Police Investigating Clairton Home Invasion

CLAIRTON (KDKA) – Police are investigating an armed home invasion in Clairton Monday morning.

According to emergency dispatchers, the incident happened in the 1100-block of Worthington Avenue around 7 a.m.

The victim told police that a man climbed a ladder and tried to break in through a window before gaining entry through the front door.

Once inside,  the suspect fired a shot at the intended victim. After a brief physical altercation between the two, the suspect chased the intended victim out of the house and fired two more shots.

The suspect was wearing a black mask and used an assault rifle in this incident. He got away and there are no reported injuries.

Neighbors said this was the latest in a string of home invasions and they are fearful that someone will get hurt.

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  • ditgramps

    The suspects first words were ” where’s the dope “

  • tommy

    No way LOL Not possible in a quiet town like that HA HA

  • Mayor of GBD

    other than drugs, there is NOTHING to steal in Clairton!

  • C Resident

    I wish they would stop making people so fearful by calling these incidents random home invasions. When these are homes of known drug dealers being invaded by other dealers or users. And in most cases the victim knows who it was but doesnt say. I dont know why they bother reporting it to police in those cases. The sad and fearful thing is that eventually there will be an innocent victim caught in the crossfire.

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