By Ralph Iannotti

HERMINIE (KDKA) — Five-year-old Hayden Stoll is back at his home in Herminie with his parents and siblings for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

The boy, who was attacked by a pit bull in front of his house, is scheduled to have more surgery next week.

His mother, Jennifer Stoll, said her child used to be full of life, but now he has three fractures in his jaw and a metal plate in his face that needs to be removed.

His face remains bruised and he has a tube in one of his ears for drainage.

His father, William, and grandfather, managed to pry the pit bull off the child’s face after hitting the dog in the head with a rock last Friday.

Police are still looking for the dog’s owner.

Jennifer says her son deserves justice and wants people to come forward if they have information about the dog’s owner.

The animal is a blue pit bull, which are bred for fighting, according to the dog warden.

The dog will be put down on Monday and the boy’s father says he’ll be there to watch.

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