PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s the City of Pittsburgh versus the City of Pittsburgh – that is what the court papers may read after what is being described as a bizarre incident at City Hall.

It all started in the parking spaces alongside City Hall where local officials park their vehicles, including the mayor and City Council members.

They actually pay for the spaces, and apparently, when strangers park in them they get upset.

On Tuesday, while council members were at lunch a few Pittsburgh city fire crews pulled in.

The trucks came from the Homewood station with full crews, and according to their union attorney with the best intentions.

“They had parked outside the City County Building, they were supposed to get a flu shot to avoid sick days,” said Josh Bloom, the firefighters’ attorney. “As they went in… the fire trucks and fire engines were given parking tickets.”

Now the lawyers have jumped in, trying to figure out how this plays out in court and it may.

“I suppose the city will have to go to court against itself,” said Bloom. “The firefighters do not own the fire trucks, so the city was written a ticket today.”

City Councilman Bill Peduto had his own take on the issue.

“It’s City Hall, nothing surprises me,” said Peduto.

Meanwhile, police say the officer involved was just doing her job – that she’s put tickets on marked police cars.

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