Gov. Corbett Begins State Takeover Of Harrisburg’s Finances

HARRISBURG (KDKA/AP) — Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has started a state takeover of Harrisburg.

According to the Associated Press, he declared a fiscal emergency in the city.

On Friday, he signed a law that gives him control over the city’s finances.

That came after Harrisburg’s City Council rejected the state’s financial recovery plan.

Meanwhile, the mayor and the City Council are unable to agree on a strategy to repay the city’s approximately $300 million debt tied to the city’s trash incinerator.

The likelihood of the Republican governor’s takeover hastened a move by a divided City Council to file a Chapter 9 bankruptcy petition in federal court earlier this month. Opponents of the takeover law say it is unconstitutional.

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  • Opponents Of The Takeover

    According to the opponents of the take over law saying that this is unconstitutional,
    so is a national healthcare law that FORCES people to buy insurance .
    The state shouldn’t and wouldn’t have to do a state takeover if the city of Harrisburg
    wouldn’t have run up a 300 million dollar debt, sound familiar it’s just like the national debt well over budget.

  • Corbo

    How ’bout givin’ back all those vehicles for gov. employees……what the hell do we pay them for ? Let them buy their own cars like the rest of us


    Is this an act of a REAL Dictator/communist???


      The state SHOULDN’T AND WOULDN’T have to do a state takeover if the city of
      Harrisburg wouldn’t have run up a 300 MILLION DOLLAR DEBT.

      • SHAME

        This was brought on by Corbett! This is his game plan as well as the game plan of many other Republicans. DESTROY THE PUBLIC EMPLOYED MIDDLE CLASS. DESTROY THE UNIONS! FINALLY, DESTROY THE FOUNDATION OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!

  • Your A Shame

    I would love to destroy the foundation of the democrat party which is infiltrated with communist views and too many regulation 300 million dollar debt that’s ridiculous.
    The way I destroy is to vote them out of every office period.

  • Blind

    Oh how easy we forget the debt brought on by the REPUBLICANS!!!!

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