Bethel Park Standoff Ends Peacefully

BETHEL PARK (KDKA) – A standoff situation in a Bethel Park neighborhood came to a peaceful end early Tuesday morning.

According to police, the initial call came in around 9:30 p.m. Monday. Police were initially responding to a neighbor dispute on Collie Drive.

Police went to speak with the woman about a complaint filed against her, but things escalated when she pulled out a revolver.

The SWAT team was called when she refused to surrender.

“The officers said the [elderly woman] in her 70s had reached into her nightgown a couple times. And on the second occasion, when she removed her hand, she had what appeared to be a .38 revolver in her hand, pointed it at the officer and made a statement that the officer obviously felt was threatening. He immediately retreated from the scene and notified dispatch what was going on,” Bethel Park Police Chief John Mackey said.

Rhoda Hughes, 75, surrendered around 12:30 a.m. and is undergoing a mental evaluation.

There have been several neighbor disputes involving Hughes recently. Monday night’s call was for Hughes’ flood lights shining into a neighbor’s home.

” There were just officers everywhere and the next thing you know the SWAT team is here.  It was just very frightening and we were afraid for everyone,” Syd West said.

Bethel Park Police are planning to speak with the district attorney about filing charges. Chief Mackey said if charges are filed they will be for assault and recklessly endangering another person.

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One Comment

  1. Dill says:

    Boy! Thats a lot of news that needs more information

  2. Sammy says:

    Are the news crews from the other channels there or will they wait until the mornig to decide that nothing is wrong and this isn’t news?

    1. LJ says:

      post gazette reports it was a 75 year old woman, and she pulled a .38 on the officer

  3. bob says:

    Wow a bethel cop ran away and called real cops from surrounding areas what a shock that bethel cops are to scared to do their jobs correctly what a waste of tax payers dollars and police resources

    1. you idiot says:

      you’re an idiot. Do you think you can’t get killed because she is 75 years old?

  4. kevin says:

    As a former police officer I don’t understand how this officer is still on the force he couldn’t really identify if it even was a gun it is what “it appeared to be” and which is it did she reach in several times before she had the gun or was it the second time she reached in when she pulled the so called gun? I bet it was a wooden spoon and she threatened to spank the cop for not respecting his elders. I agree with bob that this is a total waste of tax payer dollars and law enforcement resources Bethel Park needs to get rid of about 65% of their police force including the idiot chief and hire real cops who aren’t scared and ignorant. The other news reports said the gun wasn’t even loaded seriously?

    1. Prince Of Darkness says:

      Kevin, I can see why your a former “police officer” (where was that by the way, Kennywood….Sandcastle..or maybe one of the area malls ??) And were you fired from that job or did you just move on to work more suited to your intellect (store greeter, grocery bagger….maybe in charge of fries somewhere) ?

  5. ENDED SAFELY says:

    After the murder of a police officer the other day, I think the officer acted appropriately in which the end result was that no one was injured or killed.

    1. M Bassett says:

      Very much agreed!

  6. 1-2-3 says:

    A 75 year old with mental problems and a gun, she was lucky this ended as it did. This police officer is lucky to be alive, a 75 year old can pull the trigger, the same as any able bobied criminal.

  7. Sgt Rock says:

    Should have blasted the old broad, she was crazed and had a gun..end of confliict

  8. joe posada says:

    as a dispatcher, i would rather have the swat team and 20 other police departments chatter on my channel than hearing those 2 words that no dispatcher ever wants to hear of “officer down.”

    1. M Bassett says:


  9. worrywarto says:

    Hey Beth, you are right, but Marty will sensationalize it a bit.

    The old woman terrorist had a machine gun, she was holding hostages, and as she reached for the hand grenade, she hollared Hasta La Vista Baby!

  10. Watch Dog says:

    A neighbor called because of her flood lights….she seen people walking around the outside of her house. Rhoda gets her unloaded gun not realizing its the police. Somebody’s gram goes to jail and reporters rewrite the script. I feel bad for her and the neighbors should be ashamed of fighting with somebody that old. No RESPECT.

  11. Bethel Park Resident says:

    Just checked and Bethel Park now has 37 full time police officers. 37! What for? On the rare occasion that you need the police they call in the real police to clean up the mess anyway. I think they could get by with 6 cops. No? Okay, 7.

    1. hey says:

      yea what a scam on behalf of the bethel park residents on top of it there harrasing tax payers with traffic stops there arrogant uneducated and need to be cut in half Bethel park has virtually no crime expect for the 15 and 16 years they love arresting and giving criminal records too. People need to lose there jobs i would start with the chief

  12. Mr Bill says:

    He who turns and walks away, lives to fight another day or……
    there are old cops and bold cops but there are no old bold cops.

  13. Duncan says:

    Wrong. It goes there are old cops and bold cops but there are no thin cops.

  14. Tpr Rod Farva says:

    lives to fight another day???? He ran from a 75 yr old granny. I hope they make this cop fetch coffee for the next month.

    “lady in blue…coming through”

  15. critter says:

    looks like E. T.

  16. can't wait to leave PGH says:

    this just proves a great point….that people don’t “need” guns. pro-gunners think they need a gun(s) to defend themselves. police will take you down. if that lady didn’t have a gun, this wouldn’t have even made the news. there is a lot of wasted time and money on this ordeal.

    1. you idiot says:

      until someone breaks into your house in the middle of the night

  17. Union6 says:

    should have peppered her ass

  18. john says:

    38 full time cops in a town with no crime and you pratically got warzones downtown…This is a atrocity to the bethel park taxpayers and too the city of pittsburgh and allegehney country as a whole and something needs to be done. I think people need to be outside that police station with picket signs enough enough with the scamming going on in bethel park

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