CRAFTON HEIGHTS (KDKA) — FedEx Ground made a special delivery today but it wasn’t a package; it was community service.

“I’m excited to roll up my sleeves and get a little dirty,” Bob Bruno of FedEx Ground said.

Fedex Ground hit the ground running in Crafton Heights all in the name of making a difference.

More than 50 FedEx volunteers teamed up with Rebuilding Together to make some home improvements.

“All the work and everything we do for these homeowners is free,” Patrick Fitzgerald of FedEx Ground said.

Their target includes a playground and four homes.  

One of those homeowners is 83 year old Iona Kraus. “They’re going to be painting my railing, they’re doing some outside mending on cement, painting my foundation… just so many things that I just can’t do,” Kraus said.

And Kraus isn’t the only person happy about the work; volunteers say they are glad to do it.

“It’s an opportunity to just give back, and it allows me to grow as a person as well,” Jean Givner, of FedEx ground said.

The work in Crafton in Heights is the official kick-off for the annual FedEx United Way Campaign, and a way for FedEx Ground, which is headquartered in Pittsburgh, to give back to the community it serves.

“When I see the look on the homeowner’s face, they truly are grateful that we are here to help them,” Colleen Ferrari of FedEx Ground said.

“I’m so grateful of FedEx, I’ll tell you,” Kraus said. “I can’t believe that a company would do this for people.”

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