Shoppers Pack Monroeville Mall On Black Friday, Victoria’s Secret Deal Leads To Hot Tempers

MONROEVILLE (KDKA) — People camped out, lined up and pushed through the doors when stores opened as early as midnight for early bird specials this Black Friday.

Everyone was looking for a good deal on that holiday gift, but not everyone was in a giving mood. A small scuffle reportedly broke out at one sale in the Monroeville Mall.

Some consider Thanksgiving to be the start of the holiday season, but dedicated shoppers say it’s today, and they were out in full force.

The gift of sales – a joyous day that comes but once a year. It had shoppers up in the middle of the night, all for a discount.

“I left the house about 10:30,” said one shopper.

Not 10 a.m., no, that’s 10:30 at night.

With many businesses opening much earlier this year, stores had waves of customers at places like Monroeville Mall, where many stores opened at midnight unlike the normal doorbuster rush of Black Fridays past.

One of the most climactic parts of the day was at Victoria’s Secret, where a hot deal on yoga pants had some women fuming.

“Literally, girls were punching each other,” said shopper Liz Wentling. “They threw little bags in baskets and they were just like, ‘Here.’ Girls were literally shoving each other, moms were getting into it.”

The morning shoppers finally settled down, but getting up in the middle of the night meant that some literally shopped till they dropped. Some took advantage of the massage chairs conveniently set up in the mall as they checked their shopping lists.

“Just myself,” said shopper Shannon Smith. “I’m still shopping for myself.”

Of course, Santa Claus is at the mall too. He’ll be there every day from now until Christmas Eve.

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One Comment

  1. kristy says:

    all this for YOGA PANTS? freakin’ losers. get a life.

    1. Dave Foltz says:

      The worst comment I’ve ever read. Were you dropped on your head as a child?

  2. drlynch says:

    @animalfarm No, they have plenty of OUR money to spend.

  3. jason says:

    Victoria’s Secret? What self-respecting woman would buy anything from Victoria’s Secret. It’s sexist and demeaning to women. Girls, you really need to make better choices in life.

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      You’re just saying that because you date a feminist fat pig.

      1. Non-feminist says:

        He didn’t say it was demeaning to feminists, he said it was demeaning to all women.

    2. freecheese says:

      Sexist and demeaning ? Huh? So are women who seek out rich men — and there are MANY of them !

    3. Illogicbuster says:

      As opposed to wearin’ a potato sack

    4. whitemanking says:

      well, guess we know who the ugly girl here is

    5. biff says:

      It is sexist…but man I still love a good push up bra. But demeaning…although there are those thigh highs…

      1. TheEuropean says:

        You don’t know the meaning of the word demeaning until your sweetie gets on her hands and knees and eats out of a dog dish.

    6. leah says:

      The fact that women need and wear underwear objects them to sexism? Whoa. I wonder what tampons do to us…

    7. jerry says:

      great job Jason you just called almost all women sexist because ask a woman and they will tell you it is “their decision” to shop at those places because ‘they’ like how it makes them look and feel, not just for mens eyes. In our hyper feminist pc world do you think all of the victoria secret type places would exist if millions of women didnt want that product? jason people like you who judge others like this are sexit and demeaning to women and men…. go live in the catholic middle ages with the rest of your kind.

      1. jerry is a bigot says:

        I don’t see anything about religion or Catholicism in his comment. His comment seems to be more related to 20th century feminism, which was virulently anti-Catholic. When you irrationally insert an anti-Catholic comment in your response to an original comment has nothing to do with religion or Catholicism, your anti-Catholic bigotry is shining bright…

    8. Rose says:

      Personally, I have bigger issues to think about than where I buy my underwear. I’m more worried about where I buy my food just what is in it (hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, etc.). I think most of this country could stand to make some better choices, but underwear is pretty low on my priority list. Beating people up over merchandise is just plain trashy and embarrassing, but I don’t think buying some underwear and bras at Victoria’s Secret is demeaning to women.

    9. a. james says:

      What’s wrong with a woman expressing femininity and sexuality? Would you like women to wear burkas?

      …furthermore, the majority of the items sold at Victoria’s Secret are bedroom attire. Who are you to judge what people wear behind closed doors?

      1. Leo Jerome says:


      2. regulate bedroom behavior now says:

        I can judge anything I want. That nonsense about people having the right to do whatever they want behind closed doors is just that, nonsense. Society has a right to regulate EVERYTHING because everything you do affects your health and therefore possibly your need for social assistance. Don’t like it? End the weflare state and then you can have your privacy.

    10. patriotgirl1 says:

      Demeaning to women? I love feeling feminine and sexy. If you don’t like VS, I would say there is def something wrong with you as a man.

      1. Gay Friendly says:

        So there is something wrong with gay guys? I’m getting your IP address from CBS and sending it to the Obama administration so that they can prosecute you for hate crimes. Gay people get beat up and killed everyday because of people like you who promote hatred against them.

      2. Jake says:

        Obama already has at least three websites where you report people. In fact, I just reported Gay Friendly for violating Obama’s Stop Snitching policy.

      3. English police says:

        What is “def”? Are you one of the Beastie Boys? If not, please learn how to write in English.

    11. Sammie Jo says:

      like what? granny panties?

  4. Snuggle Pugs says:

    Many have been so indoctrinated to be robots …. SILLY PEOPLE

    1. Kip Noxzema says:

      There you go talking about Oba-Mao voters again.

    2. johnnie says:


  5. Judy says:

    Outradministration has been feeding into this ME generation and that they are entitled to act like animals like they do on Wall Street. Do you really think that these girls were buying presents for their mother or the 19 year old boy is getting his parents a new TV. I don’t think so.

  6. Wayner D. Palke says:

    The real secret was not Victoria Secret yoga pants resulting in fisticuff’s! It is all the whacko’s that would devote themselves to getting up at 3 in the morning, for a so called Black Friday, instead of shopping for Christmas gifts all throughout the year?? That’s what Wayner doe’s!

  7. JM in San Diego CA says:

    The stores put people up to this for the publicity value. (There’s a sucker born every minute.)

  8. JM in San Diego CA says:

    Crayola is removing all racist colors from next years boxes of Crayons.

    It’s true. it was on the news.

  9. Dan! says:

    Hey! you’re wrong! I’m a liberal arts major with a dual degree from a top undergrad school, advanced grad degrees. I come from money and “do very well”. My girl is a blue blood professional, seasoned world traveler, and successful entrepreneur. She and I love VS.

    1. Casper says:

      Sorry, you two turned out to be such inconsequential wastes. Typical left-wing idiots. I’m positively sure of it.

    2. Kip Noxzema says:

      You forgot to include you and Ms. Very Well are into ego as well.

    3. MadMike says:

      Liberal Arts “major”, not much to brag about buddy.

    4. a. james says:

      lmao. Liberal Arts. There’s a badge of honor that most people wouldn’t want to wear. Hmm, on second though, it’s not a badge of honor at all.

    5. rw says:

      I read a quote today from, of all people, Barry Switzer the football coach that describes you perfectly.

      “Some people are born on third base and live their lives like they hit a triple”.

  10. 102 lbs and gorgeous says:

    Victoria’s Secret is a place where people who care about their bodies can ship for nice things that compliment them. It’s not a place for savage fatties.

    1. 102 lbs and gorgeous says:

      Obviously not “ship,” that should be “shop” lol. I love their items.

      1. Seth says:

        102 lbs and gorgeous… I’ll be the judge of that.

      2. BobbyONJ says:

        Where are you gorgeous?

  11. Jason's opposite says:

    Sounds freaking HOT.

  12. jeff says:

    hey old dude you are as stupid as Joy Behar if you think that is why it is called black Friday. Just so you can be informed Black Friday means that you are trying to get out of the red which is negative into the black which is good. You should go try occupying a school for a while you moron

    1. Tom says:

      Earth to Jeff…..Earth to Jeff: OldDude was making a joke, trying to point out how everything gets turned into a racial issue. Jeez. Talk about your morons.

    2. PeasPlease says:

      Jeff, it was sarcasm. Know it when you see!

    3. biff says:

      Easy on poor Jeff…he was up early trying to get a good deal on yoga pants this morning.

    4. Kip Noxzema says:

      You took it the wrong way, but you were definitely right about Behar.

    5. Toby says:

      Actually, Black Friday originally did NOT mean anything about a store moving from the red into the black financially.

      That’s something that was invented in the 80s (ahh… consumerism) when they wanted a positive spin on the name that was coined in the 40s and used akin to the terminology of “Black Tuesday” since the person in question wanted a way of describing the nastiness of the day (people ate turkey and then had to work the next day in retail environments, police had to work to keep order from the crazy people after sales, etc.)

    6. Sammie Jo says:

      That may have been the original meaning but it sure isn’t anymore, thanks to, GUESS WHO?

  13. M says:

    Shop V.S. all you want and vote for all the liberals – Hillary C. is promoting Islam and pushing Comcast to carry Al Jazeera. Soon nobody will be able to see your latest V.S. purchase under that Islamic shroud the Muslums will be forcing all women to wear! Talk about sexist! I’d rather wear V.S. than a burqua!

  14. cheyenne001 says:

    I was staning in line outside the walmart store this morning and i was assulted by an old lady, she kicked me in the balls.

  15. Chick fight? Yoga pants?? Victoria Secret??? WHERE’S THE VIDEO????

  16. schmuck281 says:

    I’ll bet that most of those women fighting over yoga pants couldn’t even fit in them.

    I definitely don’t want to see that video

    1. WhoKnows says:

      Big momma trying to fit into a size 2 while her waist is a size 50? Nope, don’t wanna see that.

  17. Panic Mom says:

    It’s an accounting term — “in the black” means you’ve made money as opposed to “in the red…” Accounting 101.

  18. Enchanted says:

    I shop VS all of the time. There is nothing wrong with wanting to wear nice under things. However after saying that unless the yoga pants were studded with one caret diamonds, I am not fighting anyone. geesch. to solve this primaeval behavior shop on-line. no fuss, no muss 🙂

    Merry Christmas

  19. marcus shelby says:

    Occupy a school room seat a little bit more.

  20. Ellen Carlin says:

    The news media hyped black Friday for two weeks before Thanksgiving. I think they did it to fill dead space in their broadcast. Now they are filling the same spots with hype about the very rare violence. How predictable and boring the whole thing happens to be.

  21. Geno says:

    The news media is falling by the wayside, people get news on the phone form regular people on the streets…..They need to put something on the air between commercials

  22. Jake says:

    Mmmmm Heather Abraham striking a pose on an escalator… BOOTS!

  23. Mrs E says:

    very distressing that our young women are behaving in such an undignified manner…….

  24. Mc. says:


  25. Billy says:

    Consumerism in the US happens to also be consuming sanity in the parties involved.

  26. udo says:

    Sounds Hot!

  27. Anonymous says:

    HOW STUPID CAN THE WORLD GET!? FIST FIGHTS OVER !YOGA PANTS!! (really!?) IN VICTORIA’s SECRET!!!!!? That is like the nastiest place ever! I agree with Jason!

    1. Mayor of GBD says:

      Do you rub one off to a Michael Jackson or George Michael poster? Colon crusher!

  28. Jimbo says:

    I thought yoga was practiced for tranquilty

  29. nymsx says:

    Who’s shopping for yoga pants? Hello – they create a diversion while stealing. They toss and dig deep into their panty boxes and a few end up their sleeves while others shuffle items into their bags. Welcome to consumer “shopping” where your personal belongings are what is really being shopped for

  30. stan_in_usa says:

    I just love how all these losers show a holiday spirit – peace & goodwill to man, yet at their each other’s throats for a hot bargain – as I always say – get a life and stop being phonies this holiday season

  31. Amy says:

    The fight in Victoria secret and other stores proves once again, the dumbing down of America. Thanks to the government, the movies, t.v. and the media, Americans have lost all their morality, respect for themselves and others. The world must be laughing at the fools in this country who are quickly destroying it. The best thing to do is outlaw all sales and limit them to on line purchases only or the morons will continue to prove what idiots they are time and time again. Some of the comments on this link, prove once again, all the idiots were not in the store, some of them posted here.

  32. Sammie Jo says:

    now you know why they call it Black Friday!
    Most of the violence occured at walmarts, where the elite, meet. lol

  33. crif coe says:

    i don’t think that a girl that uses the word ‘literally’ twice in once sentence is a credible enough source to write an essay about, especially when it’s about a cat fight at victoria’s secret. however, now that it’s been published on drudge, i feel very confident that my IQ is far above the average.

    seriously, these journalists need to reevaluate what they call themselves.

  34. Booger McCoy says:

    This oversized, dark gray font is mesmerizing…

  35. kristy says:

    monroeville mall’s becoming so ghetto. get what i’m sayin’? i live close to there, but go to ross park mall.

  36. Wayner D. Palke says:

    I have a theory about the gal’s fighting over Z yoga pants at Victoria’s Secret, they was the same folks that dressed up like Big Bird & fought it out at the drvie thru over Big Mac’s at West View Mckee d’s!!
    Wayner Palke

  37. Wayner D. Palke says:

    What Black Friday really should be stated as, is, “Black’n Blue Friday!! & don’t forget the gal that blasted folk’s with pepper spray to get her latest fahion’s for that very thought-provoking holiday party she’s headed to! JAIL!!

  38. Wayner says:

    Good afternoon to ya Jeffy, Wayner Ain’t an OLD-DUDE! I am 51 for Jerry Sandusky’s SAKE! And my reply to ya sir, is is that Wayner could give a rat’s A## whether a store is in Z black >profitable, er that it is in Z red> barely robbing their customers >>>>>> BLIND!! Have a spendiferous afternoon SIR!
    P.S. Hey thar Heather,
    Wayner wants to know if thee still remembers me with Z PA engineer’s habidashery that one fine morning when ya asked me about the Steelers losing that previous Sunday?

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