PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The time of year has come again for many to try and create a holiday glow at home that is as bright as the season itself.

However, dealing with holiday lights can be so frustrating and discouraging.

The Light Keeper Pro claims to be able to come to the rescue by providing a quick fix for your lighting woes.

Doug Satterfield, owner of Rollier’s Hardware, said that’s because there’s more than one reason your lights may not be working.

One of the most common reasons is a defective shunt, which is the little wire underneath the filament that carries electricity to the bulb, and the next ones down the line.

The Light Keeper Pro claims, with a few clicks, it can send a low voltage signal through the light set, and get the lights back on.

If that’s not the problem, there could be a bad connection, a loose or missing bulb, or a twisted wire.

The Light Fixer Pro claims it can help with that, too. Simply press a button, move along the light string, and the beeping will stop when it finds a bad spot.

Doug said he’s had customers save enough light strands for several holidays by taking some time with the Light Fixer Pro.

KDKA-TV’s Jennifer Antkowiak tested .

Does it Really Do That?

She found out that the product does eliminate a lot of the guess work in diagnosing a problem with a string of lights. While it takes some time to go through the instructions, online videos are helpful.

Overall, the product gets a thumbs up.

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