HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A fight over a parking space turned violent in a Westmoreland County parking lot Tuesday.

According to police, Terrence Stubbs, 52, of Jeannette, was arguing with Kimberly Fetter, 40, of Harrison City, outside of the Dollar Tree in Hempfield Township.

“I thought, ‘Okay, he’s just trying to scare me – big deal,’” Kim Fetter told KDKA-TV. “So he gets out of the van and he cocks his fist back like he’s going to punch me.”

Fetter was standing behind Stubbs’ car when he threw the car in reverse and ran her over. He then put the car in drive and ran over her again before fleeing the scene.

“I mean, I didn’t have time to think of much,” Fetter said. “He just totally ran over me.”

Stubbs later turned himself in to police and is facing aggravated assault and related charges.

Stubbs said he panicked because he had a suspended license due to a DUI, but later turned himself in.

“She parked right on the yellow line,” Stubbs told KDKA-TV. “There was three feet on the other side of her car. So I pulled into my parking spot – she’s [knocking] on my window saying, ‘You gotta move. I can’t get out.’

“You know, learn to park!”

Fetter has a bruised head, sprained knee and ankle and crush injuries to her leg.

“The whole parking lot [was] sporadic cars, so it wasn’t like we were battling over a parking space at Christmastime,” she said.


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