PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The man making accusations of inappropriate contact against Bishop David Zubik has been communicating with KD Investigator Marty Griffin for nearly two months.

The man reached out to Marty Griffin in mid-August. KDKA-TV decided not to pursue the story – unable to verify any of his claims.

He alleges in a series of Facebook messages over a six-week period he was molested by the bishop, claiming the matter makes him sick saying, “I’m sorry Marty, I know that my sickness scares you.”

In a message sent to Marty Griffin a short time ago, he says he stands by his claims.

Bishop Zubik took the podium Wednesday, directly addressing the allegations.

“For anybody can decide to do a false accusation to demean the priesthood is something that I will defend as I am doing here now,” he said.

In a series of Facebook postings to Marty Griffin beginning in mid-August, the man referring to the bishop says, “A priest tried to give me a tongue kiss,” saying, “My life has been screwed up since the priest.”

He says, “This whole thing is killing me. Nightmares… depression. It’s all crazy.”

He admits a criminal history saying, “They charged me with public lewdness and indecent exposure.”

It’s that criminal background the raised a red flag for the Church. They could not allow the man to volunteer as a minister.

“When he received the news he was extremely angry and said to the pastor, ‘There’s one more thing I have to do,’” Zubik said. “‘I have to bring down somebody that’s pretty high up.’”

The man says, “I am not the pedophile here.”

He says, “Marty, this whole thing makes me sick.”

“I’m sorry Marty, I know that my sickness scares you.”

He says, “So, in order to get my story out, I have to do what I gotta do for me.”

“And if there is an allegation that has even a semblance of truth, then you take your steps,” Zubik said. “Well, this allegation doesn’t have a semblance of truth.”

The man continues, “I know that you can’t help and I understand the devil has pull in Pittsburgh. But you have to push the Devil out of your life Marty and truly look to Jesus.”

“I’m concerned about him,” Zubik said. “I really am. I’m seriously concerned about him. He’s a complex individual.”

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh says there are no facts to back up the alleged victim’s allegations.

He investigated the charges after the Diocese of Pittsburgh brought the allegations to him. There was never really a criminal complaint filed by the alleged victim.

The DA’s office says the alleged victim was uncooperative in their probe and had trouble getting him to sit down for an interview.

Berosh says he’s irate someone would tarnish the bishop’s reputation like this.

“To take an allegation like this and to really, really, really, really sullen the character of an individual I find extremely offensive,” he said.

The man in question also made allegations against two other priests and a nun. The DA says the facts in the case don’t add up.

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