Comcast Digital Conversion Coming On Dec. 6

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – If you were watching television on Monday, you may have noticed a message from Comcast Cable scrolling across the bottom of your screen.

The crawl was about Comcast’s digital conversion, which has been going on for about two years.

However, the latest phase of the project only impacts customers in Pittsburgh with basic cable.

“We’ve been communicating with them since early October about the fact that they’ll need equipment by Dec. 6. That’s when we are going to begin sending our signal to them digitally,” Comcast spokesperson Bob Grove said.

Comcast said the switch is an easy one for customers. All you have to do is hook up an adapter to each television in your home.

“We certainly understand that many of the basic cable customers in the city of Pittsburgh have never had digital equipment before. This equipment is very simple. It comes with instructions, but if they do need help they can call us and we would have a technician come out and install that for them. There will be a charge for that,” Grove said.

If you’re a basic cable customer, you can receive three of the adapters free of charge. If you need an additional piece of equipment, it’s just 50 cents a month.

“If you don’t have the digital equipment hooked up on Dec. 6, your television is only going to be able to pull in whatever channels it’s capable of pulling in with an over-the-air antenna,” Grove said.

The digital equipment will provide 10 extra channels, but with only a week to go, you need to get an adapter.

You can pick them up at the Comcast office at 200 Corliss Street in the West End, or you can have them shipped to you. Just call 1-877-634-4434 or go online to


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  • M

    Ummm, remember those commercials that Comcast used to run saying that if you have Comcast cable then you will not need any additional equipment on your TV??? So you don’t need to go get one of those free adapters that the govt. was issuing?????? A lot of people are paying way more than 50 cents per adapter or box. Why isn’t the Attorney General filing a law suit about this!!??

    • Dave

      I think what Comcast said was that if you have DIGITAL CABLE it will not affect you. Which was and is still true.

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  • Velvet Jones

    M, there is no conspiracy or false advertising. The FCC is pushing this, as it did with the OTA switch. Try reading some time and maybe you’ll be aware of these things.

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