‘Obamacare’ Vs. The Catholic Church

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Bishop David Zubik joined KDKA Radio’s Mike Pintek to talk about how “Obamacare” contradicts the teachings of the Catholic faith and how an impending federal rule requiring contraception and sterilization coverage in all health insurance will cause Catholic agencies to drop all health insurances.

The Bishop told Mike that this could cause Catholic agencies to close.

Executive Director of Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, Susan Rauscher said “It poses for us the dilemma of providing health insurance coverage for our employees that include services that are counter to our teaching, or not providing health benefits at all.”

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One Comment

  1. Not a C/D says:

    Communists like Obama don’t care about the Church, but don’t worry WE THE PEOPLE will be heard loud and clear in 2012 when we vote those racist communists out .

    1. LaTonyas Husband says:

      Communists like the Catholics don’t care about the State, but don’t worry, you people will be heard loud and clear in 2012 when you racist idiots make the wrong vote for the wrong reasons. GO OBAMA!!!!

      1. Andy says:

        LaTonya’s Husband is an ignorant bigot.

  2. rita k says:

    it’s about time state and religion were separate. if you don’t want healthcare great.. bite your nose off to spite your face. time for the teachings of the church to get with the program.. they change their teachings to suit what ever their whimsy is. time to change it for the good of their sheep now.

    1. Andy says:

      I agree Rita, keep religion & state separate. The trouble is the state wants to dictate to the religion where the religion is telling the state to bug off. The state needs to keep out of the religion like you feel religion needs to keep out of the state.

      The Catholic Church has had free healthcare for centuries. The church doesn’t believe the state should force them into sexually mutilating people. But you think the state should force religious institutions and religious people to mutilate others?

      1. rita says:

        what good is free healthcare if it doesn’t supply what you need. as far as mutilating i have no idea what your referring to. again the church supplies free healthcare, but only what they decide and dictate ? and where is the state forcing people to mutilate people?

  3. DLR says:

    So the catholic church should dictate our healthcare policies. I DON’T THINK SO!!! I wonder why more and more people are leaving the catholic church. I did.

    1. Andy says:

      No DLR, the Catholic Church runs hospitals and free health care clinics. They don’t want the state to force them into doing things such as sexual mutilation on to others. It’s as simple as that. And as for you leaving the Catholic Church, people who choose to be ignorant one would expect such things.

      You can go chop your brainless head off and call it healthcare, but don’t force your version of healthcare on to others.

      1. rita says:

        again with the mutilation? who is mutilating who? did i miss something here about health care? you can only get healthcare if you mutilate people . sounds entertaining.

  4. LaTonyas Husband says:

    They get a kick-back from somewhere for all of that “charity” work they do. The less charity the Catholic Church does, the less in kick-backs they receive. So say the Baptists decide that since now the Catholics can only serve Catholics, that they will start donating to their own churches instead of to the Catholics. Its a money thing. The Catholics have played the “religion card”. All they’d need to do is dedicate a few of their “Salvation Army” stores profits to paying for their own Healthcare. Everything they sell is given to them. They are, I believe, tax-exempt. And by the looks of things, they are showing greed, and even disobeying the laws of their own religion (abide by the laws of the land) by even playing the “religion card”. Who’s zooming who? I hope someone has the man/womanhood to stand up publicly and point out these points of view. I agree with DLR and rita k for these reasons.

    1. Andy says:

      Yes LaTonyas Husband bigot, we get a kick back of everlasting life through doing God’s will through faithful charity and good works. Catholics don’t own “Salvation Army” stores, the Salvation Army is it’s own religion. You are sooo misinformed.

  5. Patrick OMalley says:

    Zubik is best known for fighting Michael Unglo, a victim of Catholic priest child rape who then went on to commit suicide because the church refused to pay for his therapy. Zubik is one of the “false idols” God warned you about.

    If you didn’t fight to defend that victim, and throw Zubik out of the church, you can answer to God for it on your judgement day. You’ll have eternity to come up with a good answer.

    And God won’t forget

  6. rita says:

    ok, since you brought it up patrick, that organization is about the most evil one going on. if you belonged to the, lets say, boy scouts, and your son was molested and they covered it up, sent the leader that was molesting to another state, unpunished by law to molest again, would you still belong to the boy scouts or would you quit that organization realizing how bad it was?

    1. Patrick OMalley says:

      Agree, Rita, but the Catholic church promises you an eternity in heaven if you support them in fighting the victims of their own child rape, and if you let them have huge, beautiful churches while people are starving.

      Eternity in heaven seems like a good deal, but you would think God would be against child rape, lying, and living in ridiculous riches while children are starving to death. The “false idols” that run the Catholic church teach otherwise.

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