Raja, Fitzgerald Intensify Negative Attack Ads

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The race for Allegheny County Executive has taken another turn, as both Republican D. Raja and Democrat Rich Fitzgerald launch aggressive attack ads.

Raja ad: “Career politician Rich Fitzgerald will do anything to stay in office. Now he is attacking Raja with lies and false claims.”

Fitzgerald ad: “Raja is still outsourcing jobs. Raja is not a job creator. He’s a job destroyer.”

Both candidates blame the other for the negative tone.

“You look at his own record and it’s a bunch of lies,” Raja told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano. “And on my case, he’s just made up these blatant lies with these negative ads.”

“First of all, his charges were absolutely false,” says Fitzgerald, “but we decided to hit him back. And these charges that we have leveled, actually they were in the City Paper, are absolutely true.”

Raja’s ad claims: “Fitzgerald pushed for pay raises for politicians, opposed hiring by merit, and threatened local businessmen, shaking them down for donations.”

Pay raise?

“Never happened? Absolutely never happened,” says Fitzgerald.

Merit hiring?

“I voted against a Jim Roddey merit hiring bill, but we passed our own,” the Democrat explains.

Fitzgerald’s ad claims: “Raja sued 84 of his own workers, even one trying to care for his cancer-stricken mother.”

“Flat out lie, Jon,” insists Raja. “We never sued anyone whose mother had cancer and had to leave. That’s a flat out lie by Rich Fitzgerald.”

Doctor emails seem to confirm the cancer, but Raja says, “We were never told the woman had cancer when the lawsuit was there. That’s what my legal department tells me. We had no knowledge of it at all.”

If all this back and forth leaves voters confused, that’s often the goal of negative ads — even to the point of keeping people from voting.

The election is November 8.

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One Comment

  1. GOP says:

    Rich has ONE employee…….Raja has hundreds…..Poor Richard he’s gona lose this election and have to go back to work


    Raja is a Tea Party Clone. He is making a desparate attempt for some votes with his outlandish lies about Rich. Everywhere a Republican gets in there is nothing but cut’s and loses for the working man, students and the elderly. The only pepole that stand to gain are those who own Big Business. Just like their doing in congress blocking every bill, refusing to comprimise and wasting the tax payers money spending time voting on Bill’s that don’t even matter right now like banning Abortion. Electing Raja to Allegheny county would set us back Years. We need to move forward into the future and Rich Fitzgerald can and will take us to where we need to be in this county.

  3. bruceUSA says:

    What about that run in Rich Fitzgerald had with that non-union steel fabrication shop in Braddock. (Rich showed some real poor leadership on that one) We need a strong leader in the Exec. position but not a “bully”!! It’s time for smart change in Allegheny County!!! How many Irish cardiologists and high end surgeons do you know??? Raja—-smarter, wiser, the clear creative choice.

  4. Mr. Kite says:

    Raja claims that he`ll do away with the drink tax. Does anyone actually believe that a bar/restaurant will lower the price of their drinks? Rediculous notion.

  5. Dean says:

    Fitz will be OK, he can go hang out with Mark Patrick Flaherty and the other Democrats who lose elections but keep their city or county jobs anyway

  6. kdka deletes my comments says:

    Fellow posters watch out KDKA will delete your comments about anything local, like the comments about Dan Onorato cutting the budget for cys.
    CYS is a corrupt organization and have lazy people working for them that do nothing for family values.
    I’m still waiting for Mark Chernna to return my calls GO AHEAD KDKA YOU CAN RUN AND I’LL KEEP POSTING.
    Is this another example of government control over the internet.

  7. Libertarian says:

    Democrat=liar…It starts at the top and is theoughout the party. Hard to believe anything a Dm says.

  8. Zoeyzotron says:

    Can we please try something different and NOT vote for a Democrate in Pittsburgh.

    1. Now Your Talking!!!! says:

      I’m with you Miss Zoey, there are those who fail to see what Democrats have done to the city of Pgh., Pa., and the whole country.

  9. Mr. Kite says:

    I`m just waiting for a republican to give me a reason to vote for him or her. What jobs bill did Boehner propose this week? How about last week?

  10. i'm Also Waiting says:

    I’m waiting for a Democrat to give me one good reason to vote Communist, what jobs bill did Barry O. propose this week or after 3 years and 4 years of a Communist
    majority in both houses, are only a stimulus that cost tax payers more than a trillion dollars and still zero results.

  11. Mr. Kite says:

    @ I`m also waiting. Obama has proposed several jobs bills and if you use your Google you`ll find that nearly 3 million jobs were created or saved with the stimulus which was $800 billion. One third of which was squandered on tax breaks. You say over a trillion? You might be confusing the stimulus with Gomer Bush`s illegal wars.

    1. I HATE KITES says:

      I will not be diverted from the truth about this COMMUNIST FROM NYROBI OBAMA..
      You can’t divert me with GW Bush.
      Obama ran up more debt than GW did in 8 years , the only thing Obama does is FORCE LARGE GOVERNMENT and government jobs at the taxpayers expense.
      I have not seen one private sector job created by the stimulus and I have looked into this they are only LARGE GOVERNMENT JOBS ONLY at the taxpayers expense.
      Even if Obama would create private sector jobs through a stimulus it is still at the taxpayers expense .
      One of the big failures is SOLYNRA 500 BILLION DOLLARS at the tax payers expense .
      The COMMUNIST FROM NYROBII is not getting my vote in 2012 and neither is Fitzgerald.

      1. Correction From Hates Kites says:

        Sorry correction 500 million dollars to solyndra

      2. Hwright says:

        Uh excuse me how much was the war in Iraq? How much did medicare part B cost us? Keep listening to your Republican owned news source!

    2. sadcityresident says:

      stupid …no jobs were created, just busy work..if you want to create jobs you need to create companies that produce tangible goods, not a service that we use only here in this country…..stimulus..epic fail..its like pulling on a door handle to open the door, but when it doesnt open you pull it again instead of trying something different like pushing it open!

  12. Mr. Kiite says:

    Someone who uses words like “communist from nyrobll” has no business being anywhere near the voting booth. And yes,hundreds of highway infrastructure jobs were completed in this state alone.
    You hates kites but that`s to be expected from the party of hate. Do you hates kites as much as school teachers,scientists,sick people,etc.?

    1. The Middle Ones For You Kite says:

      Fortunately for me you don’t get to decide who gets to vote, just another example of a communist.
      Do not speak for me about teachers, scientists, sick people, and how I feel about them for I refuse to be diverted about Obama and Thugs like him.
      I would never tell you that you should not be able to vote, be in a union or support large government or anything else you see that’s the difference between freedom of choice and your communist against freedom choices views .

  13. Dave says:

    If Raja wins, you will have a czar or dictator as leadership, and if Fitzgerald wins, it will be business as usual since he is a clone of Onorato. Either way, Allegheny County is done for the next 4 years.

  14. USAonly2175 says:

    Allegheny county is in good financial shape,They just play broke.Raja would not get my vote if he was the only one running. We already have one non American as our president , we don’t need on running Allegheny county

  15. Sgt. Pepper says:

    We have a non American as our president? I thought that the birther nuts have gone away but some of them are unembarrassable apparently. Allegheny County is not in good shape but neither is any other county,state,country,etc.

  16. METRO says:

    Kite, what part of 14 Trillian Dollars don’t you understand. Why is big government alway a part of the Demos agenda. Can’t you see that China is waiting in the wings to drain this country dry. High corporate taxes are what moves jobs out of this country. Why another stimulus when once that money is spent we are back to square one and deeper in debt. Now our president wants to bail out college loans, we will pay for that too. Our future is down the toilet.

  17. Mr. Kite says:

    Metro. Jobs leave this country for cheap labor and to avoid paying outrageous healthcare costs. Not many companies are actually paying that high corporate tax rate as you can easily find out if you Google..corporate tax rate myth.
    Republicans didn`t care about debt when they let the last president loot the Treasury to enrich his friends and start 2 illegal wars. Their fake indignation is laughable. Tax rates are at their lowest since 1929 and it`s time for the rich to ante up.

  18. Dave says:

    Winston Churchill once said, “Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains”.

    1. Your czar says:

      Politicians have been saying stupid things for thousands of years.

  19. Dave says:

    Your Czar – if you know history, then you would know that Winston Churchill was not your average politician.

  20. Paul says:

    Yeah, it’ s not like Churchill is best known for saying, “I never had relations with that girl.” LOL

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