Man Runs Over Woman After Parking Space Argument

By: Trina Orlando

HEMPFIELD TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – A fight over a parking space turned violent in a Westmoreland County parking lot Tuesday.

According to police, Terrence Stubbs, 52, of Jeannette, was arguing with Kimberly Fetter, 40, of Harrison City, outside of the Dollar Tree in Hempfield Township.

“I thought, ‘Okay, he’s just trying to scare me – big deal,’” Kim Fetter told KDKA-TV. “So he gets out of the van and he cocks his fist back like he’s going to punch me.”

Fetter was standing behind Stubbs’ car when he threw the car in reverse and ran her over. He then put the car in drive and ran over her again before fleeing the scene.

“I mean, I didn’t have time to think of much,” Fetter said. “He just totally ran over me.”

Stubbs later turned himself in to police and is facing aggravated assault and related charges.

Stubbs said he panicked because he had a suspended license due to a DUI, but later turned himself in.

“She parked right on the yellow line,” Stubbs told KDKA-TV. “There was three feet on the other side of her car. So I pulled into my parking spot – she’s [knocking] on my window saying, ‘You gotta move. I can’t get out.’

“You know, learn to park!”

Fetter has a bruised head, sprained knee and ankle and crush injuries to her leg.

“The whole parking lot [was] sporadic cars, so it wasn’t like we were battling over a parking space at Christmastime,” she said.


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One Comment

  1. Yuck says:

    Carrot-Top on meth

    1. Just Saying... says:

      More like Carrot Top NOT on meth.

  2. One small voice says:

    Is that the victim or suspect

  3. JustSaying says:

    He was probably upset because she wouldn’t let him use her hair spray! What a waste of oxygen he is…

  4. Kat says:

    Released a nutcase like that??? Especially after a license-suspending DUI!! Will our poor-excuse-for-a-justice-system be satisfied when he kills somebody next time??? DUH!

  5. pittgirl says:

    What the hell is the matter with people??? He could have killed her over a parking space!!!

  6. loss for words says:

    I hope the judge throws the book at this guy. Could’ve killed someone over a parking space

    I hope they permanently revoke his license and lock him up, someone who gets that angry over something so petty doesn’t belong in society.

  7. graysonjack says:

    Though I don’t condone HITTING people with a car…I have to take the guy’s side in the sense that people are so incredibly rude when they park; sometimes people just snap. I see it all too often, people think that because they’re in a car and shielded from direct contact with others, they can act however they like. It’s the same on the internet, normally-curteous people will become the meanest individuals online because there’s that “sheild” of anonymity to block them from the rest of the public. Why couldn’t she just park like a normal human being. That’s just incredible arrogance on her part.

    1. Becky Boo says:

      Yes but in this case, he was the one in the vehicle talking shyt. Yes she parked wrong, but according to the story there were other spots and she knocked on his window asking him to move so that she could get in and move her car. Getting out and attempting to hit a person with your fist and then getting back in your car and running over someone twice is not a wise move. Simple words or an argument no matter how arrogant the person you are dealing with does not give you the right to snap & physically hurt someone. She was never in her car and shielded from contact, he was. When he even offered his side of the story, he didn’t even complain about her yelling or berating him. Only that she knocked on his window and that she parked too far over in the spot. He knew this before he parked, yet parked their anyway. Unless the spots were unusally narrow, if he would have parked in the middle of his spot it wouldn’t have been a problem. She parked on the line, not over it.

      1. Competent Driver says:

        Why couldn’t she have gotten into her car through the passenger door? I don’t believe the guy should’ve run her over, but I agree with other posters here, don’t be so ignorant! What did she expect? So other people should have to park somewhere else because she doesn’t know how to?

  8. Mac11 says:

    Maybe if she could drive and park, this would have never happened.

  9. Sarah says:

    Doesn’t matter what she did or didn’t do. There is NO good reason to run someone over…twice no less!

  10. graysonjack says:

    I dunno Sarah… Everyone can relate to snapping over trivial things. Like I said earlier, hitting someone with your car is a little over-board…but he did do what I’ve WANTED to do several times. If I wasn’t afraid of being rectally raped repeatedly in prison, there’s several times I would have done just as he did. Learn to park…don’t be so closed off in your own world that you can’t follow simple driving etiquette. And not just driving etiquette, that could fall under stimple human courtesy as well.

  11. templeton says:

    she got what she deserved.

  12. No M'am says:

    Women shouldnt be alout to drive. According to the article this all panned out due to a horrible parking job by the braud. Women can’t live with em can’t run em over.

    1. bob says:


      1. graysonjack says:

        Hehe, I think perhaps they were going for broad?? And “women shouldn’t be ALLOWED(?) to drive”.

      2. bob says:

        Caught that too but cbs pgh picks and chooses which of my comments it decides to post. great site. Ever notice if the story involves a non white person you are not ALOUT to post comments?
        The girl the other day that went to strip and her kids burned to death. Now we are looking to hear her side of the story? I would have loved to comment on that.

  13. Johnny Twoballs says:

    this woman is obviously a money-grubbing slore. learn how to park fatty!!

  14. anonymous says:

    Are you people serious? A man (who has a previous DUI convictiion) gets upset over how a woman parked her car….So he threatens to punch her, deliberately backs over her with his vehicle–puts it into drive and runs over her a second time–and flees the seen—and your insensitive comments are that if SHE would have had ‘simple driving etiquette’ this wouldn’t have happened??? Seriously? Really? What if this was your Mother, Sister, Daughter or wife? Would you still feel the same way? Is this what our world has turned into? If I was the Judge that he would have to go before he wouldn’t see another day outside of prison walls.–and with the menatlity that some of you have regardiing his actions–You just may end up sharing a cell with him!

    1. anonymous says:

      If that was my mother, sister or daughter i would have taught her how to park. stupid

    2. graysonjack says:

      I understand that you personally have never been upset and over-reacted to a trivial matter such as parking and/or other breaks of driving etiquette, however, because not everyone has the ninja-like qualities you possess in remaining cool in all situations, us lower forms of life tend to ‘freak-out’ about things like that. I never once condoned hitting anyone with a car…I simply said I can relate to WANTING to hit people with my car. You seem like the arrogant type who would park much like this woman because to you it’s a trivial matter that no one should get upset about; but hey, like I said, we’re not all emotional ninjas such as yourself.

    3. bob says:

      If you were a judge I bet you wouldn’t be wasting time commenting ANONYMOUSLY on a website. Dummy. And really, what does his prior DUI charge have to do with this? It sounds to me as if you are presuming he is guilty for a completely separate incident. You would make a horrible unbiased judge.

  15. anonymous says:

    Bob & graysonjack you judge me by saying I am ‘arrogant’ because I disagree with the opinons/comments that you have posted?…You are on this site making ridiculous, cold statements suggesting that the VICTIM here was somehow at fault for this drivers actions because she may not have parked correctly? We all make mistakes in this life—this would be the least of them–but this scenario would not be justifiable for anyone to run another person over–Not ONCE but TWICE and then fllee the scene. You both seem more preoccupied about the way she parked and ‘proper etiquette and human courtesy’—Hmmm, where does that come into play with someone being viciiously run over by a car? If this represents the overall census of this city–we are in a sad sad situation.

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