Pittsburgh Named Among Top Destinations In The World

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Spain, Greece, Guatemala, Iceland, Thailand, and Pittsburgh? Yes. We made the list.

National Geographic Traveler magazine has listed Pittsburgh as one of 20 of the best destinations in the world in 2012.

“We are absolutely thrilled,” said Beverly Morrow-Jones, from VisitPittsburgh. She discovered how we wound up on the magazine’s list. “National Geographic Traveler asked their writers, their editors, their contributing editors to throw in a name.”

The magazine calls Pittsburgh an “Extreme Metropolitan Makeover.” It wrote that Pittsburgh’s natural setting, “rivals Lisbon and San Francisco.” It also references “a quirky sense of humor.”

William Mang and his wife are visiting from Hong Kong as part of their United States honeymoon trip. They were on Mount Washington Monday evening taking pictures. Mang described Pittsburgh as “Very, very pretty.”

The Sonoma region of California is the only other U.S. destination on the list.

In 1985, Pittsburgh was ranked as America’s Most Livable City by the “Places Rated Almanac.” Since then, it has received the same title a few times by different publications.

National Geographic Travel

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One Comment

  1. Critter says:

    must be a joke

  2. Mr. Kite says:

    It`s no joke.Yinzer`s need to get outta town a little more and take a break from all the whining.

  3. 2059 says:

    Where’s Jeannette on this list? Come to Jeannette and see what a real hole in the wall looks like. Drive down our main street and get that “what the h–l is this” feeling. Drive by our rusted poison spewing glass factory and get a look at our newest housing in our city. Yes, Jeannette has it all, so why aren’t we on that list?

    1. B. Joel says:

      “Well we’re living her in Allentown, and it’s hard to keep a good man down, but I won’t be getting up todaaaaaaaaay well we’re living here in Allentown.”

  4. BILL says:


  5. ben says:

    Come to Pittsburgh and drive around on our third world country city roads….

  6. Tanya says:

    People who insist there’s “nothing to do here” aren’t looking very hard. One of the most amazing things about Pittsburgh is that it has all of the benefits of a large city without the issues. Did you somehow miss our world-class symphony? Our thriving theater scene? The amazing restaurants? Fantastic museums? How about one of the top conservatories in the country? Recitals, concerts, and shows offered by our universities? What about the beautiful parks and nature trails? Or kayaking on the rivers? Or, hey, if your idea of “something to do” involves going out to a bar and getting drunk, well, we have plenty of that, too. I’ve lived in other cities, and Pittsburgh has plenty to offer. If you miss on that, well, that’s your shortcoming, not the city’s. Man, you people in Pittsburgh have no idea how good you have it.

    1. Tim says:

      Spot on! Tanya! I moved here from the D.C. Baltimore area and i have not one regret!

    2. Kate says:

      Seriously. I’m a Pittsburgh native and no city I’ve yet lived in has captured my heart like Pittsburgh. Anything I could ever have conceivably wanted to do, I could do it there.

      I’ve lived in Chicago, Indianapolis, and Columbus, but I am (and probably will always be!) a Pittsburgh gal!

    3. Amy says:

      Agreed, Tanya. If these people are complaining about nothing to do, they either don’t know where to look, or how to get off of the couch. To add to your list, how about outdoors clubs like Venture outdoors, the developing Improv comedy scene like Steel City Improv Theater, the small quality theaters and cinema like Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Not to mention groups on meetup.com that make it possible to meet others with all sorts of interests, and tons of activities posted in the City Paper and about.com!!

  7. 2PopRon B says:

    I’m born, raised and live Philly, and without a doubt, this story is true. You are looking at your city through a 50 year old lens. You can’t do that. My daughter went to Pitt, and now her son, my ten month old grandson will be in the class of ’33. I tell transplants living here that I cannot understand how they don’t go running, screaming back to Pittsburgh.

  8. You Can keep Cali says:

    Have lived elsewhere and while fun and exciting – for a while when young – I returned for a variety of reasons such as affordability, less traffic, believe it or not, and relatively low crime rate. It’s those in Pittsburgh who have never lived elsewhere that take it for granted. Pittsburgh truly is a wonderful place to live!

  9. George Ford says:

    I am a Pittsburgh native and have lived in San Antonio, Augusta, and currently live in Atlanta. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how great Pittsburgh was until we moved away. Every day I am reminded this. Moving away is the biggest regret in my 57 years, but my roots are deep here and my children only know Atlanta. My advice to you all : DO NOT LEAVE PITTSBURGH !

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