Police: Abduction Report Unfounded, Caller Had Mental Problems

GIBSONIA (KDKA) – Hampton Township police say a report they received about an abduction at a restaurant was unfounded.

The caller indicated a woman at the Eat ‘N Park at 5143 on Route 8 in Gibsonia was abducted by four men armed with guns and knives.

Hampton Township police say the report was made by a caller who had mental problems.

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

  • Velma

    Stay tuned for how long? If you have NO idea what happened don’t report news

  • L. A. Weber

    Great helicopter coverage, except you are over the Eat ‘n Park in Shaler not Gibsonia. Notice the lack of police cars?

  • ?

    I seen 4 males in a white van…..they were going to work

  • Moron's with cameras

    How do you know they were going to Homestead? They might be headed to Etna

  • Daniel Hughes

    Hopefully they will catch the miscreants.

  • Wayne Lambert

    If you know anything please help she is loved by her family.

  • bob

    Wayne. Do you realize this is NOT the place to add serious comments? Seriously. First time here?

  • pro white van

    The dreaded white van. Nothing good ever comes from being thrown into a white van……

  • raul

    Probably Mandie trying to drum up sympathy after that PNC fiasco.

  • Slow News Day

    How’s come the white van Never crashes into a building?

  • Erin

    isn’t that the same Eat-n-Park that was left unlocked all night last year? what is it about the particular place anyway?! the caller was just trying to give Hampton Police something to do instead of just writing tickets. LOL

  • Calib

    Don’t worry that this was never a news story, just remember that KDKA was first to bring it to you

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