Texans Beat Steelers 17-10

HOUSTON (KDKA) – The Pittsburgh Steelers were looking to keep their winning ways going when they took on the Houston Texans Sunday afternoon, but came up short in the fourth quarter.

The Steelers (2-2) were able to erase a 10-0 halftime deficit, but Arian Foster’s 42-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter put the Texans ahead for good as the Texans (3-1) held on for a 17-10 win.

The Texans got the ball first and took over on their own 5 yard line.

Houston overcame two holding penalties and chewed up over 10 minutes on the clock before drawing first blood in the game.

Matt Schaub found tight end Owen Daniels wide open in the end zone for a 1-yard touchdown pass to put Houston up 7-0. The touchdown capped a 19-play 95-yard drive.

Pittsburgh got their hands on the ball for the first time with just over four minutes to play in the first quarter at their own 20 yard line.

The Steelers were able to make it to about midfield before the drive stalled and they were forced to punt.

Houston was not able to do much with their second possession, but they were able to pin the Steelers deep in their own territory with a punt.

Pittsburgh took over on their own 6 yard line, but were forced to punt after just three plays. On 3rd-and-2, Ben Roethlisberger found Heath Miller, but the Texans quickly tackled him short of the first down marker.

During their third possession, Andre Johnson suffered an apparent leg injury. He stayed down for several minutes before gingerly walking to the locker room under his own power.

On the next play, James Harrison was injured while tackling James Casey.

Houston got inside the 10 yard line, but had to settle for a 25-yard field goal by Neil Rackers to extend the lead to 10-0 with 2:33 to play in the half.

A 40-yard pass to Mike Wallace seemed to fire up the Steelers as they marched down the field in an attempt to cut into the lead before halftime.

On 3rd-and-10 from the Houston 21 yard line, Roethlisberger found Wallace for a 9-yard gain. Roethlisberger hustled everyone to the line and attempted to draw the Texans offside for a first down to no avail.

Shaun Suisham’s 30-yard field goal attempt was blocked and returned for a touchdown. However, an illegal block in the back nullified the touchdown and ended the first half.

The Steelers began the second half with the ball and wasted no time in putting points on the board.

Rashard Mendenhall’s 3-yard touchdown run capped a 13-play 74-yard drive to cut Houston’s lead to 10-7.

Pittsburgh’s defense stood tall on Houston’s first possession of the second half and forced the Texans to punt after three plays.

On their next possession, the Steelers went to the ground and had success. The drive stalled at Houston’s 8 yard line, but Suisham’s 26-yard field goal tied the game 10-10 to start the fourth quarter.

The game would not remain tied for long.

After a two consecutive passes to Daniels set the Texans up in Pittsburgh territory, Foster broke free for a 42-yard touchdown run to regain the lead 17-10 with 12:02 to play.

After trading possessions, the Steelers were given their chance to tie the game with 3:33 to play and the ball at the Houston 48 yard line after a punt.

However, the Texans’ defense broke up a passing play on 4th-and-7 to end the drive.

Houston tried to run out the clock, but the Steelers were able to force a punt with 1:13 to play and took over on their own 1 yard line.

On the first play of the drive, Roethlisberger was picked off and it was returned for a touchdown. However, a roughing the passer penalty negated the touchdown and gave the Steelers a second chance.

On 2nd-and-10 from the Houston 40 yard line Roethlisberger went for the deep ball, but was picked off by Jason Allen, which ended the game.

Roethlisberger finished the game 206 yards passing and one interception.

Foster rushed the ball 30 times for 155 yards and a touchdown to lead the way for Houston.


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One Comment

  1. Sinking Ship says:

    Another loss as expected from a bunch of gutless wonders. Until we get rid of Arians and Ben we will not see another super bowl, you can bank on that. This is a sad Steeler group that has lost its heart and fire. No one is afraid of the Steelers anymore. Root for another team that has it. I predicted 9-7 season and I wonder if that will even happen.

    1. HinesIsDone says:

      You take the cake for the most stupid ignornat Steeler “Fan” ever. Get rid of the quarterback who took you to three super bowls after you have a horrible offensive line and a defense with the average age of 72.

      Of course you are a typical low IQ Steeler fan so I should expect it.

      1. FadingFast says:

        Which Super Bowl did he win the MVP!! He is the second coming of the great Neil O’Donnell.

      2. HinesIsDone says:

        We’re any of you watching the end of Super Bowl 43 when he led the team to the game winning touchdown – overcoming a 20 yard penalty too?

      3. FadingFast says:

        Thank goodness Holmes could jump high to save Bens butt or we would have lost that one too.

      4. tombrady says:

        When does the offense get a20 yard penalty?

    2. HinesIsDone says:

      I meant a first and 20 after the holding call in the super bowl. Is that the gist of your question? You don’t have much going on in your head, do you?

    3. HinesIsDone says:

      Dear Fading Fast,

      Does the fading fast refer to your IQ? He put it the only place he could on that play – and perfectly. You really are stupid.

  2. mike says:

    wow another stunning performance from the offensive line. lmao! bruce sucks and the offense is to bland. we got the players now we need a different offense coach. steelers will do better than 9-7

    1. BringOutTheBroom says:

      Quick, bring back John Kolb and Allen Faneca, they had muscle power not a bunch of LARD like most of the O line. Maybe that should be OHHH line. Poor Pouncey.

  3. Devil's Advocate says:

    This just doesn’t look like a very good team to me. The opposition is now able to run pretty much at will and the offense appears anemic at best with a very weak offensive line. Luckily for them, they are members of the weakest division in football so a playoff berth is still possible.

  4. Go Packers says:

    Mike . What are you smoking?. We do not have the players. The o line as Critter has stated is full of low i.q. studs. The D is ready for social security. 6-10

  5. Sharon Boag says:

    It is time for Ben to stop pumping up his O Line They aren’t very good when he spends so much time on his back. The only reason I can think of for not bringing Max back is that Tomlin’s ego doesn’t want to admit it may have been a mistake to let him go. pittiful!

  6. Coach says:

    Rashal Shell could run for 100 yards on this D, come on man ya got to tackle

  7. P Carlisle says:


    1. Manny says:

      I think it’s time for you to grow a brain.

  8. SissyHines says:

    I think I’ll put on my sequined pants and dance the cha-cha tonight in order to forget my terrible play.

  9. kas says:

    Way to go steelers should have lost last week also. Way to go so called big ben steeler fans look for alot more games like todays Ben will never be a steeler superstar

  10. bill says:

    the only why to win with this offense line is if the steelers fire bruce ariens and go back to basics. full back and a running back in the back field, short slants and more heath miller. it would open things up for wallace thats for sure. When your line is this bad I don’t see how tomlin or ariens thinks an empty back field with 5 receivers is going to work. I have no idea how to fire the defense up. Maybe quit worrying about the pass and do what they do best defend the run. I think gilbert on the o line has potential. everyone else sucks!

  11. kevin says:

    The Steelers of the 70’s will always be the best… the Steelers of the 00’s were good only.

  12. tombrady says:

    The Steelers have a lot of key players that are old.Any body thinking of a return trip to the Super Bowl is probably counting on the Power Ball to finance their retirement!

  13. ra says:

    did any of you clown hear what edmund nelson said. they don’t practice in pads. you play how you practice. the fault is totally on tomlin.

    1. Scooby says:

      Do you know how to capitalize words at the beginning of sentences?

  14. kevin says:

    You fans know nothing about football.. Arian Foster owns the Steelers now just like Ray Rice.. Arian Foster 155 yards rushing

  15. Montana says:

    Mendenhall is garbage. Notice what happens when they put in Moore and Redman? WE GET YARDS!! You can’t win games with no running game. Mendenhall needs to practive breaking through the D-Line and getting into the secondary rather then tweet.

    1. BigTony says:

      I agree. I think Mendenhall should actually be collecting garbage – he certainly can’t run. Of Couse he is an Islamic sympathizer too. Lol

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