of your congressman.. nooooooooooo

    • Pat Puckett

      I think most people would rather pay that little bit of “payroll tax” (social security) now and hope that social security not go broke in the near future. How can it prosper when they cut it’s only income?

  • Paul

    FINALLY! This guy is getting some common sense and smarts, or is it just political posturing? Either way he’s right, if passed (which it never would happen) it would be another disaster…

    • Tim

      It is posturing. The state of PA is now leaning Republican and Casey is facing defeat in the next election. The problem is he is worthless no matter which party is in power.

  • babyboomer1960

    The country strongly suspects that Obama’s highly-vaunted “Jobs Bill” is just another attempt to grab taxpayers’ money and throw it to his political allies in order to win re-election. The only job Obama is concerned about is his own. With a target of $450 Billion (give or take) to work with, it seems like it’s throwing good money after bad. His original stimulus fell flat. Why would this extra chunk o’ change be any different?

    Senator Casey is among the first of the Dem Senators to break rank with Obama on the issue of spending. Let the flood commence!

    Despite this, the Government Sponsored Media wants us to remember: “It’s the evil Republicans and terrorist TEA Party activists who are to blame, because they’re refusing to compromise…” Right…

    When (or if) Harry Reid, Democrat Leader of the Senate decides to get around to discussing the Jobs Bill, it is surely going to be an uphill battle. After all, he’s got far more important issues to worry about – like bike paths for Americans.

    Thank you, Senator Casey for having the political courage to stand up and say, “I don’t think so” on the latest boondoggle being proposed by Obama. As more and more Democrats peel away from the toxic resident in the White House, the message should become clearer that America has had enough of “Hope and Change” that will surely end up with America on the rocks, broke and vulnerable to our enemies around the world…

    November, 2012 can’t get here quickly enough for me!

    • Erik

      Don’t thank this clown, he along with all the other Democrat Senators voted for the 2,700 page Obamacare, the 2,200 page Dod, Frank “financial” reform, etc.

      He is simply trying to save his own job. It is time we punish all these traitors who have used the power we give them to represent us to try and enslave us to an all powerful centralized government and it’s permanent bureaucracy.

    • missrepublic

      Any politician who doesn’t acknowledge that the real goal in DC is to take down the US cannot possibly have an intelligent comment to make. All other conversation is a distraction to make us feel like some of them are really working on something that will be helpful. Don’t be distracted. There is no split in Congress, it is all a show. Prepare and pray.

  • Pineapple2012

    Likely, he’s just racist for opposing The President. That’s what they’ve told us, right? People oppose *this* president because of race.

  • frank

    The Democrats created this Frankenstein known as Obama, too bad we all have to live with it!

    • tishiejean

      It’s hard to know who created Obama. In a video Louis Farrakhan said, “Before he was E-lected, he was Se-lected.”

  • stike1

    This kinda negative messaging by a wimp is just what is hurting Obama altho makes him look like he has more cajones then many in his party. Gutless and little thinker, watta wuss.

    • Michael Bingham

      So you would rather him be a drone and just follow because? Which is more spineless? Just like a lib, think like me, talk like me, and look like me or you are less than me.

      Go back to the cave you came from.

  • Berta Andara

    casey breaks with obama because pennsylvania is going to go conservative all around, includiong statehouse and local government. casey is a weak senator and also needs to be dumped. pennsylvania is a great state and deserves better.

    • Sammy

      I agree. Casey is the Wimp of Wimps – Harry Reid’s whipping boy. Having called his DC office many times with regard to expressing my frustration with his vote for the Stimulus and Obama care, I no longer call him. Casey has become a laughing stock of a senator to me. He has to go. He sees the handwirting on the wall that he will be defeated next year. I see through Bob Caseys’ political manuvering – he still beckons and kisses the rear ends of the labor unions and leftists. What a fraud he is.

  • Cliff

    The rats are fleeing the ship, and the fat lady is warming up to sing the swan song for this administration…

  • astralweeks

    There’s something you don’t see much, a democrat being honest.

    • Hazmat77

      nothing honest about Casey’s position. If he was honest he’d say that Obama’s proposals SUCK and won’t solve any economic problem.

  • bald_bruce

    So he’s not against it, he just want to break it into smaller pieces to make it easier to force down our throats. Slimy, sleaze-ball politicians!! You can tell a politician is lying when his lips are moving……

  • MikeyMike

    Don’t worry, I immeadiatly reported him to AttackWatch. I asked them to make sure he is silenced.

    • Marc

      Oh yeah? Well, I reported you to AttackWatch. I also reported Berta, you won’t be hearing from her anymore. I reported myself, too. I have been having unclean thoughts lately.

      • MikeyMike

        Too late loser! I reported myself the first day it was up! And I reported my neibors and my family, so IN YOUR FACE!

  • Rob Reagan

    Politicians want to “do something” to stimulate the economy. It’s what they’ve done that’s causing the problem in the first place. American businesses will ignite and take off like a rocket if the government removes uncertainty and poorly thought out regulations. I’m speaking specifically of ObamaCare, the Frank Dodd financial “reform” bill, and most of the EPA.

    • Hwright

      Problem with your comment is the so called regulations that you are stating are not even in effect!!!!!! And there is NOT ONE REPUBLICAN OUT THERE THAT CAN TELL YOU WHAT REGULATIONS THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!

  • Christian Halas

    As per usual, the Democrats that come from PA, a rather conservative state, like Sen. Casey and Rep. Altmire, “get it.” Obama and the leftist wingnuts of the Dem. party need to listen to the Dems. from the conservative states. They’d get alot more accomplished that way.

  • JJ1970JJ

    This will give working people $19 a week! Whoopee! I spend $80 a week on gas so …. no nevermind, it doesn’t help much there. Wait, I can take my family to the movies… no wait, 5 of us times $10 is $50. All this is doing is just robbing the social security fund since this is a reduction in that tax so I better save the $19 since kicking the can down the road will mean higher taxes later on.

  • sc400

    Please! Casey is just trying to save his behind in the upcoming election. I’m from PA and he was just another lemming that voted for the Porkulus bills and Obamacare. Where was the pushback then? Don’t let him fool you, Casey is just a liberal Democrat conveniently talking like a fiscal conservative to save his seat.

    • TimMD

      You’ve nailed it!
      They seem to think that they are dealing with the same old ignorant electorate from the past with short memories. It’s too late Mr. Casey! We know exactly how you’ve voted in the past 3 years. They have no idea how educated we are now and how we absolutely can’t wait to go to the polls in 2012!!!
      “ANYONE” with a (D) after their names isn’t going to be safe!!!

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