“Occupy” March Planned For Saturday In Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA) — The KDKA Afternoon News talks to Nathaniel Glosser, an organizer of the group Occupy Pittsburgh, about a planned march and rally.

KDKA Radio’s Paul Rasmussen and Rose Ryan-Douglas ask about the status of the event and the goals of the rally.

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One Comment

  1. ravishankar says:


  2. A.Bunker says:

    Communists and anarchists.

  3. Critter says:

    all need a good bath

  4. Zoeyzotron says:

    and “protest” what?? What is the point of this???

    Protest the Dodd/Frank bill if you are upset over the economy or some other over reaching government arm.

  5. Warlock Jones says:

    Yah right, I’d hire that dirt bag in the photo above… Try cleaning up you own act before worrying about Wall Street.

  6. drp says:

    I support the protesters! Why? Because our first amendment to the constitution gives us that right! Never challenge our rights, no matter what the cause.
    End The FED!
    Support our constitution!
    vote Dr. Ron Paul 2012

    1. chris diianni says:

      drp: The group in New York says they’ll stay (3 wks so far) as along as they want; New York City has spent $2 million on police overtime so far for Occupy Wall Street protest. A one-day protest is OK as along as no damage is done to property. People, we must defeat Obama in 2012 to prevent another progressive justice being appointed to SC. If he wins re-election, say goodby to the Second Amendment and probably a lot more of our freedoms. Freedoms we had for 236 years. Anybody but Obama and the D’s, 2012. Then we work on the Progressives.

  7. drp says:

    Correction Chris: you lost your second amendment, Its a “privilege” as you need a permit to carry a firearm. You need a permit to protest too, you need written consent to use our constitutional rights. The more people there are like you that disagree with people exercising there rights, the quicker they can take them away. No one told NY to spend 2million dollars on these peacefully protesters, its an excuse to pay the police. Besides JP Morgan just donated 46 million dollars to the NYPD so they should be covered.

    End The FED!
    Support our constitution!
    vote Dr. Ron Paul 2012

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