Woman Denied Permission To Care For Bobcats

CONNELLSVILLE TWP. (KDKA) – Township supervisors have denied a woman’s request to raise three bobcats in her backyard.

Karen Osler stated her case to neighbors during a township supervisors meeting earlier this week. A constable delivered the letter denying permission to her on Friday.

“I have some concerns over being financially able to maintain these bobcats and keep them in a healthy condition and environment that’s safe for everybody in the neighborhood,” Robert Carson, a township supervisor, said this week.

The bobcats, Boris, Norman and Olivia, are all declawed. They are currently living with a woman in Uniontown who can’t take care of them anymore.

Osler built an enclosure in her backyard for the bobcats.

“I would not have built something that I’d not believe was absolutely – that wasn’t absolutely safe, so that’s just me – I care a lot for these animals,” she said. “ I don’t want to see them or the public get hurt.”

Osler, who has a background in caring for exotic animals, says she plans to appeal.

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One Comment

  1. wildlife says:

    As long as she is able to care for them and has the background, she should be allowed to do so. These poor cats can’t be released and zoos aren’t into small cats.

  2. sunnybev6 says:

    Why in the world would someone declaw a wild animal? These are not domesticated animals and should not be treated as such. I think the person who declawed them in the first place should be fined. If they were orphaned, they should have been taken care of until they were old enough to be released. I am sick and tired of seeing wild and beauitful animals being put into cages and penned in. I dont consider these people animal lovers or else they would let these animals go in the wild where they will be happy.

    1. Alyssa says:

      I agree completely…I think this lady should be able to take care of them, if given what she said is true (her background and enclosure being safe) But yeah, why these poor animals are in the situation they are in is just horrible. But, given that its too late to reverse the damage done, this lady should be allowed to take care of them, IMO…

    2. Frank says:

      What does it matter if they’re domesticated or wild? Declawing is akin to removing the last knuckle of your finger. Domesticated or not it’s not a nice thing to do. But it actually makes more sense to do it to an animal that is going to be housed in a rural/residential area as it minimizes the chances of it killing a person.

  3. Ruthann says:

    I think,as long, as she can take good care of them,she should be permitted to keep them……God Bless her for caring….

  4. Alyssa says:

    I see your view Frank. It’s not the declawing specifically for me. its just that they should of concentrated more in releasing it into the wild where it would be safe and in a large area, minimizing its chance of seeing humans. Or giving it to a zoo/preservation…instead of trying to make it domesticated. But yes, once domesticated, i can see why declawing would be what the wanted to do, so that it doesnt harm others…but thats the thing. they harm others! regardless of claws, they can still bite and be aggressive. it shouldn’t really be domesticated at all. its a wild animal. i feel bad enough for them seeing them in zoo’s, let alone in a house…

    but theres not much of an option now for it to go elsewhere. and this lady seems to know what she would be doing…i hate to think of the alternative if she doesnt take them..

  5. Melissa says:

    I am so glad she was denied permission. If it was approved it would open the door for more and more people to have exotic animals in PA. and more and more cats would be declawed.

    1. Adele Brown says:

      This is a catch 22 situation. The bobcats didn’t ask to be declawed nor to be raised in captivity, however neither of those things can be changed. The problem that I have with this situation is & yes I live within a 1 mile radius of Ms. Osler is that she already has two deer, a mini horse & multiple animals in her house already. She only lives on .4 of an acre of ground. How can it be fair to her neighbors to then add the smell & noise of 3 more animals? The houses are house to house on a VERY public roadway. I know the neighbor directly beside her says that he doesn’t have a problem with the cats, but he has 4 children. What will happen if one of them accidentially got bit? I bet he would have a problem then. Google bobcat behaviors…these cats urinate like regular felines…they spray urine! Would you like to smell that during a humid summer night?? Not me….I DO NOT want these animals destroyed. The township should use their “influence” and help Ms. Osler find an animal orphange or zoo to take them in. That would be the best solution.

      1. Melissa says:

        Sounds like an excellent solution.

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