EAST END (KDKA) – If a development group gets its way, Bakery Square in the East End could get a lot bigger.

Bakery Square is an open-air market, hotel and office development, but two developers want to expand in a big way.

Walnut Capital is one of the developers with big plans and the bid is on the table.

“We have learned that Pittsburgh Public Schools decided to sell Reizenstein. It gave us an opportunity to expand what we’re doing right here at Bakery Square,” Gregg Perelman said.

They want to tear down the old Reizenstein building and develop Bakery Square 2.0.

“We’re going to have a combination of townhome rentals and also opportunities to buy single family homes. We’re going to sell lots for people to build their own custom home,” Terelman said.

They also plan to put additional office space on the 12 acres. The price tag of the project is about $100 million.

Developers said they will take their proposals to the community and hope to begin building when the Reizenstein building is sold in 2012.


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