Vietnam Vet’s Van Stolen For 2nd Time

BRIGHTON HEIGHTS (KDKA) – Andrew Matvey thinks someone is out to get him.

When he came downstairs to get in his van parked on Geyer Avenue in Brighton Heights, his vehicle was gone. The thief drove away with Matvey’s motorized scooter inside the van.

“Now, I’m in the same position. No way of mobility, no way to get to the store,” Matvey said. “Somebody’s playing a game.”

This is the second time in a month Matvey has been victimized by the same crime. Someone stole his van from his house last month, but it was recovered by police.

Each time the van was stolen an electric scooter was inside. Someone donated a replacement the last time, but now Matvey has nothing.

“I want to say, just drop the van somewhere so I can get my chair back so I can be mobile. I got to eat and I got to do things and I got to go to the hospital and I use the chair,” Matvey said.

Matvey, a disabled Vietnam veteran and diabetic, makes frequent visits to the VA hospital. He’s offering a reward for help finding his van.

“$1,000 reward for that truck returned unharmed, but I want the conviction of the people who stole it,” Matvey said.


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  • Simple Man

    How low do people have to go in this world? Doesn’t anyone have any integrity anymore? What a selfish society we’ve become. What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. This gentleman, who fought for our county, deserves better than to have some area thugs steal his only means of transportation, not once, but twice. I tell you, I find it harder and harder to find faith in mankind.

    • dose of truth

      There’s one thing to say about Mankind, there’s nothing kind about man. You can fill a thimble with all the good in the world and still have room for you and me.

      • mankind killed god

        More proof that god died? nothingness for eternity!

  • Tony

    Locking the doors and not leaving the keys in the vehicle might be a good start for theft prevention. (Assumption on my part.)

  • Burghless

    Mankind – I disagree with you. It’s not God who is the creater of evil. We are given free will at birth, and it is up to us to determine how we will live our lives – with God or against His will. It is easier to walk the path of destruction than it is the path or righteousness. There are still good people in this world, but they are few and far between.

    • dose of truth

      That was my point exactly. There is good and God is not dead. But it’s hard to see the good sometimes.

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  • Contagion

    Slipknot said it best when they wrote the song “People Equal S**T! My profesion provides me a front row seat to this everyday. People whining and crying about their silly little problems when you have soldiers dying and people who can`t get around having their belongings stolen. I don`t know if there is a hell for certain but I hope there is and that the folks responsible for this one end up WELL DONE in the end

  • Ya Jagoff

    Since CBS named us as one of Pgh’s most valuable bloggers, thought we should post about this..

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