Penn State Scandal: Students React, Paterno’s Secrecy

PITTSBURGH (NewRadio 1020 KDKA) – As the sexual assault scandal surrounding former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky continues to escalate, both alumni and current students at the school are speaking out about the allegations and the response by head coach Joe Paterno.

First, NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Larry Richert and John Shumway talk with Emily Kaplan, current Penn State student and a columnist at the Penn State Collegian, about how students are reacting to the scandal.

Kaplan tells Larry and John why she thinks the school’s reputation may never fully recover, and why the allegations are hitting the school’s vaunted athletic tradition especially hard.

Listen to the full interview here:

Then, Larry and John discuss the historic secrecy within the Penn State football program with Frank Fitzpatrick, a writer with the Philadelphia Inquirer and author of The Lion in Autumn: A Season with Joe Paterno and Penn State Football. 

Fitzpatrick tells Larry and John how Paterno’s drive to maintain the football program’s privacy may have fanned the flames of scandal.

Listen to the full interview here:

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One Comment

  1. John says:

    I am not a Penn State fan at all. I graduated from Pitt. One needs to remember that after Joe Paterno told administrators about the incident, the matter becomes a personnel matter and cannot be discussed. Mr. Paterno would not have had access to any information about the ongoing case. He did what was required of him. He should not have been privy to any other oinformation about the case,

  2. local says:

    I think that if McQueary did not report what he saw until the next day he must not of seen much of anything. If he did witness a sexual encounter then he should be arrested for not acting in the defense of a minor.

    1. Karen says:

      But he should have notified police as the is a criminal matter. H e did what was legally right, but not morally right. This is a crime and should have been handled by the police not the University. He was obviously not concerned abut he 10 Year old boy in this case, but the footbal program at Penn State. He is parlty reponsible this continued for 9 more years.

      1. BK says:

        There are a lot of people who are in trouble with the law and will rightly be jailed and/or fired. Paterno could have gone to the police but did not – why? Probably because Jerry Sandusky was not his employee when he learned about the abuse in 2002. Sandusky had retired in 1999.

        Paterno relied upon or hid behind the PSU administration while they dealt with the problem. He probably was told to keep it confidential since he had no authority in overseeing this administratively. Also, he probably didn’t want to be dragged into this mess knowing his name would be forever tarnished by association with Sandusky for so many years.

        Is it possible JoePa knew a lot more much sooner? Yes. If so, he should be included in the criminal investigation. If not, he did what he was required to do if not what he should have done. Going public with the information was probably not viable and certainly not desirable. If he goes to the police – his career is over right there more than likely. Maybe he didn’t have the moral courage to face the fire, we’ll probably never know the details.

  3. Fred says:

    While any act against a child whether physical,emotional or sexual is reprehensible and those who perform these acts should face all penalties alowed by law and then some.
    Now let us look at the Penn State scandel, and remember you are suppose to be innocent until proven guilty, but as we know that anyone accused of these crimes is treated as guiktly as soon as charges are filed, and if cleared the are still preceived as guilty for the rest of their lives. Sandusy is alleged to have performed these acts , and since the investagation is ongoing it seems decisions are being made for one purpose to guarantee donations and funding for the university McQueary says he saw an incident did not report it immediately he talked t his father he is the one with the morality issue if he saw as reported a why did he not step in to stop it in the shower, or call the police at that time who if not himself or is position was he protecting. Now Joe Paterno was told about the incident, and did what he should have by reporting it to his superiorsi who chose to little if anything, and Tom Corbett the governer steps up to the mhas hisic and says Joe Paterno did the legal right thing but not the moral thing. Come on Tom YOU HAVE YOUR OWN MORAL ISSUES and stop using the media for your personal gaines We all know the media is worried about getting the facts correct instead of ratings by twisting informaton as to best get ratings now Paterno is gone and the gut who says he witnessed it and did the samethng still has his ,, something wrong here?

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