CRANBERRY (KDKA) — An overnight burglary at a Cranberry business has netted a thief more than $7,000 worth of snowboards and skateboards.

The break-in took place at the Blackhole Boards office warehouse on Peters Road.

The operation sells online rather than retail since it’s located in a neighborhood which is zoned residential.

Charlie Fulmer, the director of the business, told KDKA-TV the burglar or burglars broke in around midnight Thursday through an office window.

When they tried to open the warehouse, the alarm sounded. It apparently scared them and they ran out, taking what they could from Fulmer’s office.

In all, 17 snow boards were stolen, along with three skate boards.

The snowboards are valued at between $400 and $700 each. Money sitting out in the open on a desk was not touched.

“I never thought this would happen to me just like the next person, who thought it would never happen to them,” Fulmer said.

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