Jim Burn Talks Gov. Corbett, Second Mile Grant

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Mike Pintek was joined today by Jim Burn, President of the Allegheny County Council.

They discussed the issues surrounding Governor Corbett and the Second Mile grant. 

Pintek asks questions like why would the Governor approve the grant for a charity he knew was already under investigation or how much did their campaign contributions affect his decisions.

You can hear the answers to these questions and more here now!

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  1. Jan Lennartsen says:

    Both Corbett and the AG have miserably mishandled this investigation and allowed the community to get upset over an indictment that is fundamentally flawed in its writing and covers up major holes in the testimony. This is a travesty and worse than the Duke Lacrosse case, which also had “many people coming forth” after the crazy DA in NC went gonzo over a flawed indictment. In America the bedrock of our legal system is people are innocent until proven guilty. Heck, in a grand jury investigation the person investigated is not even told what they are looking at, and there has been no hearing and no trial. The only two serious allegations were statutory rape, one of which may have been non-consenting…but that is accompanied by such holes and problems people already see the problems with it. The other charge is by a guy who cannot even testify since he was 80 at the time and is now so demented he cannot, so all we have is the word of a person not even there, and all he said is the other guy saw people in a shower “doing stuff he never saw in Korea”[the war was 1950-3] and this guy thinks that other guy id’d Sandusky as one of those he saw when he saw him in a car[presumably clothed at a distance ] when he saw the man in a parking lot hours later. Okay let us have a lineup of 5 white-haired dudes nekkid in a shower with steam and then dressed in parked cars at 20 feet in both cases! Beyond this, as said in America people are innocent until proven guilty, and both Gov. Corbett and his AG have forgotten that. That is a far worse crime than some potential creep perving out joining unclad boys in showers. This is not the second coming of Jeff Dahmer. But it may be the second coming of Titus Oates. He drove England crazy in the 1660s by similar wild charges.

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