Attack At West View McDonald’s Drive-Thru Investigated

WEST VIEW (KDKA) — Police are investigating a brutal attack at a local fast food restaurant.

According to police, the incident happened at the McDonald’s on Perry Highway in West View around 4:30 a.m. Sunday and police say the suspects were dressed up as characters from Sesame Street.

“There people in various Halloween costumes – some to mention Cookie Monster, I believe Bert and Ernie and some others,” West View Police Chief Bruce Fromlak said.

One woman was dressed as a sexy serving wench. According to the police complaint, two cars were in line. The black Hummer was at the drive-in window with the people in costume. The driver in the second vehicle, Joseph Kryl, 36, was getting antsy to order his breakfast sandwich.

“The operator of that vehicle yelled out, ‘I’ve been waiting here 10 minutes. Can I go ahead of you?’” Chief Fromlak said.

That’s when Shawn Klinge got out of the Hummer and Joseph Kryl exited his car. It got ugly.

“Words were exchanged, pushing, shoving,” Chief Fromlak said. “Next thing you know, they’re both on the ground.”

The brawl expanded when 31-year-old Olivia Patterson, Kryl’s companion, got out to help him. Then three women exited the Hummer – Casey Ashbaugh, Crystal Dedo and Melinda Klinge.

Police say Melinda Klinge, 28, shattered a rear passenger window in Kryl’s car and bashed Olivia Patterson over the head with a high-heeled boot.

“She got hit in the head repeatedly to the point of unconsciousness,” Chief Fromlak said.

Police found Patterson in convulsions.

“This girl was seizing, having seizures, she was bleeding profusely from the back of the head,” Fromlak said.

Klinge is charged with simple and aggravated assault, but police still have to review surveillance tapes.

“There are other charges pending,” Fromlak said.

Patterson was taken to Allegheny General Hospital where doctors needed to put six staples to close her head wound.

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  • Wayner Palke

    Nothing beats getting a Big Mac, Frie’s, a cold shake, and a Hawaiian PUNCH in the mouth!

  • Randy

    “I’m Loving It”

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  • wavygravynet

    McDonald’s is fast becoming the place where the creeps meet to eat.

  • bserius

    I see it was vital that we knew it was a Hummer ,,,, yet we don’t know the make of the other vehicle …

    We also know the Hummer left the scene ,,,,, as opposed to the people

    • captain pickles

      LMAO – Dead on !!!! The lamestream media is so prediculous !

      • David Simonoff

        prediculous is a new one to me

      • cedarbark

        I love that word “prediculous”!!!

        The ENEMEDIA is prediculous!

      • Htos1

        Prediculous!Awesome,I’m stealing that!!!!You’ll see it around the webscape now!

  • Maggie in Georgia

    I have no clue how this really started. However, it is a shame what it does to the whole Philly area. I just completed a two month job in the area and made certain I stayed outside Philadelphia! Philly had already been in the news for mob attacks. You have a beautiful city but these type incidents will have long reaching effects on the economy and may possible affect those perpetrating these very atrocities! It is time to clean up Philadelphia!

    • philly

      maggie, Pittsburgh is not Philly nor is it even close to Philly. Y’all should stay down south where it isn’t that complicated.

      • Jsmith90

        Do you mean Mt Lebanon, or did you really insult 20% of the whole US for something that minor?

      • Texasnation

        Philly, I agree Maggie doesn’t know her geography between Pittsburgh and Philadelpha. But why did you have to go sounding stupid by slamming the South. Would this be South Pennsylvania or Southern US? Come on, I have good friends in Sharon and West Penn. is nice. There are places all over the US that are beautiful, fun to visit with great people but I’m from Texas which might be considered down South.

    • stace

      this is Pittsburgh, get out a map, they are over 300 miles apart…philly is a hole, Pitt, not so much.

      • McNabb

        I live in Philly and I totally agree with this statement. Very far apart and Pittsburg is a somewhat decent city, while Philly is 90% Ghetto hellhole, with mobs of ghetto teens sending raiding parties into the other 10%

        I do find it funny they were quick to mention someone was driving a Hummer, but never really got into the makeup of the victim and attackers. Something tells me race was involved.

        In PA is relatively easy to get a permit to carry a firearm legally. Its time for people to start arming themselves, unless you want to be beaten into a coma, while you are trying to buy your kids a happy meal.

      • dajha

        hello did you not see that they were white??? what a dumb question what matters does it make anyways it doesn’t change the fact …that a woman got hit in the very seriously with boots , if they had of been black than what would you say besides oh it figures i mean really.

      • Malik Al Spaghetti

        Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, NYC, LA, etc. it’s all the same. Big cities = potential mob attacks, personal beat downs by two or more ganging up on one feeling satisfied when the victim is bleeding and convulsing, people acting worse than animals. This is any big city ruined by liberals. One common denominator though is strict gun control. You don’t find this behavior much in areas where carry permits are issued. People are more hesitant to harm others when they fear it may be their last day alive.

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  • jim

    Nothing good ever happens outside after 2am

    • Jsmith90

      That’s a fact!

  • Leonard

    Any demographic information available?

    • RSK

      When it is not reported specifically, what do you think it is?

  • ECH

    The report has gaps and prompts questions. One is not sure what driver was assualted, and for what reason, and who got out to help who in the matter. Did not the guy in the other car come up to the Hummer? Did he strike the driver of the Hummer? Or was it the other way around? Dis he girl try to help him and then was pounced on by three others? Who was defending who? The police went after the Hummer, but what about the other car (apart from the injury)? Anyway, it’s sad and distressing that people get so impatient over anything and think a fight is the only solution. Restless, amoral adults behaving badly again….

    • greg

      Great point! This artical l like so many others was poorly written!

      • Jim Spaulding

        ‘Artical’??? Poorly written? Gawd one just can’t make these morons up.

  • Paolo

    What race?

  • Lakewood Ed

    Let me guess, They were all sober. ;)

    • JEN

      Absoloutely! Stone cold SOBER!

  • Carl Curmudgeon

    A delay in the drive-thru lane,
    Results in a woman’s head pain,
    This is not a fib,
    They loved their McRib,
    They’d beat down that woman again.

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  • Fanny Forbes Franklen

    Degenerates eating waste material called food. What else would you expect?

  • MisterJones

    Nothing a few well placed shots could not have cured.

  • Brett

    What I wanna know is, if you can afford a hummer what are you doing in a drive thru?

  • drive thru please

    McDonald’s are notorious for huge gang fights in the parking lot. I’ve seen a few.

  • Matt

    I wonder if the fact that all McD’s commercials are now catering toward Rappers and rapper wannabes had anything to do with this.

    • krp

      Those are the ones that are out and about at 2 o’clock in the morning. Do you have any idea how much of their revenue they collect after midnight?

      I don’t know either, but I bet it is significant.

      Remember , McDonalds recently posted a 9% revenue growth, you know that isn’t an accident and you go where Obama’s walking around money went.

    • dajha

      actually not , the people in the hummer were hungry for their breakfast sandwiches they had common sense to know that they must wait their turn to order !, what in the hell does rappers or rock bands have to do with people going in sane over breakfast food i dont get it wow! its call free will

  • Wayner

    Mr. UDO you is so rude oh! Heather is a decent real lady. That I’ve had the pleasure to have met at the courthouse, while I was sporting some unique habidashery, a few week’s back. I definetely would take Heather out to a far better place to wine her & dine her than MCKee D’s!!

  • Reese

    If she would only listen to Michelle and stick to eating carrot sticks and black-eyed peas this wouldn’t have happened. Maybe it’s George Bush’s fault.

  • got my 357 handy

    noooooooooo no no no

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  • sunshiney

    Mayor McCheese is not gonna be happy about this.

  • jpop

    Trash is trash no matter how you look at!!!

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