4 Amish Men Charged In Bizarre Attacks

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Four Amish men have been arrested, charged in one of four bizarre attacks on other Amish people.

The attackers barge into homes and use scissors to cut the beards and hair of the victims.

Investigators believe members of the “Bergholz Clan,” which has been described as a group of religious castoffs, are responsible.

The attacks have happened in four different counties in Eastern Ohio: Jefferson County, Holmes County, Trumbull County and Carroll County.

Experts say that Amish men are required to let their beards grow after they’re married and that women follow Biblical rules that they’re not to cut their hair.

The attacks, they say, are meant to shame and humiliate the victims.

“As one Amish man told me he’d rather be dead than have his beard cut off,” said Jefferson County Sheriff Fred Abdalla.

Apparently, the motive was to punish people who had weak faith, and the attackers would take back hair to prove they had carried out the assaults.

The four men are charged with kidnapping and burglary in one of the four attacks. They’re being held on $250,000 bond each.

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One Comment

  1. ghostsouls says:

    It just astonishes me that more and more society is ridiculing religion and those that are religious. We are getting pretty close to religious persecution. Pretty soon you will have to pray inside your home, after midnight, in the dark, with candles lit, in your basement, and hope your neighbors don’t hear you pray too loudly and call the authorities on you and have you arrested. This goes for all religions. The act they committed are just more of the same for anyone who has the audacity to believe in their own religion and their own God. When society de-evolves, it will be then we hear the cries, Oh God how could this happen??? But just remember it happened because God wasn’t allowed.

    1. iamuke says:

      People should be profoundly embarrassed to admit they believe in this supernatural claptrap. This world would be a fr better place if religion was treated with the contempt it so richly deserves.

      1. pipclowson says:

        Oh yeah, because atheists have done a better job of creating stable, moral, just societies. Atheist Soviet Stalin, Atheist Mao Zedong, Atheist Pol Pot. Overwhelmingly, atheist political systems have been tyrannical and oppressive.

      2. CFox says:

        To iamuke…
        My beliefs are none of your business.

        I read the Bible years ago to see what all the fuss was about. As a result, I now understand the Christian religion and have had the “supernatural” (as you call it – we call it the Holy Spirit) come into my life in tremendously unexpected ways. I did not that could happen until it happened to me.

        If you have not read the Bible, then you have no idea what you are talking about… and your ignorance is pretty obvious here.

        Billions and billions of people over many thousands of years should be proof enough that there is something here worth exploring.

        If you don’t want to go to the trouble, then how about letting the rest of us pursue and educate ourselves without your ignorance-based ridicule.

      3. Larry Bradshaw says:

        For more from iamuke google http://www.religiousbigots.com

      4. Ellie Enlightened says:

        I hate to be you on Judgement Day. God Bless You.

      5. Kelley says:

        I hate to be you iamuke on judgement. What happens to me if I am wrong? nothing. what happens to you if you are wrong? burn in hell for eternity. We all need a great spiritual being to turn too which is where morality comes from. Without well you already see now the life it creates by other horrible acts not in the name of God

      6. Kelley says:

        iamuke how sad to be you in this life, so closed minded and not open to any differences from your own little sad life and world.

    2. John says:

      This, like many other crimes, was committed in the name of God. It’s not religion that poeple have aproblem with, it’s religious fanatics that can’t live and let live.

      1. Paul says:

        Very correct John, and @ pipclowson : the people who you are using as examples are not atheists but communists or like. And if you want to look for corruption look at the church, the Vatican. People should be good to one another not for religious or ideals but as we are all HUMAN. And besides, have they proved the flying spaghetti monster yet? and Religion is what causes the problems in the world, people are too weak to realize it.

  2. obadayaschimmelfennig says:

    Wow! That one on the far right is totally hot!
    If she HAD a phone, I would definitely want to get her number!
    -Obadaya Schimmelfennig
    Clod, Ohio

  3. Bruce In Denver says:

    I’m a Christian, so all I can speak about from knowledge is Christianity. The problem with most sects is that they stray from the Bible with their own human interpretation.

  4. greglemke says:

    people please….peel the onion! Just as rape isn’t about sex, this isn’t about religion…it’s about POWER!

  5. Dave says:

    So what some of you are saying is that four people 2,000 years ago just decided to pick one person at random and write about Him and the remarkable feats He did? Matthew, Mark, Luke and John just decided collectively to pick one person, Jesus Christ, and write about His life. Do you think it is a bunch of made up stories like Mother Goose? How do those people who don’t believe in Jesus Christ or religion explain this? Jesus was written about because He is the Savior, and he is the Great Prophet, and God help all of you who don’t believe this!

  6. bobby hope says:

    iamuke got a kid named im a puke im a little tea pot short and stout here is my handle here is my foot

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