Details Of Local Police Chief’s Arrest Released

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) – The FBI opened sealed documents in connection with the arrest of a local police chief Monday morning.

East Washington Police Chief Donald Solomon was arrested on Friday, but few details were released at the time.

On Monday, a United States magistrate judge ordered Solomon to be held in jail without bail, calling him a flight risk and a danger to the community.

He faces three counts of corruption under the Hobbs Act, alleging he accepted money to protect a drug deal and to buy Tasers for a purported drug dealer to collect illegal debts.

Earlier, recorded conversations with Solomon were played at a detention hearing alleging his plan to kill a former female roommate and a borough councilman.

In one conversation, he tells a source on the phone “I’m the best cop that money can buy.”

He told a government source that he was allegedly behind a drive by shooting. The target in the shooting was the car of the boyfriend of his former girlfriend.

Another case showed that his former female roommate could have been in danger.

Solomon was quoted as saying, “If I had the chance to [expletive] up Patty, you wouldn’t be able to recognize her face. I would just make some of her disappear. I’m serious. I could do it.”

Those conversations were played to convince a magistrate judge that Solomon is a flight risk and danger to the community and should remain in jail without bail pending trial. The judge agreed.


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One Comment

  1. Jim says:

    So much for all the talk that all cops are “heros”…

  2. FARMER D!! says:

    Hey cops are people just like anyone else dont forget that!!!!!! So before you put them all down you better remember that because one day when you are in need of help you WILL call one!!!

    1. John says:

      Don’t forget that police officers are people? Wow. What a crucial point you’ve made. How did any of us survive this long without your words of wisdom to guide us?

      Please continue to offer us insightful comments like the one you posted. Tell us, oh Wise Farmer D, what is this “grabbity” thing we’ve been hearing about that supposedly keeps us from flying off into outer space. Is that true? What about two wrongs making a right? Please, please, work “a penny saved is a penny earned” mindlessly into a response.

      Yes, thank you. Police officers are people. Some police officers, it turns out, are crooks. They then hopefully eventually get arrested by other police officers. We’re all bright enough to distinguish “criminal wearing a badge” from “real police officer.” Your mindless declaration of cliches doesn’t help us. Sit down now and let the grownups talk.

  3. 1-2-3 says:

    Sounds like this guy thought he was above the Law, he was suppose to Serve and Protect. He gives cops a bad name., this guy ain’t making any hero list.

  4. Law Abiding Officer says:

    It truly makes me sick that there are Police Officers out there like Donald Solomon who think that they are above the law and can not be held accountable for thier actions! I am a law abiding citizen and also a law enforcement officer. It is officers like Mr. Solomon that make my job harder and puts my life in even more danger than it already is. It is unfortunate that out of a thousand great Police Officers there could be one dirt bag like Donald Solomon to give us all a bad name!! I hope he rots in prison!!!!

  5. Rainy Day says:

    For every one Donald Soloman, there are ten or more that know what is going on and don’t say anything. Maybe they are on the take, maybe they aren’t. They just don’t say anything. What do they say, the fish rots from the head down…..

  6. Good Cop says:

    It is a shame as a Police Officer myself this makes me sick! I work hard to be a good honest officer and that one person can put doubt in every officer that wears a uniform with honor and pride. How did he become Chief? He didnt get like this over night be was “bad” from the start and should never been a police officer in the first place. Please dont judge us all like you judge this guy, casue we are good people that swore to protect you. And to all my law enforcement brothers god bless you and be safe.

  7. John says:

    “Good Cop” and “Law Abiding Officer” needn’t worry. This man wasn’t really a police officer.

    Criminal breaks out of prison. He manages, somehow, to acquire a police officer’s uniform, and starts using it as the means to commit more crimes. Eventually he’s arrested. Was he a police officer? Nope. He was a criminal wearing a police uniform.

    That’s all this “Chief” was. It’s just that his criminal status was hidden by his lack of prior convictions (something that’s about to change). It’s just as if he stole the uniform he wore. That’s all. Merely wearing a policeman’s uniform doesn’t make someone a “real” cop. Intelligent people know the difference.

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