Man Steals Sandwich, Uses Stolen Forklift As Getaway

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A man is accused of stealing a takeout sandwich and using a stolen forklift as his getaway vehicle.

This happened in Ross Township. The suspect is 38-year-old Sean Faulkner of Bloomfield.

Police say he stole the forklift from a construction site on Babcock Road near McKnight.

Why did he steal it? He wasn’t just tired lugging a case of beer – he was hungry too.

That’s apparently why he drove the forklift about a mile down Babcock to Sieb’s Restaurant. He ordered a Reuben sandwich, but he didn’t pay for it.

“He said he was gonna go eat it in the corner and he ended up running out the front door, down the parking lot with the sandwich,” said Kelly Donatelli, who served him. “Just very bizarre. It was weird.”

That’s when he tried to make his getaway in a forklift. Ross Township police caught him.

“Apparently he was tired of walking and he saw the forklift with the keys in it and seemed like a good idea at the time,” Detective Brian Kohlhepp said.

Faulkner is facing a felony theft charge for stealing the $45,000 forklift and misdemeanor theft for stealing the $8 sandwich.

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  • Chris

    I understand they brought in a riding lawnmower and a Hoveround to assist in the high-speed pursuit.

    • Indy

      Hilarious !


      Also, to conserve the use of police officers instead of using the regular police they brought in several retired police officers who needed canes to get around.

  • Snoopy

    I sort of hope that he was already drunk; otherwise, he may be able to use an insanity (or really f’n stupid) plea.

  • SnidleyForklash


    *slow chase
    *hits bump
    Aww I got Italian dressing on my good jeans.

    • Dexter Redland

      thousand island on the reuben ;-)

  • redisto

    $8 for a Reuben? THAT’S A CRIME.

  • OldDude

    That’s nothing! When I was his age we had to use push mowers for our escapes

    • Deus Vult

      OMG!,,,,thats FUNNY!….LOL!LOL!LOL!

  • dennis

    This wi why there are jails. I hope this man doesn’t make babies. We don’t need more dumb f…..s running around

    • Nomad

      Coming from “manhole inspector” that is too funny!

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  • Farnjerk

    He actually stole just to pick up women

    • Smashicus

      Yeah, really fat women.

  • Farnjerk

    Stole it darnit, stole it!

  • GD

    That forklift is a chick magnet.

  • viking1

    What they didn’t tell you is that “Forklift” is actually the name of his wife.

  • Tom in NY

    Must have been one helluva big sandwich if he needed a forklift to get away…

    • bruce brinkmann

      It was an $8 sandwich. It had to be humongous.

  • Stupid is is Stupid Does

    What an idiot . . . ‘nough said.

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  • James

    None of the comments acknowledge how sad this is.

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  • Ric

    Nope. They’ll never spot me in this. I’ll just blend in with the other traffic.

  • opiesysco

    $8 for a freaking sandwich??

  • ross

    Big sandwhich.

  • Peter Egan

    Too bad he didn’t run over any of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters while making his getaway.

    • Deus Vult

      for that it would have been preferable to use a steam roller followed CLOSELY by a street sweeper!!! LOL!
      NO MORE “resdient” obama, mooochelle “antionette” and the cabal of marxist czars!

    • gary-bg

      he was on a beer run for Occupy wall streeters lol

  • Morgan

    The steam roller must have been in use . . .

  • Tom in NY

    Stick a fork(lift) in him, he’s done.

  • Doug

    Pretty forkin’ stupid!

  • Richard Henkle

    Since when does a dine-n-dash make the news?

    • Doug

      When the guy makes his getaway in a forklift he stole just before stealing the sandwich, it becomes newsworthy.

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