By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In the battle for holiday shopping dollars, there’s a bit of a price war breaking out.

It turns out that buying a gift online may not always be cheaper than going into a store. did the research.

“We’re an online business and we thought on-line would be much cheaper, and it wasn’t,” Max Levitte said.

A survey found that product prices at didn’t always beat those at a brick and mortar store like Walmart.

Karen Kallam manages the Walmart Supercenter in Robinson and wasn’t surprised that found that adding up 41 similar inexpensive Christmas gifts, Walmart beat Amazon by $9.13.

For many shoppers, it’s not just prices that bring them into the store.

While there’s an obvious convenience to going on line at home and buying a particular product, nothing quite beats going into the store itself and touching and feeling and seeing the gift you want to buy.

Levitte says retail stores may have another advantage.

“If you’re buying a kid’s bike, you can order it at Amazon, but Walmart actually puts it together for you,” he said.

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