Oakmont Man Injured In Drive-By Pumpkin Attack

OAKMONT (KDKA) – Oakmont Police are investigating after a 64-year-old man was hit in the head by a pumpkin.

Police Chief David DiSanti says Rose and Daniel Wagner were walking along the 900-block of Pennsylvania Avenue at about 8:30 p.m. Wednesday when someone tossed the pumpkin from a moving car.

Daniel was taken to a local hospital emergency room for treatment. His wife told KDKA-TV it doesn’t appear he had any brain injuries, but may have suffered a concussion.

He’s also sore and bruised.

She said it happened so fast that her husband fell face down. They didn’t realize it was a pumpkin that struck him at first.

Police are also investigating after a homeowner reported some pumpkins were stolen from outside her home shortly before Wagner was hit.

Police want to hear from people who may have heard or seen anything. Callers can remain anonymous.

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One Comment

  1. stephanie white says:

    Love the comments! It’s sad but day by day we are seeing evil growing in strength. Whoever did this, probably did think it was funny when those two kids threw the shopping cart on that lady in NY – the lady that was going in Target to buy candy for the “poor under privileged children”.

    1. Bill in Tennessee says:

      You may be right, but what I see growing is complete insensitivity to others, no ability to connect cause with effect, no ability to see consequences of one’s actions, and the loss of critical thinking. Withe Facebook and twitter, the kids of today have NO empathy, they themselves are the center of the universe and only what THEY are doing at any given moment is of importance, to be shared with the entire world (as if we’re interested), and that others, especially stranger, the old, the infirm, the unattractive, the…fill in the blank, don’t REALLY deserve to live or to be treated with any respect at all. This is the final result of liberal education, where kids are rewarded with trophies for participating and where every failing is somehow ignored or rewarded.

      1. sherry says:

        Way to generalize. I’m fourteen, and I DO have empathy, and I definitely do not think I’m the center of the universe. I was raised in poverty and I grew up learning that EVERYONE is equal.

  2. Ken says:

    Let me guess who they are: Kids with no job, never had one day of responsibility, never been in the service, and with an IQ under 100. Sheesh, I’m glad I don’t live there.

  3. Leon says:

    Bored kids, who spend their day killing countless others in video games.

    1. sherry says:

      why are so many people assuming that the thrower is a teen? not all of us are like that, if you want to generalize, do that. but you seem like a complete idiot.

    2. Happydots says:

      Yes, video games kill people. Get a clue, Leon. I’m a gamer, a conservative, a mother of six and a pretty kick ass Shaman thank you very much. If he was killing things on a game, the chances are, he wouldn’t have had the desire to hit someone with a pumpkin.

    3. ClearyJ says:

      There are lots of people who play the most violent of video games and are good folks period. The thing about video games in my view is that it gives people who are ALREADY bad guys/gals ideas that they would never come up with on their own. They largely don’t read, but they do play video games. There is no real solution for that, either, because you can’t tell by looking which is a loser and which is a decent enough person. But – I would put penalties on the video game makers for creating attractive nuisances that pull in losers and give them ideas. Not saying that’s what happened here. I have no idea; just saying what I would like to see.

  4. Pittsburg says:

    Just another example of Pittsburg being what it truly is, an utter dung-hole.

    1. Doug says:

      It is spelled Pittsburgh you dung-head

      1. janelle says:

        Anyone who can’t spell it correctly shouldn’t be commenting or taken at all seriously.

  5. AZdude says:

    So is it time for pumpkin control laws? Register pumpkins growers with the state? Limit pumpkin purchases to those 21 and older? Issue permits to own pumpkins? You see where this is going, right? Crimes are the result of people, not objects.

  6. Hope in Shasta says:

    Ugh! “Oakmont Police are investigating after a 64-year-old man was hit in the head by a pumpkin.” A pumpkin can not hit anyone. It should say he was hit with a pumpkin. Sheesh. I hope the best for Mr. Wagner and pray he makes a full recovery. It is sad that enyone would find entertainment in causeing pain to others

  7. Dr. Evil says:

    The guy will live. It sucks to be him for a few days.

    All I can say, “Good shot…..wow”

    I can assure you that the throwers were as surprised as anyone. Ever try chuckin a pumpkin?

  8. derrtydave says:

    Ya because kids never did anything stupid like this until Obama got elected. It must be the liberals’ fault. Or wait, maybe it’s parents.

    Until your kids cower in fear every time you pick up a length of PVC pipe, you’re failing at being a good parent.

    1. D'Terian Theodorius Jackson IV says:

      shut up stupid.

  9. ron says:

    Was just thinking that.

  10. dave says:

    We need stronger gourd laws! Otherwise, the streets will run beige with pulp.

  11. SeaBob says:

    In December of 2000, up in Seattle, I was struck from behind with a pumpkin that had been thrown from a moving vehicle. It hit me in the small of by back, and pancaked me on the sidewalk. My spleen was shattered, and a couple of blood vessels were ruptured. I nearly bled out in the time it took to get me to a hospital. I woke up a day later, minus my spleen. The case was never solved. I know first hand what you’re gong through, Daniel. Hang in there!

    1. Constance says:

      Yikes. You are lucky to be alive. Who would have thought about throwing a pumpkin at somebody? Sick, twisted people, that’s who.

  12. mephistofan says:

    You are either an overpaid, public service union cop, or entirely deluded.It’s not like on TV at all. Although many cops are dedicated, all too many could not give a damn and they are just putting in their years and narking time until much too early retirement. If you really want to see good police work, try shooting a cop.

  13. Mark Matis says:

    Workin’ on some more of that “testilying” there, eh, GunnerLee? But then it’s only “testilying” if you do it under oath. Y’all can lie to Mere Citizens with impunity, based on MANY previous cases through your “Legal” system.

    mephistofan nailed it.

  14. Robert Mancini says:

    When I was 15 (1965) I was hit by a hollowed out pumpkin thrown from a moving car. Hit me in the back and flattened me. I’m surprised the man survived.

  15. thinandblue says:

    That last line tells me all I need to know about your attitude towards us civilians.

  16. ClearyJ says:

    @Constance – the shock is understandable, but just consider what’s involved: a 3-5 pound object hitting someone at 35 miles an hour. It doesn’t take much. And as has been said – the thugs are cowards. It’s too bad that God didn’t create things such that bad guys simply evaporated or dissolved in the rain.

  17. hrdcore says:

    yea when I was a teen I was hit by a simple paper shake drink. the teens were going around 30 mph when they launched it. It hit me in the shin and left a bruise. not to mention it hurt like hell and was a mess. (turned as I heard car coming or would have got it in backside) let them rot in jail is my vote

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