Bank Courier Vehicle Loses Thousands In Cash On Route 19

UPPER ST. CLAIR (KDKA) — A witness says money was flying through the air and people were snapping the bills up after a bank courier van spilled a couple hundred thousand dollars onto Route 19 in Upper Saint Clair.

Michael Evans says he noticed two men next to a black truck picking up bags.

Unsure of what was going on, Evans himself grabbed $60 but later turned it over to police.

Upper Saint Clair Police say they’re giving the people who scooped up the cash a little time to come to their senses, but after that, someone could be charged with theft if they don’t come forward.

The van driver, from Fidelity Courier Services in Sharon, didn’t realize a back door had flung open and bags of cash were flying out until a passing driver alerted him, according to police. At least one bag burst open, sending bills flying into the air.

Evans says a crowd quickly assembled.

By the time the driver turned around, all of the money except $400 had been scooped up.

Fidelity Courier Services is offering a reward to get the money back, but a man who answered the phone there Wednesday night could not say how much the reward is worth.

Upper Saint Clair Police are asking anyone with information to please give them a call.

When asked if this was a case of finders keepers, Lt. James Englert said, “Absolutely not. Not in this case.”

Stay with KDKA for the latest developments.

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One Comment

  1. Critter says:

    A round-trip ticket is set to rise from $118 to $698 in January on USAIR,, after competitor Southwest Airlines drops the route. That’s before taxes. QUIT FLYING THEM.

    1. chance says:

      What have you been smoking, Bul Krap? You have a vivid imagination and a suspicious, small brain.

  2. chance says:

    Where are the honest people? VERY SAD! If it isn’t your’s don’t take it. No worse than people looting after a disaster.

    1. Fellow countrymen, says:

      The banks don’t refund us money when we make a mistake! The cops will not find out! keep the money if you found it! Cops are bank cronies! Bankers are thieves!

      also Google: Operation Robin Hood, and “sb 1867” do your research!

      Handful of senators don’t pass legislation
      And marches alone can’t bring integration
      When human respect is disintegratin’
      This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

      And you tell me Over and over and over again, my friend
      Ah, you don’t believe We’re on the eve of destruction.

  3. Bul Krap says:

    come on man!!!! how many times have you ever seen a plumbing truck or a carpenter driving down the road with their door open? NEVER…….how does a guys who’s truck is full of money accidentally leave the door open? Bull, he told his buddies to follow him around or else hes to stupid to live

    1. HuffnPuff says:

      OK–once at the Walmart parking lot in Cranberry I saw a plumber’s van door open, and for better or worse, grabbed an eyeful of plumber’s crack and ran away!

      Seriously, no Hollywood conspiracy here, just a heap load of Acapulco Gold.

  4. bob says:

    Charge someone for theft if they’ve found something someone has lost, with no idea to whom to return it? Cash in particular? How can you correctly identify the true owner of currency? Return it to the U.S. Treasury? Or let it blow away into the woods somewhere?

    I’m not saying I wouldn’t make a reasonable effort to identify the owner if I’d found it. I am saying that just about anyone would identify themselves as the owner of any found cash.

    I tend to agree with Bul Krap. Either the courier is smoking some non-tobacco product, or there was a plan of some sort. That’s akin to a surgeon performing a heart transplant, but forgetting to “install” a replacement heart. It’s just not the kind of mistake one makes in their field.

    1. bob says:

      Now that police have identified the location and nature of the loss, and provided instructions for “finders” to return the lost currency, I suppose charges could be filed for those that fail to comply. Regardless, now that they know where and how to return it, returning it is the right thing to do.

      1. james says:

        Dont be silly, the money is insured. keep it, trust me… the banks would keep it if they found your money.

  5. Vladimir says:

    I would never return the $$$ just as they never return the money they grab from us to support those walfare parasits who are all day long smoking weed and driving Cadilacs, killing one of them once in a while makes Pittsburgh a safer place

  6. kev says:

    damnit i live right near there.. why couldnt i be driving on that road when it happened.. i would have taken all that money and never gave a penny back. and that is BS they cant charge anyone with theft.. finders keeps losers weepers

    1. Paul says:

      Dude – you are sad. I live right by there as well, and guess what, I would turn in the money. My moral conscience would never allow me to do otherwise. Hope I never lose anything around you…….

  7. Bea says:

    I don’t know what I would do if I found money like this, but I would be hard-pressed doing the “right thing”. Doesn’t seem like the courier did the right thing, either making sure their trucks are sound enough mechanically to carry money or that their drivers are alert enough to secure the door or know it’s spilling out of the truck. You’re carrying that much money, you should be the responsible ones, not put it all on the people driving by.

    1. HuffnPuff says:

      I don’t disagree with this comment. There was negligence on the part of the courier and they should be punished. Negative publicity and higher insurance rates are a given. But does this give “good samaratins” who were eager enough to stop and clear the “litter” off the roadway the right to keep the money? I say no.

  8. Stacy Meredith says:

    personally, i was busy up on the turnpike picking up roofing tar.

  9. brian says:

    i would grab as much cash and be gone. too many bills to pay to pass up this opportunity.

    while it may not be the right thing to do, times aren’t easy for anyone right now. these banks are raking in billions in profits annually and their tactics, while legal, are far from ethical.

    1. Dave Grimm says:

      i completely agree!!!!

  10. Timmy Tuttle says:

    i WOULDN’T TURN THE MONEY IN. The banks are the real crooks.

  11. Understand says:

    Only in Pittsburgh would it be necesssary to point out to the citizenry that “finders keepers” is not in the Constitution, and to find people who would figure out a way to rationalize keeping the money….

    1. truth says:

      bunch of effed up steeler fans dont know about family neighbors truth honesty just me me me look at me all losers

  12. Like a Gift From God says:

    I would sit on it for 6-12 months in case some penndot camera or some cell user got my plates.Then,spend it slowly and enjoy the free money…..Sure it’s illegal,immoral and enethical but to pass up such a golden opportunity is just plain stupid……You bleeding hearts can just leave it for me

  13. Dave says:

    Wow! You people are amazing. The money does not belong to you so why do you think it’s ok to take it? If I found the bags, they would be turned in. Whatever happened to doing the right thing? I don’t care how down on your luck you are, if you find a bag of money, you know it doens’t belong to you, so why would think it’s ok to keep it? Or have you forgotten, Thou Shall Not Steal?

    1. dave says:

      Tell that to corprate america whose been stealing from you from day 1…get your head out of your keister

    2. Jim says:

      Agreed. It’s a sad world we live in where people need to justify their actions of keeping something that isn’t theirs. There are a lot of morally bankrupt people.

      1. Dave says:

        Do you realize that just because the bank was carrying the money doesn’t mean it belongs to them. It could be a company’s payroll for all we know. It’s wrong no matter how you attempt to justify it. Taking what isn’t yours is wrong. And to whomever wrote about getting “your head out of your keister” you need to wake up and smell the coffee.


    Sounds to me like they may need to take a look at the courier. Sounds suspicious that all that money would fall out. The witness stated a truck picked up bags of money. Hundreds of thousands wouldnt just fall out of a van in bags. Each bag would weigh too much for wind to pick up. My theory is that the courier(s) threw 20 dollar bills out to cover up the bags of hundreds. Courier vans probably have gps and they didnt want any witnesses or information on a stop. Sounds to me like an inside job. The cops probably even stuffed their pockets. Who knows maybe they were in on it. They are corrupt.

  15. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    You thieves are unbelievable. And for any of you reading this and who have the loot, do the right thing or face having a criminal record or adding to the one you already have!

    1. james says:

      quit crying! Give the money back to the banks… ha ha. that is unethical. Besides banks can create more money out of thin air…

      1. Kris says:

        Perhaps if you were a little more educated you could create more money as well instead of stealing it.

      2. James says:

        Are you referring to the education that banking lenders use to loan money to us. Because they lend out more money than they have deposits, roughly 9x as much. How can you lend something to someone that you don’t have? Oh right, the privatized Federal Reserve Central Banking system has the authority to tell the US Treasury when to print Fiat money. And if their lending process becomes too dubious? Well they can simply bail them out, while depreciating the value of our hard earned money.

  16. Critter says:

    Spend it now. They are clueless. They are guiding the media as what to say.

  17. Mr Obvious says:

    The armored car company will now install a door open warning light on all their trucks

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