City Police, Firefighters At Odds Over Parking Spaces

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s the City of Pittsburgh versus the City of Pittsburgh – that is what the court papers may read after what is being described as a bizarre incident at City Hall.

It all started in the parking spaces alongside City Hall where local officials park their vehicles, including the mayor and City Council members.

They actually pay for the spaces, and apparently, when strangers park in them they get upset.

On Tuesday, while council members were at lunch a few Pittsburgh city fire crews pulled in.

The trucks came from the Homewood station with full crews, and according to their union attorney with the best intentions.

“They had parked outside the City County Building, they were supposed to get a flu shot to avoid sick days,” said Josh Bloom, the firefighters’ attorney. “As they went in… the fire trucks and fire engines were given parking tickets.”

Now the lawyers have jumped in, trying to figure out how this plays out in court and it may.

“I suppose the city will have to go to court against itself,” said Bloom. “The firefighters do not own the fire trucks, so the city was written a ticket today.”

City Councilman Bill Peduto had his own take on the issue.

“It’s City Hall, nothing surprises me,” said Peduto.

Meanwhile, police say the officer involved was just doing her job – that she’s put tickets on marked police cars.

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One Comment

  1. Blueline says:

    I am a cop and I say it’s stupid

  2. Mike a says:

    What nonsense…….we pay them good money for what? So they can ticket another city vehicle.

  3. Poorman says:

    God forbide one of our elected council would have to park further away and walk like the rest of us poor folk

  4. Unknown says:

    I agree so much with you. They are the worst. Someone should police them.

  5. reality check says:

    TAKE THE BUS!!!!! like alot of the other blue collar folks in the city…

    1. Pat rider says:

      I do take the bus….but my bus can never make the turn because of all the double parked police cars in town

    2. Lovely Pittsburgh says:

      I thought they were all heroin addicts,too…….What a sorry excuse for a city……the boy mayor,the Shields & Peduto show….crooked cops….thieving public works people……We outsiders just look and laugh and thank God we don’t live there

  6. Subway life says:

    This city is a joke.

  7. Unknown says:

    Dude, over a flu shot. Wow

  8. Stella is an idiot says:

    Stella, you’re an idiot.

  9. Me says:

    So much for unity among our uniform services. What a slap in the face to all tax payers . One cop has a problem with firefighters now the taxpayers have to cover it.

  10. Life is good says:

    Hey firefighters, try not to park in the councils spots. They need those spots for the ten or so day they are there a year. They are the true waste

  11. john says:

    I am a firefighter. I dont think we should be bashing the police unless we are positive that they issued the ticket. I am willing to bet it was a meter maid who is not part of the police department. The police would have more common sense I would think. Rumor has it that a member of council was seen complaining to the person that issued the ticket just before the incident.

    1. The time says:

      The way it looks to me is that most of the people on this site are not firefighters

  12. reason says:

    1) Daily, there is a police officer that is assigned to work the City-County building and one of their assignments is enforce NO PARKING in the councilmen’s spaces.
    You can’t bet that one of the councilmen made a complaint. This was not some officer just driving past.
    2) For those of you that think that it would be so great to park like the police cars and get away with it, you should join the Police Dept and really see how wonderful it is. You wouldn’t last once you see what they have to put up, and eventually you would park that way too. How could they go and find some perfectly legal spot to park when they have to stay near their cars in case they have to leave for an emergency. When another officer or civilian calls for help they need to jump back into the car and leave quickly. Why should they have to run a block or two to get back to their legally parked cars. Use your heads, honestly.

  13. This is Not News says:

    When all the firemen all show up for court will they get tickets again?

  14. B. Joel says:

    Just another day in a completely missmanaged city…

  15. Tunie says:

    Both departments remember you are professionals and people respect you for what you do. Take a deep breath and relax.

  16. METRO says:

    Bottom line here is that there needed to be better communication between the Fire Captains at those firehouses and the Police to alert them that they were parking in permit areas to get their flu shots. Just that simple. This all could have been avoided.

  17. Elmer says:

    When it’s not an emergency, fire trucks must obey all traffic laws. Is this so difficult for firefighters to understand? Is the meter maid smarter than an entire fire truck full of firefighters?

  18. Mark In Atlanta says:

    I have an idea, let the firefighters go on one of their many off days like the public does. Yes they do great work, but so do doctors, nurses, soldiers etc. When they are off, they can get in their own vehicle, take public trans, and park like the rest of us. HS, lets take the huge firetrucks down and take up 10 parking slots for 5-6 people to go in and get flu shots. I love the spin, they went in to get shots so they don’t have to take sick days, yeah right and this can only happen on duty right? Why in the h e l l do we have attorneys involved costing taxpayers even more money? Let the group of guys pony up to pay the stupid $100 ticket @$20 or less per person, verses spending thousands more taxpayer dollars discussing and fighting this. THIS is but one example of the stupidity of the gov’t,, just on the local level.

  19. Dave says:

    Typical Pittsburgh employees – once again, Pittsburgh has made the national news as an embarassment from the inept employees that it has. Darlene Harris is to blame as well as that moronic cop who wrote the ticket.

  20. Mayor of GBD says:

    how about a roving flu shot technician go to each fire station on a schedule to issue the shots, just like any other Company would? Or sent them to Giant Eagle or Walgreens, they have big parking lots.

    1. Level Green says:

      This is exactly my thought Mr Mayor. These guys are riding around the streets of Oakland all the time in these trucks which have to be very expensive to operate.

      What’s cheaper, have a City fire drew go,offline and drive downtown OR sending a nurse to the fire station? On the other hand, when did the city worry about money.

  21. dwe says:

    I guarantee it was a meter maid. There is a meter maid assigned full time to that block of 4th Avenue for the sole purpose of protecting council’s free parking spaces. If you don’t see her on the street check the side door to the lobby of the Grant Building. And I heard it was Darlene Harris (no good when times were good) who complained.

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