Franco Harris Shakes Off Criticism

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Franco Harris is an iconic figure, but once he started defending Joe Paterno, people started turning on the Steeler Hall of Famer.

Franco’s not backing down.

“Once you get all the information, you’ll see that Joe did all he could do,” he told KDKA-TV.

He carried out one of the greatest plays in NFL history, the immaculate reception. But fighting off tackles may have been easier than the hits he’s taking this week.

In a letter, Mayor Ravenstahl told Harris he had a “… callous disregard and indifference for the victims of sexual abuse at Penn State.”

Harris took it in stride.

“It really is disappointing that someone in his position would try to tear somebody down while he wants to make a point about child abuse,” Harris said.

“I felt that Franco was saying and doing things that were detrimental to the Pittsburgh Promise and I felt that that needed to stop,” Ravenstahl said.

Then on the “Dr. Phil Show,” Franco faced more slings and arrows from a former NFL player who’s an advocate for child victims.

“With all due respect to Franco, his NFL career far outlived mine, but his loyalty has made him delusional,” Heath Evans, an NFL analyst, said.

Harris, who says he’s never heard of Heath Evans, says public opinion will change when they hear the whole story about Paterno’s actions in the Penn State scandal.

“I’m not a delusional sort of guy,” Harris said. “I like to see things for real, but a lot of people don’t have all the information.”

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One Comment

  1. Burger says:

    If you don’t admire Franco for defending his friend, your a jagoff

    1. NiceGrammarDoofus says:

      If you admire him for not first defending the Sandusky victims then YOU’RE the jagoff.

  2. Crailer says:

    Harris is definitely delusional if he thinks ANYTHING is going to come out showing Paterno did everything he could possibly have done.

  3. Critter says:

    Sissy democrats dont like what he is saying.

  4. ray says:

    go franco it’s about time somebody has the guts too stand up and not tow the corporate line the media has been sickening in this case they blame paterno with no facts even the victims attorney and the attorney general question the firing but you have to look hard to find that out

  5. double yoi says:

    Keepin’ it classy up in here as usual.

    Go Pittsburgh! Stay PRAHD!

  6. Guy says:

    Franco, You are even stronger than I thought you were. If what is alleged by Sandusky’s victims is true, he should never see the light of day again. If the officials, commentators, other headline “pimps” and ultimately the court are able to connect the dots, which are NOW devoid of fact, Joe Paterno should fall from grace. That being said, the media should spend more time on due process and first amendment rights and less on ratings. Isn’t it odd that not one official or commentator has played the role of a “devil”s advocate”. Duh, I wonder why? Incidentally, let’s hold all involved (those mentionerd above, including adult victims and their parents, if they knew) to the same moral standard. What is said by lawyers: “if you don’t have the facts, argue the law; if you daon’t have the law, argue the facts and if you don’t have the facts or the law, pound on the table”. It’s easier to “shoot the messenger”, especially if that person gives you headlines (and maybe even a TV show).

  7. Zip It says:

    Franco doesn’t seem to know when to shut up

  8. jerry says:

    Way to go FRANCO keep up the good work.I admire you and will stand up for you ALL THE WAY. Just because Luke is MAYOR of Pittsburgh,he IS NOT always RIGHT and knows what is right or wrong. Luke has done some dumb things in his life.GO FRANCO GO…….

  9. Lee says:

    Franco seems to be the only saying we should wait for all the facts with regard to Joe. Way to go, Franco!!! You are way more balanced than other media that is driving for ratings vs. due process.

  10. Glen Kibler says:

    Franco’s Army unite !
    Franco you are a man of honor, and I, along with many others admire your support of Joe Paterno. If that mayor would quit trying to jump on the media band wagon long enough to listen to all the facts, he might see that the punishment does not match the crime (which he has not committed). Here is a good idea Franco,,,, RUN FOR MAYOR !!!!! See how the mayor would like that.

  11. Ed Matthews says:

    In lieu of choosing sides and trying to score points, tell me just where the line should be drawn. How much is enough? It’s obvious that there are those who would gladly remove his name from the record books, strip him of honors and destroy him utterly. Let’s all try to remember this is all based on a case where no one has been convicted in the courts. The continued finger pointing only satisfies some perverse desire for bringing down anyone even remotely connected with Penn State football and Joe Paterno. Now the taint has attached to Franco Harris who is guilty of nothing more than trying to defend his former coach. Please, can we just take a deep breath and calm down. This is going to take a while to work its was through the legal system. The media will enjoy the boost in sales & ratings for a long time. Books will be written. Fortunes will be made. If that doesn’t give pause then, by all means, enjoy yourselves. Who knows, at the end of the legal process your side may emerge victorious. Don’t expect congratulations.

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