Allegheny County Jail Inmates Get New Flat Screen TVs

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — They’re top of the line flat screen TVs and right now, inmates at the Allegheny County Jail are likely watching them.

The County Jail Oversight Board recently approved the purchase of 40 Sony Bravia televisions for viewing in the jail common areas.

If a judge sentenced you to the Allegheny County Jail, you’d be provided three hot meals and a bed to sleep in, but in common areas, you’d also be able to watch cable shows on 42-inch Sony flat screens.

The County Jail Oversight Board recently approved the purchase of 40 sets for $16,000 or $395 a piece.

“If our families in Allegheny County can’t afford 42-inch Sony Bravia TVs, the prisoners certainly shouldn’t be able to be watching them in jail,” he said.

The money comes from the “Inmate Welfare Fund” – proceeds from the jail commissary used by the inmates.

Onorato administration officials who wouldn’t be interviewed on camera or allow the televisions to be photographed, argued in a statement that it’s not the public’s money.

“No taxpayer dollars or county funds are being used to purchase the televisions. The inmates are purchasing the televisions to replace old or broken sets. The decision to purchase the TVs was made by a committee that consists of jail personnel and inmate advocates.”

“The point of being in jail is not to mistreat people or make them feel worse and resentful,” Marion Damick, a committee member, said.

She told KDKA-TV the inmates are not being rewarded for bad behavior.

While the debate may rage on, the TVs have already been purchased. They’re arriving and being hooked up just in time for Steeler season.

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One Comment

  1. Regina Staiger says:

    I can’t even afford a flat screen and I haven’t even gotten a parking ticket HMMMMM

    1. Martin O'Martin says:

      You can’t afford a Sony flat screen TV for $395??? Then maybe you should give up cigarettes and beer for 2 weeks… Problem solved.

      1. astuartgirl says:

        Martin, was that an attempt at comedy or sarcasm? Either way you failed … give up commenting as it’s not your forte.

      2. Cece says:

        Martin O’Martin-
        You are a moron. I don’t smoke or drink myself, I work a full time job, pay my rent and bills, yet I personally do not an extra $395 laying around any given day for a TV. I had to save my 32″ LCD TV. By the way…get the facts straight. Sony TVs are some of the most expensive ones to buy. They actually run well over $1,000 each (NOT $395). So no. The average person does not have the extra $ for a Sony TV just laying around.

      3. That Guy says:

        @ Cece…I think he got the $395 figure from the part in the story where it said they cost $395 each.

    2. Karen Jones says:

      If inmates paid for them, then let them have them. As a Correctional Officer in the State of Florida, I have no problem with it. Cut’s down on a lot of problems when the inmates have TV to watch Sports on. Sorry, if you can’t afford one. But that has nothing to do with what the inmates purchase with THEIR own money.

      1. Karen Jones says:

        P.S. Kudos to the Administration for allowing the inmates to purchase what they want with their mondy. Furthermore Jail is NOT Prison. Jail hold innocent people until proven guilty and inmates who are serving misdomenor offenses only. Big difference between a jail and an actual Priosn.

  2. Fife says:

    Let them have it, better them to sit down and watch something then go about rioting and hurting other prisoners. Its not like its in their cells people, its in a commons area.

    1. Jay Twila says:


    2. MGD says:

      still….if we didnt give them such great treatment, maybe people would try harder to be upstanding citizens and stay out of jail. Common area or not…if they want these types of perks maybe they should be better people and not commit crimes…BINGO

      1. josh says:

        yes b/c people love going to jail. it’s sooo awesome to be in jail w a tv. are you nuts? seriously? do you have a mental problem that leaves you unable to analyze situations correctly? go die in a fire republican

      2. MGD says:

        Josh…. really, die in a fire? wow. All for having an opinion, careful wishing death on people, karma is a bit*h. You really have issues 🙂 You f**king moron i never said people love going to jail. I just believe jail should be miserable. And, there are actually people out there who do prefer jail because they have nothing. Regardless, jail is not meant to be easy…it’s meant to be miserable, thats why its PRISON dumb @$$. I can tell you are one of those idiots who just wants things handed to them. Great..yeah you’re a real superb addition to society.

      3. jason says:

        i agree with josh, i too hope you die in a fiery crash.
        the inmates paid for those tv’s not you. dont hate cause you cant re-appropriate,

      4. Frank says:

        @josh. “Don’t hate”? Your support of fiery crash shows that you’re the one with hate. Your immaturity is speaking in volumes.

      5. Emmanuel Goldstien says:

        MGD–First off, the people in county jail may have done nothing wrong, and have not been convicted. people in county are there waiting for trial (and don’t have the money to be bailed out). Or they are in there for minor offenses. I once moved and court appearance paperwork was not reaching me. I missed a court date and there was a warrant put out for my arrest. I was pulled over, and ended up in county jail for 2 days. Know what my original offense was? Failure to get my car inspected. It was one month overdue on inspection. should I have been subjected to (your words) MISERABLE conditions for not getting my car inspected on time? How about the guy who is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets arrested and held for a few days before his innocence is determined? Prison and Jail are both horrible places, TV’s or no TV’s.

      6. Dan says:

        With your thought process if you go to Giant Eagle and spend money there, the profits they earn are yours. Same difference this money is from profits from the commisary which is funded with tax dollars. No wonder Obama has got us busted and worse in debt.

  3. MarK T says:

    This is outrageous. Why couldn’t they buy used televisions? The money should go to the victims they’ve wronged! This makes me sick to my stomach.

    1. Dave Grimm says:

      i completely agree, these A-Holes live better than i do.

      1. CommonSense says:

        Not every body in county jail is convicted of a crime yet. Innocent until proven guilty.

      2. jason says:

        theres always suicide, dave. if your life is so awful that jail inmates have it better, it sounds to me like you have absolutely nothing to live for.. get it over with, bro.. /wrists

    2. Skipdallas says:

      “USED TV’s” are you serious? and they were purchased with funds generated from their own money, that in most cases was put into their account by friends and relatives. BTW most jail inmates have yet to be convicted of their charged crimes, so technically the ARE no victims as of yet.

      1. Rob says:

        How about no TVs at all? Prison is in the world so people can suffer alone and realize the consequences of their actions. Why should they get a TV when there are other people in the world who can’t even afford to live in their own house?

    3. Karen Jones says:

      MarK T: Have you ever been to jail? Jail is NOT prison. And a flat screen TV is still no comfort inside a jail. As far as the money going to the victims, that is a civil matter, in this country handled by the courts. I can assure you, as I am a Correctional Officer, that a flat screen TV is nice, but the comforts of jail are scary, loud and have you tried to eat the food? YUCK..

  4. Disconnected Dan says:

    Dan said its not your money and I’m sure he truly believes that, anyway DAN LOST last election, and in his own mind I think he believes that he’s not finished.
    That just goes to show how disconnected he and his Democom party are.

  5. Jamie K says:

    When they say “in public areas”, that’s mainly in the hallways and in front of the elevators, not where the inmates live.

    The reporter should also take a look at what’s actually shown on those screens. It’s mostly training for guards on those screens (except in the lobby, where visitors sit).

    1. Crazyness says:

      Dosnt matter its wasted money! and even if its shows tranning things on it they dont need 40 of em !!!

      1. Aram Vartian says:

        It isn’t your money. It isn’t the governments money. Regardless of the fact that they are incarnated, the money belongs to them. You don’t get to tell fellow citizens how to spend their own money.

      2. Rob says:

        im replying to you because it wont let me reply to Aram down there, but it may be the Governments money, but who pays the government? we the people pay them!

      3. bvar says:

        All “government money” is MY money. It’s money I earned then had taken from me by taxation.

  6. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Who is going to be paying the cable bill???

  7. Wasta Time says:

    Where can the prison find a TV that ISN’T a flat screen? There may be some at the Goodwill but that’s about it. Maybe The KD Investigators can find a YouTube sight that has more interesting news stories

    1. Ann says:

      YAWN!! This jail TV story is SO not newsworthy. The TVs are not paid for with tax money, institutions need TVs to pacify inmates, decent TVs do not make jail a cool place to be, and if I had to replace my TV it would cost at least $400! My question is, why is there so much surplus commissary money anyway, what is THAT about? And I’m pretty sure this story is somehow about politics, not principles.

      1. Connie Contral says:

        Here is a good way to pacify them, lock them in their cell for 23 hours a day and let them out for an hour of exercise a day. If they were law abiding citizens then they wouldn’t be in jail, living off our tax money that pays for them being there. We need to do like other Countries, let your family pay for them in Jail, if they don’t have money to put on their accounts, bread and water for them period.

  8. Critter says:

    Democrats in action. remember that when u vote

  9. TEA PARTY says:

    people in jail get better treatment than people who work all day to provide for there families. most people cant afford to put 3 quality meals on a table let alone a 42inch hdtv and yet you go to jail and get more than someone working all day long. ready for a change of parties to where you have to earn what you get not given just given things like they feel you should as democrats…… IF you want somethign you dont have to earn it just wait for someone who works there butt off and feel like you should have it too thatas whats wrong with this everyone anymore being entitled to everything…………

    1. sumday says:

      IF you want somethign you dont have to earn it just wait for someone who works there butt off and feel like you should have it too- funny isn’t that exactly how the banks make there money? The borrow it from the government at low rates then have the gov insure the money they borrowed then loan it to you at higher rates- the gov give the banks the money so the banks can “loan” it to you so you can go work your butt off to make the banks more profit for doing nothing. Cut the banks out and let the gov lend directly to the people!

  10. kristy says:

    you know, this REALLY sucks. 😦 another example of being rewarded for bad behavior in this freakin’ country.

    1. Aram Vartian says:

      No, it is an example of people working earnestly and earning a reward. No one gave the inmates that money. That money is not taxpayer money, it was earned by the inmates.

      Did none of you read the article? Exactly why do so many of you think you have the right to tell a private citizen how they should spend their money?

      1. bob says:

        It’s not “earned”. Commissary is like a grocery store, except they don’t pay taxes. Instead of taxpayers getting taxes, the jail is keeping all the commissary proceeds & profit then saying these inmates “earned” something.

        And this IS ridiculous considering Goodwill industries has countless televisions going for pennies if not free on Craigslist. As they are allegedly “replacing” televisions, that would mean the TV stands are already installed. I would venture to guess installing new plasma TV’s requires either new installation setups or else significant modification of the older ones to prevent these aholes from throwing things and breaking the TV. I bet the new TV stands cost just as much as each television…should be public records, but they will likely cover this up as maintenance fees/overtime instead of line item transparency.

      2. DJ says:

        Inmates have no rights! sorry

      3. jason says:

        @dj – that stupid constitution, always getting in the way of justice and the plight of good conservatives like yourself.

      4. bvar says:

        You sound like you are speaking from experience. The inmates are given the privelege of earning. It’s a privelege, not a right, as it is for me. Once they step outside the bounds of decent society as a result of rejecting society’s rules and norms, they also forfeit society’s benefits and rights.

  11. Julie B says:

    who says crime does not pay? It is the same politicos that allow this to happen so why are they still in office? I can not afford a TV like this yet they have them. I even work for a living a novel idea in this area. Thanks Democrats it is under your watch that allows this to happen. Remember folks you voted them in. It is 70 years of dominate one party rule, all the way around that is just one more thing that can be added to the list yet you’ll vote the same names, same old ones in, and oh you got change for the worst.

    1. jason says:

      really? how much are you trolls getting paid to post this drivel? the dems have NOT been the dominant party for the last 70 years.. dont let facts and logic get in your way tho, shill

      1. Bvar says:

        What county do you live in? In Allegheny, especially in the city of Pittsburgh it’s been Dumbocrats for at least 70 years. Now in today’s news, a guard, probably a patronage job, is arrested with 90+ counts of crimes and 8 other guards suspended. More Dems who are no worse than the criminals they supervise.

  12. absurdity says:

    Who cares if it’s not the taxpayer’s money!!! The lowlife’s in jail are SUPPOSED to be getting punished. That $16,000 can go to any charity or something productive. People are starving to death all over the world, and even here at home people are having a hard time making ends meet. This is absurd! completely absurd! These men should be doing backbreaking work, learning a lesson and earning thier freedom so that they have an incentive not to go back to prison. Bring back chain gangs!!!!

    1. AHHHHH says:


    2. Aram Vartian says:

      So, you are fine with stealing 16,000 from people who are incarnated. You are fine with forcing them into slave labor and reaping financial reward from it.

      Because that is what you are suggesting. The prisoners earned this money. it belongs to them. And because you don’t like that, you are advocating stealing it from them.

      Maybe a few of you should be in jail with them.

      1. Teresa Shipman says:

        Former inmate?

      2. Bvar says:

        They aren’t incarnated, that was Jesus. They are incarcerated, that’s what you were.

    3. jason says:

      these men that havent been convicted of anything? are we punishing people without trials now? your handle is apropriate, absurdity is very clearly all youve got.

  13. Amanda says:

    I believe that when your i jail you should not be enjoying the simple pleasures that we do outside of jail. People are in jaIl for committing crimes, not for watching cable tv on flat screen tvs. They could possibly do that @ home. Your being punished you shouldn’t have fun.

    1. llama says:


  14. Yodajlw says:

    Reading some of these posts they apparently have the internet in jail.

  15. angeleyesih says:

    The Hilton on the River!

    1. Tionesta Bags says:

      What is the big deal here ? My goodness,395 is not a bad price for a TV,it’s no secret that they watch television in jail.What are they supposed to purchase,black and white sets ? This is totally a non-issue,another news story put out there to stir the viewers emotions,mission accomplished.Time to move on people,I know I’m asking a bit much.

      1. You're a bit much says:

        Is this all about you and what you think you must be a Democom , you all leave comments like this instructing people what to do , like your someone of importance
        I’ll move on when I’m ready and I’ll decide what I think is an issue, if you don’t like it you have the option to move on.

      2. Jay Twila says:

        Well said

  16. steve says:


    1. Mark D. says:

      Look at pot yelling at kettle! Did you mean *deterrent*? Hahaha Also, turn off your caps lock – dimwit

    2. Jay Twila says:

      The reason for so much crime is because of irresponsible morons like you. Maybe if there was no welfare state to begin with and no war on drugs, there would be a lot less crime.

      But let me say this, when the government kidnaps people and takes them into custody. They had better pay for it with health care and three meals a day. It should be purposely expensive as a deterrent to crooked government officials.

      1. Just Saying... says:

        I dont know about anyone else, but if the government continues “kidnapping” murders and rapists i think it is a good thing. The benefits these inmates recieve is better than most peoples work benefits packages, and that is laughable…just like your post.

      2. I THINK YOU SMOKE JAYS says:

        You’re not making sense I don’t understand how no war on drugs makes less crime.
        I think you’re HIGH which would explain you’re impaired comments , always remember that YOU’RE IMPAIRED that’s why you make no sense.
        I also think if you try to explain it to me I will not understand because YOU’RE JUDGEMENT IS IMPAIRED.

      3. Rob says:

        Really? you think we are high because of our opinions? wow!

    3. TSgt Bourland says:

      I am in the Air Force, been in 20 years. When we deploy we get no TV. We might get 1 meal a day……Let them go to jail with no TV and the same food we get.. . . Bet many of them will be crying! Better yet many of them wont come back again! Oh and they lost all thier rights when they broke the law!

  17. D says:

    says who ? Do not try to rationlize the expenditures of a democratic city ………. it is plain and simple wrong . If you do the crime , you should do the time not get rewarded for it. They have to tilt their heads back ……………….puuullleeaasseee . Do you think we are all idiots ?

  18. Jim Parsons says:

    I’m sure the TV’s aren’t tuned into KDKA

  19. Dave Grimm says:

    bring back capital punishment, these THUGS should not be living better than me. they should be contributing to the community, instead of, watching TV on a big screen, educating themselves, playing basketball, working out. they should have NO PRIVLEDGES, you lost that when you did what you did. NO HEAT, NO A/C, they should have to suffer the CONSEQUENCES! JUST SAYING.

    1. Jay Twila says:

      You should suffer for making such horrible comments about your fellow man. Where is your sense of humanity. If they really live better than you, then turn yourself into the Sheriff’s office. You are a total fool and a threat to the liberty of all Americans. Your ideas are terrible and will be defeated.

      1. Jim in Houston says:

        We left it at the door when they committed the crime. I hate coddling of criminals!

      2. Dave Grimm says:

        how are my ideas terrible. my fellow men are stupid, they loose their civil liberties and rights when they commit their crime.
        By me stating that they live better than me, i am simply saying that, i dont have time for 3 hot meals a day, i DONT own a flat screen TV, i dont have Central Air Conditioning in my house. why should WE the tax payer, pay for their meals, thier cable, thier equipment, education etc. they should have to earn it like i earn my pay check to get those luxery’s.

      3. I THINK YOU SMOKE JAYS says:

        I think you should turn yourself in to the sheriff, your high and your JUDGEMENT IS IMPAIRED .
        Don’t try to explain it to me because you sound like some drunken fool rambling on BLAH, BLAH BLAH.
        Oh by the way YOU’RE IMPAIRED.

      4. Dave Grimm says:

        I think you smoke Jays. yeah i am a drunken high mess. real creative. i love that i get criticized for my OPINION…you people are stupid! you are what is wrong with our society today. go overseas and see if you get this kind of treatment for a crime…..let me wait here for your response!

      5. DingleBerry says:

        Turn yourself in for what? How do you just turn yourself in to the sheriff? If you could do that, the jails would be full of homeless people. Do you have any idea what you are saying?

        The criminals are in jail because THEY are the threat to all the liberties we enjoy.


      Mr Grimm, I was not referring to you smoking jays, I was referring to Twila, I would not criticize you, but I think Twila smokes jays his comments obviously reflect that.

      1. MGD says:

        Dave Grimm..AMEN! I have lived in many countries over seas, and yes, I have even visited a prison (as part of my job). You are right!!! if we treated our people like they do, we would have less crime. THAT is what prison should be..miserable….not this BS of watching TV and working out. I can’t even remember what country it is, but there is one where if your family does not bring you food and water then you just starve. Too bad.

    3. sumday says:

      so your suggestion is we focus totally on punishment giving them only the bare necessities to survive and you think that will “fix those criminals”? I thought we had evolved from beyond the simple mindedness of the dark ages but I see there are still many who are proud to be ignorant. Setting up a system solely founded on punishment is a re-occurring cycle of crime- and studies show/prove this. Should we coddle them- Hell no, just pointing out that a system based solely on punishment accomplishes nothing, but that is exactly how our system works now (80% return rate). Jail should be about rehabilitation, but we don’t focus on that at all. Instead people like you suggest as much punishment as possible and then wonder why when they get out they are worse than before they went it- does it really take a genius to figure out why that is? It’s not really your fault though most people with small minds have trouble understanding complex traits of human nature.

      1. Sumday You're An Idiot says:

        Oh, i guess i didnt realize that Monday night football and episodes of the office are considered rehabilitating….yeah, makes TOTAL sense Mr Intelligence.

  20. I Have No Fear says:

    Fear not Pittsburghers our jails is just what you would want it to be, well that’s good for that’s what they should be.
    I could care less if they have 1 bench and that the guards control the volume do you feel they deserve better, they are in jail for a crime.
    I will pray everyday for the victims of their crimes, for they are the ones that need a minister.

  21. jeeperz says:

    Should have only let them buy books. And if they cant read, use the money for someone to teach them.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      They probably couldn’t color inside the lines.

  22. exit says:

    Flat screens take less power less room better on the eyes would it be better if they bought tube style TV

  23. Douglas Lynn says:

    I do not know why more of the homeless don’t commit a crime just to get to go to jail.

  24. Mark D. says:

    Look, if this money comes from the inmates, none of us has the right to tell them they cannot purchase the tvs. I actually think it’s a rather good idea to have them entertained by such a mind-numbing device. I understand the argument against them, but again, if it’s their money, who are we to decide? I wouldn’t want you people telling me how I could spend my money! †

    1. mugsy says:

      after reading your response , it’s clear after birth you were put in front of a TV set and have never left that spot. Your clueless Mark D, just downright clueless.

    2. Barry bin Inhalin says:

      They are incarcerated. Yes, we can tell them they can’t jhave luxury items. Ask Sheriff Arpaio about it.

      1. sumday says:

        The same sheriff who is still trying to investigate Obama’s birth certificate? or the same sheriff who has used his position to intimadate and lie about other canadiates who run against him? I may agree with some of the sheriffs thoughts, but the guy is no different than any other politician- he lies for his own gain and often show boats for his own ego.

    3. Vicky Bevis says:

      Mark D.:
      I didn’t know the inmate commissary was a FOR PROFIT entity. As I understood it, inmates mostly had relatives/friends put money into their accts. & then they could draw from it for snacks, smokes, etc.
      What I wonder about is who is “skimming” from this “profitable” venture? And whhre did they buy the T.V.’s? Maybe the Warden or some other offical has a brother-in-law who runs an appliance store. It just smells to me.

  25. steve says:

    Thank heavens Onorato didn’t make it to the governor’s mansion!

  26. tsiok says:

    PA, you have one of the worst infrastructures in the N.E. and you are buying TVs for inmates?! Wonder why we have problems in this country? Everything comes before running the country for the citizens who finance it.

    1. Mark D. says:

      Seriously? This action is why our nation is in demise? Really? Wow… Does anyone think before they post comments?

  27. will says:

    And now the counties power bill will increase due to the fact that flat screen tv’s use alot more power than conventional sets. Time to buy some Chinese solar panels and save the planet too.

  28. mugsy says:

    your nuts lady

  29. Jay Twila says:

    To all the haters, turn yourself into the County Sheriff. I dare you! Seriously, if you really think your lives are worse off than the inmates. Then by all means surrender your own freedom. I doubt anyone would do it. Now shut up, pay your taxes and keep licking boots.

    1. Jim in Houston says:

      Moron, they are there because they were convicted of committing a crime. What part of criminal does your liberal mind not understand?


      Jay, I’m not going to tell you again, you’re high and you’re JUDGEMENT IS IMPAIRED, you’re starting to ramble again.
      You know GATEWAY REHAB has a program for you it’s not to late, I will pray for you.

    3. DingleBerry says:

      You can’t just turn yourself in to the sheriff. Do you even listen to what you’re saying?

  30. allie says:

    The money comes from the “Inmate Welfare Fund” – proceeds from the jail commissary used by the inmates.

    You do know this means that the prisoners themselves payed for the tv’s. I do not have a problem with this.

    1. Pico says:

      ….but our taxes pay for everything else. I’d be fine if they used “their” money to buy TVs, AFTER they pay back all the tax money it costs to feed, guard, and house them.

      Give them a book to read, maybe they’ll actually learn something.

  31. barry bin inhalin says:

    It’s all free money, right?

  32. Just a Marine says:

    Just a few follow up questions. Who is paying for the TV boxes, the new cables, the new hookup charges, and the monthly TV fees. Do the guards get their own screens, too.
    Most jails are divided into sectons, like low, medium, and high security. Do all sections get this TV service?
    Having served overseas in other countries, the County Jail there sounds a lot better a deal than some of the other jails I am familiar with, or expedtionary camps our soilders live in in many places.
    Last, if Allegheny County tax money is involved, then change is called for, in my opinion. If only prisoner money from the commissary proceeds is involved, I wonder why the County doesn’t use it for the prisoner’s room and board expenses?

    1. Frank says:

      careful there Marine. Jason’s going to call you a hater or republican. I think he has relatives in this jail…it’s hitting too close to home for him.


    “Its not taxpayer money” BS! The money from the store where they buy their smokes and snacks should go back to the victims of their crimes! Pay back the victims…pay back the state for your living expenses…what happened to “crime doesn’t pay?” How about this? Work for your own meals, work for your living expenses. We’ll give you a cell to serve your sentence, you feed yourself and pay to keep the lights and heat turned on.

    1. sumday says:

      considering many prisoners are in there for drug charges how about you let them do their drugs and only punish them for their actions while on drugs and they continue to let you drink and smoke and not consider you a criminal for the same actions that you consider them a criminal for.

      1. Frank says:

        maybe you don’t realize that drugs is illegal? Try again.

  34. Melvin says:

    The money comes from the “Inmate Welfare Fund” – proceeds from the jail commissary used by the inmates.Where does the money actually come from, it comes from the tax payer to pay for whatever the inmate does.
    This is nothing. In the Oregon Penal system, Flat screens in each jail cell with piped in cable.

  35. Sue says:

    After the money raised in the commissary reimburses the taxpayer for meals, utilities, and other expenses of incarcerating these folks, then I would consider allowing them to ‘invest’ in other useful commodities to facilitate success in the outside world. I don’t think TV’s would qualify unless they were taking courses on educational TV, if that still exists.

  36. Andrew says:

    Hopefully, soon they’ll be able to get Egyptian cotton sheets too. These really is our finest criminals, surely they deserve the very best.

  37. Leslie says:

    It is nearly impossible to find “regular” TVs that are not flat screen. And 42″ is not huge if it’s a common TV for a lunch room, etc. That said, Sony Bravia is a premium brand. There are cheaper brands available such as Vizio. However, it might make sense to purchase a quality name for long-term use.

    1. Mark8131 says:

      Why should the taxparyer be buying them TVs?

  38. LOL says:

    “If our families in Allegheny County can’t afford 42-inch Sony Bravia TVs, the prisoners certainly shouldn’t be able to be watching them in jail,” he said.

    GREAT JOURNALISM!! “HE SAID” But never identify speaker. You have class

  39. Mark8131 says:

    Somebody should be going to jail for wasting taxpayer money!

  40. Brian W says:

    This is such BS. If the poorest law abiding citizen does not have a flat screen TV to watch, neither should a criminal. I am getting so tired of the liberal agenda. I am voting mad in 2012.

  41. corey says:

    My favorite part of the article was the statement “top of the line TVs”….they aren’t….not even close…that being said, I’m sure PA could’ve found something better to do with its money.

  42. Sam says:

    Maybe the money was not taxpayer money, but it should be taxpayer money. These criminals cost the taxpayers plenty. If the criminals riot because they can’t watch TV there is a solution to that.

  43. Jim in Houston says:

    I thought jail was supposed to be punishment for a crime. Guess I have been wrong all this time. maybe if jail were not such a pleasant experience there would be less recidivism.

  44. james says:

    Prisons should make use of a persons time trying to rehabilitat them not keep them where they are in life..Television does nothing to rehabilitate and probably helped in part put them behind bars.It caters to peoples weakness while making someone else money.Give them books to read.Furnish them books if they ask for them but not something that is for pure entertainment.

  45. Judge Crater says:

    Well, why don’t all those guys above who claim the inmates have it so good move into the jail to enjoy watching the flat panel sets. As a bonus, you will also get free body cavity searches, fun times taking a group shower and the opportunity to fend off hardened prisoners looking for love. You have to be either a total moron to be upset over a prison installing new TV sets or maybe you are just a sadistic degenerate like those two corrupt Pennsylvania judges sentenced to decades in federal prison for victimizing teenagers who appeared before them.

    The Federal Reserve Bank issued 16 trillion dollars (1 followed by 12 zeros) in credit during the 2008 economic collapse, money that bailed out banks and connected corporations in the USA and Europe. U.S. taxpayers will be paying the price for those Federal Reserve loans forever. As I said, you have to be a total moron to complain about a few TV sets while America sinks into a financial abyss, thanks to the tera-thieves on Wall Street and their Washington D.C. accomplices.

  46. Buck O'Fama says:

    What a wonderful idea, have they considered also bringing hte prostitutes over to the male jail side to make the stay more amenable? Might I suggest a day when French chefs stop by and prepare specially sauted truffles as a treat to help the inmates appreciate the finer side of life. Yes this all sounds just so wonderful, oh and do be sure to register them all as democrats, Obama is gonna need all his soldja’s out there marching. Morons.

    1. Emmanuel Goldstien says:

      Oh my gosh….Buck O’Fama…..I get it! See, if you switch the F and B…..WOW….that is SO clever!!! I have NEVER seen that before! Nope, never! You must be one original thinker to come on an internet message board with such a witty moniker! By the way, jails (and prisons) have had TV for 50 years. Why is it that now that the inmates are paying for new TV’s to replace the old ones, you have a problem? Oh, that’s right, because you saw the link to the article and got that warm and fuzzy feeling that only comes when you think you see the opportunity to put down that “liberal agenda”, no matter how irrational your argument is. Well, my friend, keep fighting the good fight against your paranoia!

  47. Harpotoo says:

    Is it any wonder the Tea Party!

  48. alan says:

    Seems to me if they are paying for it themselves, let them have the tvs. Are they also paying for the cable bills?

  49. Eric P Turner says:

    ill bet not all them went to inmates real easy to just take one home don’t ya think i do and i wouldn’t put it pat law enforcement to do just that.

  50. Lou says:

    Onarato should be tossed out of office!

    1. Don't worry Lou says:

      Not to worry Dan will be tossed out soon hopefully literally, now that would be a good video for the inmates to see.

  51. lo says:

    that was a stupid news story. just trying to get people upset. how do you buy a TV these days that isn’t flat screen? KDKA please stop trying to make something out of really nothing. if anyone out there is going to purchase a tv today it would be a flat screen…can you even buy a tube tv anymore? plus thse are energy star which would save money anyway. geez tired of local tv news!

    1. cadolfan says:

      Go get em a tv at a thrift store!

  52. cadolfan says:

    The person who approved this should be fired!

  53. Dave says:

    You got to be kidding me? I have a great job. My wife has to work too. We have 2 children that we have to provide for, so a top of the line flat screen (let alone any flat screen) isn’t in our budget. Also, did they say it was the prisoner’s money? You got to be kidding me there too! They get paid while in jail? How about deducting the room and board fee first before they are allowed to buy T.V.s!

  54. cadolfan says:

    And then we wonder why politicians have low approval ratings!

  55. Linda says:

    Inmates that are able to get a job, as there are few available, earn anywhere from $.10 to $.60 an hour. They have a commissary because they are required to purchase hygiene items, sometimes underwear, socks, etc. and can buy some food items. The TV’s, possibly coffee pots, micro-waves and computers (if allowed) are bought from inmate funds and become property of the state. Saves the taxpayers a lot of money.

  56. Sadcityresident says:

    DID they mention the order of hot tubs are on the way???? seriously when I buy something at the store they tax me and I dont benefit from it…Why should some criminal??????? taxes are taxes the last time i looked…

  57. stupid does says:

    DID they mention the order of hot tubs are on the way???? seriously when I buy something at the store they tax me and I dont benefit from it…Why should some criminal??????? taxes are taxes the last time i looked…..

  58. craig says:

    ok I get it, no taxpayer funds were used, but who pays to keep the inmates incarcerated? Seems only fair that funds raised by the inmates should go back to the tax payers. Anything left over can be used to buy TV’s or any other entertainment items.

  59. A Nony Mouse says:

    Maybe instead of this money (their money as some have pointed out) should instead be used to pay for things the tax payers are paying for. If they have money to pay for these items, they can pay for their food, electricity, water, heat, etc. Sure I could buy more stuff I want, if I didn’t have to worry about paying for basic needs.

  60. Josh says:

    To all of you who think that inmates having a tv is wrong, shut it! First, not all people in jail are thugs. A good bit of them did something stupid and got caught. They are not bad people. I made the mistake of driving while intoxicated. I had a few too many and drove. An offense that I am sure a good number of you have done. The difference is I got caught and you didn’t. Second, jail is no picnic. You spend your time with little to nothing to do. You say check out a book. I spent 7 days there and I never even sniffed the library. Inmates there told me that they may get to go once every couple of months. Third, the meals are rarely hot nor good. Usually, something you wouldn’t feed your dog.

    Having a tv for the inmates to sure is about the only thing that keeps full on riots from occurring. As for flat screens, tell me when was the last time you saw a non-flat screen on sale at Best Buy? The jail used the inmates money (probably given to them by family) to by the TVs. They probably contacted stores to see what the best deal they could get was.

    Ease up on these people. Most of America has done at least one thing in there life that could have landed them in jail. It could easily be you there.

  61. Chanel 4 says:

    Finally! Andy does a story an someone noticed

  62. Rob says:

    Okay i apologize, but im 16 years old, and all you people are acting like children, yes its immorally wrong for a prison to have brand new TV’s, but at the same time you cant just leave them in a hole for so long without anything to do, it will just make a person go crazy.

  63. silly2 says:

    I don’t care WHOSE money this is. Prisoners should NOT be living better than the average working person! If the point of being in jail is not to mistreat people or make them feel worse, what is the purpose? Isn’t jail supposed to be a punishment? This makes me sick! If they have surplus money they should use it to offset the expense of housing & feeding these criminals. Or just give it to charity. ANYTHING but new t.v.’s for the inmates!

  64. just saying says:

    why not use the profit from the commissary to offset the cost of feeding them three meals a day

  65. Becky says:

    Reimburse the tax payers first. Then indulge the criminals. If it’s a self-sustaining prison, I’d have less of a problem with this. But as long as my tax dollars are supporting the criminals, ANY income generated from them should go to decreasing my tax burden.

  66. B.S. says:

    Jails are meant to be dull, remorseful, $h!t cans so that people who go there don’t ever want to go back. It’s almost better to be in jail then have your own house anymore.

  67. Really Doe says:

    R u serious, flat screen tv’s in jail, and u wonder y people dont mind going back to jail ther is no rehab in buying flat screen tv’s that money should have been put toward an educational program to teach inmates some type of trade so they wont thave to do whatever it was that cause them to go to jail. WHATS NEXT JACUZZI?

    1. Emmanuel Goldstien says:

      Obviously you don’t understand the difference between jail and prison. Maybe YOU need an educational program!

      1. Pico says:

        Jail or prison…who cares, they don’t need new TVs. They aren’t in jail or prison for being a productive member of society.

  68. meda says:

    as far as the county jail goes they always had tv’s in the common areas technology advanced so they have to keep up with that. its all about digital verses analog. analog doesnt exsist anymore. in prisons they are allowed to have 19inch flat screen tv’s in their cells. but inmates have always been allowed tv’s. they use to have them little clear see through tv’s with a coax connection. now in order to get local channels you have to have an adaptor piece. well the state took away them clear tv’s so know inmates family have to pay $300+ for a little 19inch tv and the catch is with these tv you have to subscribe to cable services for the inmate individually because everything is digital and no longer works off of analog so its more money out of the families pocket all for a profit

  69. POPPIE says:

    TV’S,THATS SMALL POTATOS, 37 States Now Give Out Free Government Cell Phones TO 8,000,000.ON WELFARE,

  70. Mermaid says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is.. that’s a good deal for a TV. Besides even if it was my tax dollars paying for them it be fine with me because they are replacing older, broken ones in the common area. Its not like its in their private cell or anything. I mean come on that’s the type of TVs they are now a days. Read the facts people before you make rash judgements on things. This is the modern age, if you don’t know or understand something search it, read up on it THEN decide if its right or wrong.

  71. think before you type says:

    Wow I hope the human race dies off in 2012 for real, I have been to jail for over 2 weeks for a crime i did not commit, jail IS NOT PRISON. TV in jails sounds okay to me, maybe not in prisons. innocent until PROVEN guilty people stop being Nazis.

    1. Pico says:

      I’m sure everyone in jail is innocent…just like you.

  72. jaylee says:

    Keep on voting the same old in. This is what you get. I just hope all who have yelled about this calls their representative in county council along with the County executive and manager…what a mess…

  73. big earl says:

    There should be a flat screen hidef Tv in every cell in america….. opps i meant home.

  74. pittgirl says:

    It was their money not taxpayer money, I don’t see a problem with it at all…

  75. kristy says:

    i don’t care if it’s jail or prison. i don’t care if it’s taxpayer money or prisoner money. prisoners are incarcerated for a reason, and it’s not to watch a plasma tv. hell, i don’t even have one.

  76. pamik says:

    What a bunch of chit! “The point of being in jail is not to mistreat people or make them feel worse and resentful”. OK so lets murder someone, go to jail, but don’t make them feel any worse? How bout the victims? How bout those who can’t afford their own TV. 40 of them? Come on! So the inmates paid for them and not the taxpayer? Doesn’t make me feel any better. In fact, I feel worse and more resentful.

  77. pamik says:

    What a bunch of chit! “The point of being in jail is not to mistreat people or make them feel worse and resentful”. OK so lets murder someone, go to jail, but don’t make them feel any worse? How bout the victims? How bout those who can’t afford their own TV. 40 of them? Come on! So the inmates paid for them and not the taxpayer? Doesn’t make me feel any better. In fact, I feel worse and more resentful.

  78. Hardly True says:

    Yeah . . . their money. And they’re probably all receiving FREE legal from ACBA. Right . . . THEIR money — I don’t think so. Can’t believe how many STUPID, UNINFORMED people are out there.

  79. F'ed Up says:

    Maybe we taxpayers can pay for their entire cable package too — HBO, Cinemax, Starz, NFL Football Package, Pay Per View, porn — Oh, that’s right, WE ARE!

  80. Kym says:

    R U SERIOUS is all i can say???? Took me years to purchase a flat screen TV; jst purchased the same flat screen last year and it was no way near $395.

Comments are closed.

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