Sources: Mayor Ravenstahl To Run For Re-Election

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Sources tell KDKA’s Marty Griffin that Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has decided to run for re-election in 2013.

He is fundraising now to send a message to people questioning whether he would run again.

“I’m really excited about where this city’s headed and some of the things that we’ve been able to achieve,” Ravenstahl told KDKA-TV.

“And once again, I know a lot of people speculate about the future, speculate about an upcoming fundraiser that I’m having, but my focus is on moving the city forward doing what we’ve been doing.”

Ravenstahl has not had a fundraiser since 2009. There was speculation he would serve out this term and walk away from politics – tired of criticism regarding his performance as mayor.

Griffin: “A lot of the criticism you’ve taken about not being focused – is that fair or unfair sir?”

Ravenstahl: “Once again, I’m not going to get into that. We’re committed to doing what we’ve doing here, continuing to drive crime down like what we have recently, continue economic development, focused on the issues that matter to people.”

The mayor is not officially announcing anything at this time.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin is told there are plans for a major fundraiser October 13th. The mayor is sending a strong message to supporters that he’s in this race in a big way.

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One Comment

  1. JustSaying says:

    “my focus is on moving the city forward doing what we’ve been doing” – Yeah, that’s what Pittsburgh needs, more of the same. So sad…

    1. Ron says:

      Yea, record low crime, five years of a balanced, pay as you go budgets, no new debt, national accolades…..we have it sooooo bad. JustSaying = No facts.

      1. smart math says:

        Ron = turd

    2. Sadcityresident says:

      record low crime??? do you even read the news? this place is a sespool, homewood cant even have a youth football game without crime everywhere. Reduced crime stats just means the police are not arresting as many people for the crimes, not that they don’t exist…why is the homicide rate unchanged…duh!

    3. stupid does says:

      balanced budgets? Did we just barely avoid a state pension take over by saying we would give more money we dont have because its is missing from the pension fund to begin with? Ron your a IDIOT !

    4. common sense says:

      COREY O’CONNER will save the city! He should run !

      1. Tabithia Stein says:

        I met Corey earlier this yr, and I have to say he is sooooo polite and nice and descent, Its like a breath of fresh air in the stench of this rotten city !

    5. Greenfield rules says:

      Hopefully Corey O’Conner will run and save our city from the path of doom were headed!

      1. Francis says:

        Yeah, that would be great another kid who’s family business is Democratic Politics

      2. angry says:

        stupid is as stupid does

    6. MsCynic says:

      No more DEMOCRATS heading up this city! Have we not learned ANYTHING. Raising parking rates, later monitoring of parking meters – great choice to keep people OUT of the city! Wake up people.

  2. stacey vandivner says:

    if the city is moving forward how come the police officers who protect your city are still at a pay freeze ????

    1. Code 5 says:

      @ Tanisha, I am certain that you are from Homewood. I can tell from your grammar. What a shame, but “who you gonna call Tanisha when Jerome is shooting at your house”? Aint going to be the Fireman or your local councilman. The POPO hate small minded criminals like you TOO.

  3. Bea says:

    Unbelievable! Ha, Ha, Ha…I can’t stop laughing! He went from being a mess as the mayor, to doing nothing just to keep from being criticized for his lousy performance. Laughing again!

  4. bruceUSA says:

    Don’t laugh, we built a tunnel under the river to nowhere!!! Another stint of going nowhere may fit the bill!!!

    1. Ron says:

      Nothing to do with Ravenstahl. Rendell and Onorato. thank for playing.

      1. LOL. says:

        Get your facts straight Danny boy was definitely involved thanks for playing stupid.

  5. The Trend says:

    When Luke was little I use to tell the boy to stop picking his nose and Luke said he promised to stop in yet he still does, what do you think this means.

  6. mayor stupidstal says:

    Come on you all would hang in seven springs with strippers in a hot tub while this mess of a city goes to pieces too, you cant blame me, you all wish you were as good looking and smart as I am. I hate you all and I am going to destroy the city and the economy here for you and your children……burn stupid people !

  7. 70 years of same says:

    Let see the same old rhetoric, keep on voting the same old same old in…as for city they want the politico jobs, they want hand shakes, and they want hellos but that is all you get when you vote the D’s in for the past 70 years…NO CHECK AND BALANCE…oh well that why Pgh is dying…, Oh yeah your snow is not going to be cleared during this winter but they will blame everyone else…

  8. Arnie says:

    Why does he need a fund raiser, he’s guaranteed to win the primary because the same losers always run against him

  9. METRO says:

    Why do you think all the smart young educated people leave this City? Why has this City failed to keep major corporations here? The City lacks the kind of enviornment that would make this place liveable and properous. We let these politicians rule our lives, take our hard earned money and use it for their own purposes. We need fresh faces, forget Cory O’Conner, he is just another boy mentored by the Demoractic Machine and is beholding to them. These people have no vision only the agenda passed on from one political fat cat to another.


    Ohhh pleazzzz . . . tell the Boy Wonder to get into the Batmobile and hide in the bat cave for the next 50 years.

  11. j says:

    God help us if he gets re-elected again. Any one would be better as mayor than him!

    1. dr michael says:

      OK big mouth…….why dont you run for Mayor and make the changes that need to be made????

      Any one would be better as mayor than him!

  12. Pittsburgh proud says:

    Code 5
    No reason to still be bitter at the firefighters. It will get you no where. Maybe you should get your union more involved and stop whining about every time you don’t get what you want. Times are tough for everyone.

  13. Sonjia Jones says:


  14. dr michael says:

    Why do the figure heads always get the blame. Anyone ever blame council or others. NO always blame the Mayor. All elected officials need to work together for the good of our communities

    1. drmyazz says:

      dr michael must have got his dr degree the same place dr dre did!!!! LOL!!!

  15. concern northside says:

    All I have to say is raise my paycheck and maybe I will believe. I feel like a slave right now, they are getting approval to raise everything but our paychecks. I receive a dime riase and everybody wanted it, and our so called politicians believe they deserve to take it. The president keep giving the CEO and company stimulus money to creat jobs and all they are doing is holding it getting filty rich off of it.

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