GREENSBURG (KDKA) — The Secret Service is coming to Greensburg to investigate after counterfeit money was used in the area.

A woman used fake $10 bills to buy money orders at the Shop ‘N Save on East Pittsburgh Street on two separate occasions.

“They’re very good quality counterfeit bills,” Greensburg Police Capt. George Seranko said. “Without having any training to find out what the bills were, they probably were passed easily without knowledge.”

Counterfeit bills were also discovered at the Gas ‘N Go in Crabtree. State police say a woman asked another woman pumping gas if she had a $20 in exchange for two $10s.

When the victim tried to use the $10s, she learned they were fakes.

A third incident was reported in Murrysville.

In each case, the bills have had the same serial number: IG 04202976B.

“There was time put into making these compared to majority of the ones that are passed,” Seranko said.

Greensburg police say they have at least two suspects, but are waiting for the Secret Service to do their investigation before any arrests are made.

Some of the things the secret service will be looking into are how and where these bills were made and also how many more may be out there.

Once they get those answers, the appropriate charges will be filed.

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