PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Testimony continued today in the trial of Benjamin Cope.

He’s the man accused of hitting a jogger with his car, killing her.

On day four of testimony in the trial, there was more back and forth in the court room.

First, photographs prepared by the prosecution were labeled “Benjamin Cope Crash Scene” to the defense’s objection. Crime scene reconstruction experts were allowed to describe the scene and analyze it, but without the heading.

The photos provided details about the crash site where 36-year-old Lisa Styles clung to the stroller with her two children strapped inside after Cope’s black SUV made impact.

Crime scene reconstructionist Thomas Sanders identified eight key factors that were described in great detail for the jury, including details of how the SUV first made impact with Styles who clung to the stroller for more than 10 feet as the stroller tipped over and the SUV ran over her foot – Styles never letting go.

The pictures show a scuff mark made by her shoe and the start of the scrape in the asphalt made by the stroller as it was pushed by the SUV with Lisa Styles holding tight.

Another mark shows the end where the stroller finally came to a stop.

Styles’ husband wiped away tears during the testimony in court today as more graphic photos showed the place where her head and feet were in the middle of the road.

Meantime, the trial is taking longer than expected, according to the judge and there’s the possibility of Saturday sessions. The jury has signed off on the idea.

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