Armstrong County Republican To Challenge Sen. Bob Casey

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man from Armstrong County is the latest Republican to announce he’ll run against U.S. Senator Bob Casey.

Tom Smith owns a family farm. He founded and later sold a multi-million dollar coal company.

He says Washington needs a real conservative – not what he calls a professional politician living off his father’s name.

“We have left it to the professional politicians for far too long and what have we gotten?

“Out of control unemployment, out of control spending, and out of control debt from an out of control Washington,” he said.

He says Casey was just a rubber stamp for President Obama.

“There is nothing conservative about Bob Casey and no politician deserves to be reelected just because of their father’s reputation simply put – he is not getting the job done.”

Smith can expect a crowded Republican primary next April.

Three other Republicans have already announced and more are expected.

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One Comment

  1. Critter says:

    Casey gives new meaning to the word wimp

  2. Too Late Bob Casey says:

    I listen to Casey talk and he sounds like a disconnected fool, and sadly for him the democoms are very quickly becoming the minority, surprisingly in Pa and slowly in Allegheny county.
    Now Casey wants to come off like he does not agree with Obama a little to late for WE THE PEOPLE are seeing right through him.

  3. Hwright says:

    If you could only disconnect yourself from the Republican owned media stream you call news and you would see that there actually is a pretty big fight against Republicans right now! But if your RICH like the man above, your willing to put out millions to protect his and only his fortunes from the american people by running for the Senate!! Satalite radio for now is the only place where you can actually get some truth and I’m sure over time that the Koch brothers will have purchased their right to free media also!!! Tune in to Potus 124 if you have sirius/XM. Its Politics for people for people of The United States! You will hear the truth! About both Parties!

    1. Robert says:

      You may be the most out of touch retiree in Pittsburgh.
      Why do you think POTUS is on satalite…. because no one listens to it. Much like all other liberal media… NPR comes to mind…. another flat broke government operation.

  4. Truth says:

    1. Roger Ailes: The President of Fox News keeps the right-wing mouth piece biased and unbalanced. He literally proposed a right-wing news network as a propaganda tool to use during the Nixon Administration. And now, Fox News makes every effort to slander Democrats, lie to the public, and support conservative groups, activists and politicians at all costs.

    Want to tell Ailes what you think of him? Feel free to contact Fox News Channel by mail, phone, or email.

    FOX News Channel
    1211 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10036
    Phone: 212-301-3000

    1. bill says:

      sweet…i just signed him up for a bunch of weiner “enhancement” drugs…

  5. 1-2-3 says:

    Casey is such a useless Dork

  6. MY SOURCE IS KDKA says:

    Hwrite , I’m not a republican or rich I’m for independent though and also a registered independent, and I don’t agree with you, go cry to your union for they will still be there even if we get a republican president.
    The party you support FORCES you to buy healthcare, takes over private businesses and has representatives stating that they should do away with congressional elections, and i could list many more examples.
    There is a word that describes these things it called COMMUNISM, and my news source is KDKA .
    Make sure to give Obama and commie crew a Christmas kiss goodbye and speaking of goodbye later Hwrite .

  7. Zoeyzotron says:

    I can’t even believe that WE pay Casey. He is a JOKE!

  8. Funny says:

    Tom Smith owns a family farm. He founded and later sold a multi-million dollar coal company.


  9. Armstrong County Resident says:

    If Tom Smith is a man of such moral values then why did he turn his back on the community he was born and raised in to promote his own self-serving politics? His support of money and power belies his “conservative” approach. His alliance with corrupt politicians like Senator Don White and Representative Jeff Pyle has assured he will never get my vote.

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